The NIH China Emails

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From day one of the coronavirus crisis, Judicial Watch has been working around the clock to get information about how the Federal Government has handled COVID-19. Representing the Daily Caller News Foundation, Fitton discussed the lawsuit “filed for communications between Dr. Fauci and Deputy [NIH] Director Lane, and the World Health Organization officials concerning the novel coronavirus. 

The subset of documents… show that there was this accommodation given to China on confidentiality and other communication control,” Fitton noted Friday. Recently released emails between the NIH and the WHO show that there was an agreement to grant China some sort of veto power … over communications concerning covid.” As Fitton stated, a “WHO briefing package was sent to NIH officials traveling to China as part of the COVID-19 response, and it asks that officials not share information until they have agreement with China.” 

Now we know “why President Trump pulled the United States of America from WHO,” Fitton stated. The WHO, Fitton contends, “was acting as a front for China as opposed to an independent agency that would independently pursue public health measures.” This emerging political scandal was “not exposed by Congress, we had to sue for the basic information about what was going on with China… and WHO on a public health issue that shut down the entire world.” 


This Press Release was published March 24, 2021 and is reproduced with permission from Judicial Watch.

You can find a complete summary of Judicial Watch’s findings here. If you’re concerned about the handling of the coronavirus crisis and want answers on the government’s response, support Judicial Watch’s work today.


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