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Passover, Hebrew Pesaḥ or Pesach, in Judaism, holiday commemorating the Hebrews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt and the “passing over” of the forces of destruction, or the sparing of the firstborn of the Israelites, when the Lord “smote the land of Egypt” on the eve of the Exodus. Passover begins with the 15th and ends with the 21st (or, outside of Israel and among Reform Jews, the 22nd) day of the month of Nisan (March or April). On these seven (or eight) days, all leaven, whether in bread or other mixture, is prohibited, and only unleavened bread, called matzo, may be eaten. The matzo symbolizes both the Hebrews’ suffering while in bondage and the haste with which they left Egypt in the course of the Exodus. Passover is also sometimes called the Festival of Unleavened Bread. Passover is celebrated from Sunday, March 28 to Sunday, April 4 in 2021. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Passover


Andrew Klavan an American conservative commentator and award winning fiction writer: The nation enters Holy Week at war with heaven.

Academy of Ideas: While there are numerous tactics and strategies that have developed over the centuries to effectively exploit the public through fear, two of the more powerful and efficient are the use of false flags, and the implementation of propaganda via repetition.

Bob MacGuffie and Antony Stark contributor to American Thinker: The main thing one needs to understand regarding Ordered Liberty is the difference between freedom, which is the absence of responsibility, and liberty, which is the shouldering of it.

Thaddeus G. McCotter contributor to American Greatness: Anyone who aims to chill, curtail, infringe, or end free speech has outed themselves as an aspiring tyrant and must be stopped.

Sundance contributor to the Conservative Treehouse: In my personal opinion this emotional and education crisis is purposeful to the efforts of the far-left. If they can destroy the emotional and intellectual functioning of a generation through the exploitation of COVID, their efforts to fundamentally change the U.S. will be enhanced by creating weaker citizens who are more dependent on outside solutions to their struggles.

Jazz Shaw contributor to Hot Air explains New York State’s vaccine immunity (Excelsior Pass) passport discriminates: . . if you either choose not to be vaccinated or are medically disqualified from receiving it, at least in New York, you will officially be a second-class citizen on April 2nd.

Sundance contributor to Conservative Treehouse: The system of DC is based on a series of unwritten rules… “You don’t out me, and I will not out you… and that will protect us both.”

Brian Lonergan contributor to American Greatness identifies who benefits from Biden’s immigration policies: Aside from the murderous cartels, who benefits from all this cruelty? It is undeniably the Democratic Party that seeks a permanent underclass of reliable voters for themselves, and members of the Republican establishment in Washington who can deliver a never-ending supply of cheap labor to their corporate benefactors.

Chris Wallace Fox News anchor questions Biden WH press secretary Jen Psaki: But just to clarify, you allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities, but what we’re talking about here are the border patrol facilities, the detention cells,” Wallace pressed. “You know — there is a law — let me just finish — that they are not allowed to be there for more than 72 hours. Many of them are there for 10 days. At this point, in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump Administration.

Bill Hansmann contributor to American Thinker: Our Chinese friends are eating our lunch, and we seem to constantly be looking for ways to make it easier for them to do so. Their respect, tempered by fear, of Donald Trump, has been replaced by total derision towards Joe Biden.

Owen Stevens student at SUNY-Geneseo was suspended for an Instagram video for this comment: A man is a man. A woman is a woman. A man is not a woman. And a woman is not a man. A man cannot become a woman and a woman cannot become a man. If I am a man and I think I am a woman, I am still a man. If I am woman who thinks I’m a man, I am still a woman. Regardless of what you feel on the inside is irrelevant to your biological status. It doesn’t change the biology.

Margot Cleveland contributor to The Federalist: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem raised some valid concerns when she returned House Bill 1217 to the state legislature for “style and form” changes. But two of the proposed amendments to the bill that legislators drafted to prevent males from competing as females in athletic events, coupled with the spin since Noem announced she would not sign H.B. 1217 as written, give the governor’s game away: She caved.


Fox News: Trump gives exclusive reaction to Biden’s first press conference
Watch the 9:52 minute interview.

Louise: ‘Is He A Living, Breathing Human Being?’: Trump Wants To Know Where John Durham Is
Former President Donald Trump released a press statement Friday asking about former U.S. Attorney for Connecticut and special counsel for the Trump-Russia investigation, John Durham. “Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?” Trump said in the statement.
Read more at Daily Caller.


