Katie Hobbs Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked About Refusal To Debate Kari Lake

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On Monday, according to the progressive tabloid, The Yellow Sheet, Secretary of State and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs “walked out of an informal interview” after one of their reporters “asked her why she doesn’t want to debate” Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Earlier this month, Hobbs’ campaign notified the Citizens Clean Elections Commission that she would not be participating in any debate with Lake. Hobbs was given seven days to work with the Commission staff on acceptable terms for a traditional style debate rather than the separate townhalls she proposed.

According to The Yellow Sheet, Hobbs blamed Clean Elections for her decision.

“They refused to provide any changes that would allow for a substantive debate,” Hobbs told The Yellow Sheet.

“But, our reporter noted, Clean Elections said that the Hobbs team never even requested any changes to the debate format beyond the request to ditch a debate entirely in favor of an event where Hobbs and Lake would appear separately, reported The Yellow Sheet…..


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