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Arizona Legislators, GOP To Sue Over Election Procedures Manual

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The newly-elected chair of the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP), Gina Swoboda, revealed that GOP leadership plans to sue Secretary of State Adrian Fontes over the Election Procedures Manual (EPM). Swoboda dropped the news in an interview with Steve Bannon. She said Fontes’ EPM was “off the rails” and worse than the one produced by his […]

Arizona Republican Party Chair Steps Down After Leak Of Bribe Recording

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The chairman of the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP), Jeff DeWit, resigned on Wednesday after a leaked recording revealed his attempt to bribe Senate candidate Kari Lake to postpone her 2024 campaign. In the leaked audio originally given to The Daily Mail exclusively, DeWit said that the unnamed, “very powerful people […] back East” wanted Lake to sit […]

Fontes Pledges To Be More Assertive Against Misinformation For 2024 Election

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Editors’ Note: In the article below, AZ Secretary of State Adrian Fontes’ extreme partisan behavior favoring Democrat advantage in the 2024 election is again demonstrated. Mr. Fontes has a glaring history of partisan activities in his current office and formerly as Maricopa County Recorder, being rebuffed on several occasions by the Arizona Supreme Court. He […]

Biden Admin Targets Nation’s Largest Private Christian University [Grand Canyon University]

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The Biden administration has set its sights on the largest private Christian university in the nation: Arizona’s Grand Canyon University (GCU). For over half a decade the Department of Education (ED) has denied GCU’s IRS-granted nonprofit status. After GCU pushed back with legal action, the Biden administration responded with the full force of bureaucracy: a […]

Secretary Of State’s Office Lacks Processes To Clean Voter Rolls Of Over 78K Noncitizens, Nonresidents

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The secretary of state’s office lacks the processes in place to remove about 78,000 potential noncitizens and nonresidents from its voter rolls. In its last two quarterly reports issued to the state legislature in May and August, respectively, the department reported that it had received reports of but not acted on over 78,200 potentially invalid […]

Chinese Professor With World Economic Forum History Leads Critical Race, Gender Theory Research On Children At ASU, NAU

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A professor hailing from China with a World Economic Forum (WEF) background is behind critical race and gender theory research on children at two of Arizona’s taxpayer-funded universities. Sonya Xinyue Xiao teaches psychological science and performs developmental research on moral and gender development at Northern Arizona University (NAU). Xiao was a postdoctoral scholar at the […]

Majority Of Heat Deaths In Maricopa County Due To Meth

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A majority of heat deaths in Maricopa County are attributable to methamphetamine, according to the latest Maricopa County Department of Public Health heat deaths report. 53 percent of heat deaths involved meth last year, or 226 deaths. 67 percent of deaths involved some type of substance abuse. The county noted that the proportion of heat deaths involving […]

No Quarter For Wrongthink: ASU Shuts Down Free Speech Center, Fires Faculty

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Arizona State University (ASU) has shut down a prominent free speech center and fired several faculty members following the protest of the faculty who opposed its existence. The university decided to shut down the T.W. Lewis Center for Personal Development within the Barrett Honors College following a controversial event featuring conservative speakers hosted earlier this […]

ASU Advocates For Pornographic LGBTQ+ Books In K-12

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Arizona State University (ASU) advocated for keeping pornographic LGBTQ+ books in K-12 classrooms. The university featured commentary from professors on the subject as part of a feature story dedicated to Pride Month issued last week. “In June, Pride Month is a time to promote inclusivity, raise awareness and celebrate the contributions the LGBTQ+ community has made to […]

A Wasteland of Corpses, Living and Dead: A Devastating Inside Look at Phoenix’s Homeless Zone

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Intense poverty, frequent crime, social instability, high mortality, poor living standards: these qualities describe third-world countries. They also describe “The Zone”: the sprawling encampment of over 1,000 homeless in downtown Phoenix just blocks from the state capitol and amidst what was once a thriving business district. It’s an area where law and order don’t seem […]

Biden Admin Gives Tucson $900k For Equity-Focused Bike And Pedestrian Bridge

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The Biden administration gave the city of Tucson $900,000 to build a biking and pedestrian bridge. The city’s initiative is one of 45 projects nationwide to receive a portion of $185 million in funds, the only one in Arizona to receive this round of funds. The bridge would provide a pathway over the I-19 highway […]

The Left’s Manipulation of the Tax Code Is Having a Big Impact on Arizona Elections

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Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “[I]n this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes” — true, unless you’re a leftist political nonprofit. For many of them, taxation isn’t certain, even if they run afoul of tax-exempt status requirements. Funding sources, expenditure recipients, and even those operating these nonprofits may remain secretive under the current […]

Maricopa County’s Printer ‘Problems’ Behind the 2022 Election

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Attorneys siding with embattled GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake are insisting that Maricopa County’s mass Election Day failures were purposeful. Mark Sonnenklar, a roving attorney with the Republican National Committee (RNC), told AZ Free News that the county experienced few of the issues during the primary election that suddenly metastasized on Election Day: faulty printer […]

Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs ‘Doesn’t Plan’ On Working With Arizona GOP Senate

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Governor-elect Katie Hobbs said she doesn’t plan on working with Arizona Senate Republicans. The comments offer a stark contrast to Hobbs’ public promises for bipartisanship and a confidence that she can work well with GOP leaders. Hobbs issued the remarks during the Democratic Governor Association’s (DGA) annual winter meeting at the beginning of December in […]

Attorney General Probes Maricopa County For Potential Violation of Election Law

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Over the weekend, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office advised Maricopa County that it may have violated election law. According to the attorney general’s office, their Elections Integrity Unit (EIU) received hundreds of substantive complaints concerning Maricopa County’s handling of the election. Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright asked the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to explain the faulty printer […]

Google Skewing Search Results For Arizona’s Gubernatorial, Secretary of State Races

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Editor’s Note [AZ Free News]: Since our story published, search results for Kari Lake now show her campaign website on Google’s first page.   Google appears to be skewing search results of Arizona’s gubernatorial candidates to favor the Democratic candidates over the Republicans. AZ Free News monitored search results over the past week and discovered indications of […]

Katie Hobbs Says She Supports No Limits on Abortion, Even Up to Birth

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In a Sunday interview, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs said she wouldn’t put any limits on abortion. Hobbs also evaded questions about her strength to handle a debate with Lake, as well as who caused the present border crisis. Hobbs’ remarks occurred during her 8-minute one-on-one interview with CBS host Major Garrett, as part of a “Face […]

Katie Hobbs Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked About Refusal To Debate Kari Lake

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On Monday, according to the progressive tabloid, The Yellow Sheet, Secretary of State and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs “walked out of an informal interview” after one of their reporters “asked her why she doesn’t want to debate” Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. Earlier this month, Hobbs’ campaign notified the Citizens Clean Elections Commission that […]

Maricopa County Recorder Forewarns That Democrats Will Lead On Election Night

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In an attempt to set voter expectations ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer shared that initial results would favor Democrats heavily. Richer based his prediction on the voting patterns from November 2020 and last month’s primary election. Both elections first tabulated early ballots received the week beforehand, most of which […]