(H/T AA- June 6, 2014) Anonymous: Boy on a Beach
In light of the events of the last few weeks, I would suggest that you view the following video, and then pass it on to all your friends, with the suggestion that they do the same. This is the true spirit of America, one which we CANNOT allow to be lost. There once was an 11 year old boy standing alone on Omaha Beach. In his left hand he held the most beautiful flag in the world. In his heart he held the flame alight for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. In his soul he held the future of the American ideal.
Watch the moving 6:48 minute video tribute to our fallen soldiers at Pine Arts.


Sundance: Senators on Armed Services Committee Promote Expansion of NSA Domestic Data Gathering and Surveillance – NSA Response: “The Fourth Amendment is a “Key Obstacle” You Need to Remove
OK, before I blow a blood pressure cuff on this issue, please keep in mind the warnings provided on these pages about DHS now starting to assemble lists of dissident citizens under the guise of domestic extremists. {Go Deep} Also remind yourself the same DHS and FBI are now using private contractors embedded in Big Tech to scour public information on social media and provide feedback to help DHS assemble those lists. {Go Deep} Now, we take that foundation and build it one step further…. This well-written report about the recent Senate Armed Services Committee discussion with the National Security Agency (NSA) needs to be absorbed with the prior information as context. These paragraphs are alarming in the extreme (emphasis mine): . . .
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.

Stein: Secret Service Denied It Was Involved In Hunter Biden Gun Case, But Purported Texts Suggest Otherwise
Texts allegedly linking the U.S. Secret Service to Hunter Biden’s 2018 gun case were uncovered by the New York Post on Friday. […] The Secret Service denied their involvement in the case in a statement to the Post on Thursday. […] The texts were found on a hard drive obtained by the Post from the laptop Hunter Biden allegedly left at a Wilmington, Delaware repair shop.
Read more at Daily Caller.

Hawkins: Penalties for Lying on ATF Background Check Form – As Hunter Biden Allegedly Did – Include Fines, Jail Time
Amid reports Hunter Biden may have given false information on an ATF background check form, it is notable that the punishment for false answers on that form includes fines up to $250,000 and/or ten years of imprisonment. ATF Form 4473 is the background check each would-be gun buyer fills out upon trying to buy a gun at retail. […] The question pertinent to Hunter Biden’s alleged 2018 gun purchase is drug related. It asks: . . .
Read more at Breitbart.


MacGuffie & Stark: The Seventh Crisis and the Millennials
Over the course of recent decades our country has endured an assault on its institutions, its traditions, and its good and decent people. This relentless assault has driven the country into a grave crisis, causing it to pass through a great gate of history. This crisis will be momentous, consequential, and we will be profoundly changed by it. Our nation has experienced similar existential crises before in the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Depression/World War II. Each of these crucibles brought about wide-ranging transformations. As events have accelerated in the past several years, there appears to be little doubt the nation has entered another such crisis. Why do we term this the seventh crisis? In their 1997 book, The Fourth Turning, demographers William Strauss and Neil Howe viewed history through a generational lens. Their compelling account organizes Anglo-American history into seven repeating cycles starting in the fifteenth century. The authors make a compelling case that man’s nature, as forged by generation, drives history through amazingly similar cycles by distinguishing four generations by the phase into which each was born. They use a Roman term (“saeculum”) that basically covers a long human lifetime. As the generations are born, mature, age, and pass, they give each saeculum a seasonal and cyclical quality. Noting many recurring patterns over the ages, their study and organization of history along these recurring cycles has informed the names they have applied to identify each of the phases: The High, The Awakening, The Unraveling, The Crisis. […] The Millennial and Gen-Z generations will suffer most from the Seventh Crisis. They need to . . .
Read more at American Thinker.

Hansmann: Our baizou nation
There is a Chinese word, baizou (pronounced “bye-tsaw”), which refers insultingly to educated western people who advocate for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feelings of moral superiority. They condemn their nation’s past behaviors and promote tearing down statues of their historical heroes. They advocate for minorities, illegal immigration, LGBTQ, and the environment. They are obsessed with political correctness and have no tolerance for dissenting views. Does that sound like anyone you know? It would seem an accurate translation of “baizou” would be “liberal-progressive.” The Chinese have nothing but contempt for this type of behavior and ideology. . . . Meanwhile, the United States has officially adopted this self-loathing by electing the Biden-Harris ticket. Every day’s headlines bring us more examples of our baizou government’s policies, be it inviting illegals to flood our southern border or placing an individual in a cabinet position with little to recommend him (her?) other than transgenderism.
Read more at American Thinker.


