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Arizona Primary Ballots Mailed Out – Vote and Mail ASAP and Follow Your Ballot

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The Arizona Primary Election is technically on July 30th. We all know that the election is not on July 30th but rather is almost a month in duration. Ballots for the 80-90% of Arizona voters were mailed out on July 3rd and you have or will shortly have your ballot in the mail. The time to complete your ballot is NOW, not later and certainly not on election ‘day’. The time to mail in your completed ballot is NOW, not later. Remember – the election has everything to do with the number of ballots actually counted, not the votes cast. All mail-in voters in Arizona (the vast majority of voters) should fill in their ballot and mail it in at their post office as soon as possible after receipt. The left floods the system with mail-in ballots, the Republican voters tend to vote on election day believing their vote will be counted. No more – mail in your vote right away and then follow the ballot for certainly it is received and actually counted.

Read and Come to Your Own Conclusions

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The following Notable Quotes and the section from our Daily News Roundup about the horrific assassination attempt on President Trump are presented here in our Featured spot. We suggests to all our readers to think on what is being said, written and described below about this event and what has been done by the rabid and radical leftist Democrat Party and media over the past several years and especially the last weeks. Consider recent remarks and actions by President Biden and many across the political left, Deep State and the media in piecing together what may have actually occurred leading to the near killing of Donald J. Trump.

How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona: Part 1

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American and Arizona citizens have lost faith in our election system. Following elections in 2018, the very broken and Covid poisoned election of 2020 and the nationally embarrassing 2022 Arizona election (especially in Maricopa County where over 60% of AZ ballots are cast), We the People are justified in lacking faith in the system. Without […]

How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona: Part 2

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Editors’ Note: The mail-in ballots for the Arizona Presidential Primary were recently mailed out. Please read this article (Part 1) and the following article (Part 2) of How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona. The bottom line is this: DON’T WAIT to vote!! Open your Presidential Primary mail-in ballot now, […]

Daily News Roundup

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NOTABLE QUOTES Matthew Continetti contributor to Washington Free Beacon: Lamenting the condition of the world under Joe Biden is not enough. Voters want to hear what Republicans are going to do about it. And they prefer a party with bad answers to a party with none. Stephen Kruiser senior columnist for  PJMedia: Decorum and bipartisanship […]

Daily News Roundup

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The Prickly Pear’s Daily News Roundup is back. Technical issues had caused its suspension for several days which we regret. Thank you all for your readership. NOTABLE QUOTES Kelly O’Connell contributor to Canada Free Press: America, the Pitiful: America is falling due to a lack of genuine education, teaching kids history, logic, and common sense. But […]

The Inflation ‘Reduction’ Act – Really?? Are You Kidding?? Calling Senator Sinema

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The $739 billion Inflation ‘Reduction’ Act of 2022 – really?? Are you kidding?? Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are attempting to rapidly hoist this Senate bill on America before the coming recess to reduce inflation! Does any sane American (sane = common sense, attached to reality) actually believe this totally partisan and desperate legislation […]

The Arizona 2022 Primary Election Begins – Who Should Our Next Governor Be?

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The Republican candidate for the next Governor of Arizona is a critical choice for Arizonans. First and foremost, the winner of the August 2nd Republican Primary must be able to win the General Election on November 8, four short months away. Voting by mail ballots were sent out on July 6th with election day to […]

Daily News Roundup

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NOTABLE QUOTES President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, on  Sunday, tweeted this about the United States: The most powerful country in the world is falling so fast, that it makes you rethink what are the real reasons. Something so big and powerful can’t be destroyed so quickly, unless the enemy comes from within. Malcolm Pollack […]

Daily News Roundup

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NOTABLE QUOTES Victor Davis Hanson contributor to American Greatness:   When ideology in places like Castroite Cuba, the old Soviet Union, and Venezuela warped the application of the law, destroyed the role of merit in assessing qualifications, silenced speech, and unequally applied the law, then society unwound. In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, […]

Another Letter to Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVa)

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Editors’ Note: The following letter is my second letter (10/26/21 letter here) sent to Senator Manchin’s offices in Washington, D.C., Charleston, WVa, Fairmont, WVa, and Martinsburg, WVa. Please feel free to copy and paste any of the following to communicate by email and hard copy to the Senator how we Americans feel about his party’s […]

A Letter to Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVa)

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Editors’ Note: The following letter to Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia, is to inform him of the historic moment he governs in and that the future of our Republic is linked to the decisions he makes in coming days to weeks. There has been ‘news’ of him possibly leaving the Democrat party given his reluctance to support […]

A Prescott Mayor for All Seasons (and Reasons)

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The next Republican Prescott Mayor will be chosen in the August 3, 2021 primary. The two candidates are Phil Goode and the incumbent, Greg Mengarelli. Early voting began on July 7th. When people ask me why Prescott is so special and what does it mean to me, I always respond that Prescott is traditional America […]

Daily News Roundup

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TRYANNY IS ARRIVING Pullman: Big Corporate Uses Capital Riots to Push Communist-Style Credit System On Americans We appear to be at the beginning of a massive crackdown on people who have supported Donald Trump, led by big tech and big media. These entities are making Trump into an example of their power to frighten the […]