Davos in the Desert Event on Election Lawfare Coming to Ahwatukee

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Mark your calendar for April 17th for an important discussion of lawfare.

Davos in the Desert and David Wanetick have an amazing event on April 17. It is called “Lawfare: The Woke’s War Against Lawyers Representing Republicans” and the venue will be in Ahwatukee, AZ.

The two featured speakers will be John Eastman and Rachel Alexander.

The Left has been aggressively seeking to systematically strip Republicans of legal counsel. The threat of not being able to find counsel to represent them when subjected to lawfare results in the paralysis of Republican candidates. Thus, woke politicians, judges and lawyers are undermining democracy by removing Republican candidates from the landscape.

Lawyers brave enough to defend Republican plaintiffs face sanctions (heavy financial fines), reputational damage and disbarment. Judges are targets of intimidation by woke rioters. To wit, the US Marshals Service data reveals that serious threats against federal judges, which trigger investigations, rose to 457 in fiscal year 2023 from 224 in fiscal 2021. Further:

For more than 120 days during the summer of 2020, ANTIFA and other woke warriors targeted the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, triggering the arrest of more than 900 progressive activists.

Nine lawyers, some of whom may have had connections with Donald Trump, were ordered to pay Detroit and Michigan a total of $175,000 in sanctions for challenging the 2020 election results.
The Arizona Supreme Court imposed sanctions on lawyers representing Republican Kari Lake for challenging defeat in the governor’s race. Separately, Republican leaders in Arizona, including the state’s GOP chair Kristina Karamo, and their attorneys were ordered to pay nearly $60,000 in sanctions over an election lawsuit.

Left-wing ideologue David Brock launched a “dark money” effort called 65 Project to disbar, publicly shame, and impoverish more than 100 lawyers who participated in filing post-election legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election results.

The 65 Project sought to disbar sitting United States Senator Ted Cruz for his views on the 2020 elections.

Rudy Giuliani’s law license was suspended in New York and Washington DC.  A U.S. Bankruptcy judge declared that Mr. Guliani’s bankruptcy would not relieve him of paying an egregious $148 million verdict against him for defamation.

One of President Trump’s lawyers during his impeachment trials, Michael van der Veen, had his house attacked and received multiple death threats. Another one of Trump’s lawyers had to take his family into hiding because his home was vandalized. The windows were broken and he says that he received close to 100 death threats.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to leading authorities speak about Lawfare on April 17 in Ahwatukee. Register here.


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