Democrats’ Proposed Changes To Section 230 Will Shut Down Conservative Outlets
While Congress was grilling some Big Tech CEOs this week, Democratic leaders were busy in the background, working on proposals to change how Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is written. Sadly, there are plenty of people on both sides of the ideological divide who have become so angered by the actions of Twitter and Facebook, along with the other social media heavyweights, that support for this sort of action seems to be growing. But what House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) and his cronies are planning to do won’t stop some of the worst abuses of Jack Dorsey and company. Instead, it will open the door to unofficial censorship of anyone with insufficiently woke views and could lead to endless lawsuits, not just against the social media platforms, but all publishers of online content. (Axios)
Read more at Hot Air.

Federal Judge Rules D.C. Capacity Limits On Religious Gatherings Are Unconstitutional
A federal district court judge ruled Thursday caps on religious services in Washington D.C. were unconstitutional going into the Easter holiday. Judge Trevor N. McFadden, appointed under former President Donald Trump in 2017, concluded the district’s guidelines set the nation’s capital apart from the 37 states with no attendance caps on church gatherings. The ruling comes just in time for Easter Sunday on April 4, one year after the holiday was interrupted by state and local officials who implemented guidelines to ban large congregations. Restrictions targeting religious services quickly became a theme of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.
Read more at The Federalist.

McCotter: To the Parapets, Defenders of Free Speech!
To date, a number of observers have diagnosed and condemned the rancid ideology and insidious aims of the true threat to America: the radical Leftist American Communists or Am-coms. In his anti-socialist manifesto, Evan Sayet coined the term and dissected the totalitarian designs of The Woke Supremacy; Lisa De Pasquale satirically skewered the intrinsic insanity and hypocrisy of our self-anointed “moral superiors” in The Social Justice Warrior Handbook: A Practical Survival Guide for Snowflakes, Millennials, and Generation Z; and most recently, Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.), a leader of exceptional intellect and moral courage, condemned the intolerance behind the regressive policies and neo-racist practices of the often less-than-non-violent “woke folk.” But it is not just observers from the center-Right decrying the Am-coms. . . Some of the most poignant critiques have come from intellectually honest journalists who are not on the Right, such as Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi. There is no surer way to identify an Am-com than by his lust for censorship.
Read more at American Greatness.


Raliegh: Beijing’s Wolf Warriors in Alaska
Chinese diplomats’ actions at last week’s summit in Alaska suggest that Xi Jinping will treat the Biden administration like Obama 2.0. Many in the West were surprised when top Chinese diplomats lashed out against the United States publicly during the first high-level meeting between the Biden and Xi Jinping administrations last week in Anchorage, Alaska. Though smaller powers like Australia and Sweden have experienced Beijing’s “wolf-warrior” diplomacy before, rarely have Chinese diplomats displayed such open condescension toward the U.S. Yet if one understands the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party, the performance in Alaska comes as no surprise. Claremont McKenna’s Minxin Pei describes the CCP as an entity that treats the world as a jungle, in which “long-term survival depends solely on raw power” and might makes right. Since its founding, the CCP has been deeply hostile to Western democracies and liberal values. The party believes that its survival depends on destroying the liberal world order and establishing a new one in which China is the hegemon. From 1949 to 1979, internal political turmoil and misguided economic policies derailed this plan and almost destroyed China, but despite many subsequent changes, the party never gave up this goal.
Read more at City Journal.

Saavedra: Joint WHO-China Report Urges No Further Probe Into ‘Extremely Unlikely’ Lab Leak Theory. U.S. Officials Are Pushing Back
A new “joint WHO-China study” into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China, claims that the theory that the coronavirus escaped from a lab in Wuhan to be the least likely theory out of four possible theories —
Read more at Daily Wire.

Ross: Chinese Propaganda Group Has Spent Years Cozying Up To Black Colleges
A Hong Kong-based think tank suspected of working as a front group for the Chinese Communist Party has cultivated close ties to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and members of the Congressional Black Caucus since 2014. The China-U.S. Exchange Foundation’s (CUSEF) outreach to the black community is part of a broad initiative to cozy up to prominent organizations in the U.S., including foreign policy think tanks and other elite universities.
Read more at Daily Caller.


McCann: The Commonalities Between the Rise of the Nazis and the Tactics of the American Left Cannot be Ignored
I recently wrote a column wherein I accused the American Left and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Democrat party, of using Fascist or Nazi tactics in their determination to permanently transform the nation into a one-party hybrid socialist state by exploiting nonexistent “systemic racism” and baseless fears of “white supremacy.” This characterization did not set well with the gullible and self-righteous Democrat voters I know or those who contacted me. They, rather vociferously, claimed that the utilization of Nazi tactics only applies to the American right and that they, the left, are only motivated by caring for the people. However, any thoughtful and unemotional examination of the tactics the Nazi Party used to gain and maintain power in the 1920’s and 30’s will reveal numerous stark similarities to those being used by the left and the Democrat Party today. First, racial division was a central component of Nazi political strategy and philosophy. The Nazi Party was, without doubt, the most racially obsessed political party in human history. Today’s Democrat party is second only to the Nazi Party in their racial obsession. Every piece of legislation, every accusation against their opponents, every aspect of American society, even weather and climate is framed in racism. The Nazi Party’s obsession with race focused on their perverted belief in the . . . […] Second, the Nazi Party was fixated on censorship and eliminating any cultural institution, publication or speech that did not fully support them. In other words, . . . […] Third, the Nazis perfected the art of . . . […] Fourth, the Nazis, true to socialist ideology, preyed on . . .
Read more at American Thinker.

Malloch: Bidenomics Is the 21st-Century Road to Serfdom
iden’s economic plan will prove disastrous for both the United States and the world economy. Bidenomics will not “build back better” as the slogan says but will have deleterious effects on nearly everyone—unless you happen to live and work inside the Washington, D.C. beltway. Biden, himself in the midst of a five-decade career in the federal government, has a net worth of over $10 million and owns two multimillion-dollar properties. Not bad for a lowly middle-class civil servant from Delaware who started with nothing. Who says government doesn’t pay, if you know how to tweak the system by getting huge speaker fees and kickbacks? Biden has sucked on the teat of the state his whole life—it is all he knows. […] Under Biden’s woke economic plan, written by none other than the always wrong Paul Krugman, there are just four basic rules. These are not figments of my imagination or construction, either—he delivered them verbatim in the New York Times. Rule 1: Don’t doubt the power of government to help. For Biden, who put a huge portrait of Franklin Roosevelt in the Oval Office, more government is always better. Biden never saw a problem he thought the government couldn’t fix. Unlike Bill Clinton, who admitted government is often the problem, Biden fervently believes . . .Rule 2: . . .
Read more at American Greatness.


VDH: Is Racism Moral Now?
Racism is the deductive bias against, and often hatred of, an entire racial group. It is often birthed by dislike of particular individuals of a given group that supposedly justifies, by extension, disliking or indeed hating all of them. The popular reaction against this widespread toxic pathology shown African Americans birthed the anti-slavery movement, the Civil War, the resistance to Jim Crow, and the modern Civil Rights movement. But now there grows a strange new ahistorical “antiracism” racism. One variety encourages holistic hatred, blaming all of one’s own unhappiness, indeed all of the cosmic injustice in the manmade and natural world—the very air, water, and earth—on a white racial collective. Another constructs a purported racial pathology to encourage segregation and separation from all members of the white race, thereby limiting all “exposure” to a toxic people. These are not just the idle critical race theory rants of intellectuals. They now are . . . […] So “white privilege” is now morphing into just “whiteness” in a malignant stereotyping hauntingly reminiscent of the 1930 theories of insidious “Jewishness,” a term denoting a mythical and underhanded power that warped and “controlled” Western Europe—even as no believable charge could be leveled against individual Jews.
Read more at American Greatness.

PRAGER: The Latest Left-Wing Anti-American Lie: ‘Anti-Asian Racism’
If you rely on The New York Times, the Democratic Party or CNN — they are interchangeable — for your perception of reality, you now believe America is reeling from the latest expression of white supremacy: Anti-Asian racism. It is a lie, the purpose of which is to: a) Further demonize America.
b) Further demonize white Americans. c) Further divide Americans by race and ethnicity d) . . .e). . . […] Is there anti-Asian racism in America? Of course. Ethnic bigotry is a tragic part of the human condition. There is no country in which members of different races live that is bereft of ethnic or racial bigotry. Therefore, the only question decent, wise or honest people ask is: How much? And the answer in America is: . . .
Read more at Daily Wire.


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

Please click the following link to learn more.

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