The Democrat Crime Wave: They Caused It and They Can’t Run From It

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Recently, the Democrat Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono stated that Democrats were not in favor of defunding the police. Although she is not known for making intelligent statements,  this one went well beyond many of her previous inanities directly into idiocy. It does not reflect well on Hawaii that she remains in office.

What you are seeing is Democrats responding to internal polling that shows the American people have connected the dots, that is connected the rise in crime to Democrat rule. To try to say their party has not attacked the police is like a ringmaster trying to say he has nothing to do with the circus.

We have all witnessed for more than a year, the pandering of Democratic leaders at all levels of the party, to criminals and the criminal element. They have actively supported, through both rhetoric, law, finance, and their allies in the media, the bias against law enforcement.

Defunding the police came just after disrespecting the police and accusing not just the police, but the entire country of systemic racism. Every shooting by police of a black suspect was greeted with wails of police brutality, usually before any evidence was presented.  In cases where body cameras showed conclusively the suspect was at fault, they pressed home their irresponsible charges anyway. Evidence is superfluous, it was the narrative they wanted to promote.

They took rare and isolated cases of police misbehavior and turned them into a general charge against law enforcement all the while deliberately fanning racial hatred. And in many cases, when police misbehavior is observed, it is clear the entire incident could have been avoided if the suspect had initially simply followed police instructions.

Working along a broad front of mayors, prosecutors, district attorneys, activist lawyers, and members of Congress, Democrats called upon all of us to “reimagine” policing by social workers, the end of bail, the wholesale release of criminals, unrestricted illegal immigration, and the coddling of drug-addled street people. Let’s reimagine a world of lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns while we are at it.

In broad strokes, they signaled a new regime of tolerance of crime giving moral cover for those breaking the law. Police forces under their control were ordered to stand down and allow “autonomous zones” to form, as well as tolerance for constant violent political rioting by Democrat political allies.

Democrats failed to prosecute Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other communist lead groups while concentrating their wrath on Trump supporters. Moreover, they said the rise in crime was the result of racism, white supremacy, and poverty.

Besides these specifics, the overall optics of Democrat rule is that of lawbreaking.  It is they who turned the IRS loose on Conservatives and used the intelligence agencies and the FBI to try to interfere in domestic elections and overthrow a duly elected President. Democrats refuse to enforce existing immigration laws and even pioneered sanctuary cities.

Those that break the law themselves through the “Resistance”, can hardly expect others to follow the law when they don’t. When it comes to lawbreaking, Democrats excel at leading by example.

And, the subject is not complete without mentioning the active role major corporate media has played in the spreading of falsehoods and the glorification of criminal behavior.

Not too long ago, the editorial pages of major publications were musing about the remarkable and seemingly inexplicable decline over a 30 year period in violent crimes. For many, it seemed a product of demographics, there were simply fewer young males, the most likely to commit violent crime.

Such notions were tossed about by Progressive think tanks like the Brennan Center and the Atlantic magazine.

One well-known economist, the author of the popular Freakonomics, got in considerable hot water for suggesting that legalized abortion resulted in fewer black youths, and that might be the explanation.

Others suggested it was “broken window” policing, mass incarceration, and a better economy. Whatever the factors have been, none of these variables put forward changed during the recent surge in crime other than the election of Democrats.

But Joe Biden, the head of the Democrat Party came out yesterday with a different answer. He took a curious diversion suggesting the 2nd Amendment had little political clout unless fortified with F-15s and nukes, which is strange for a party that has such fear of unarmed demonstrators, most of whom were invited into the Capitol by the Capitol Police. But his main point is that guns cause crime and therefore explain the fluctuations.  Specifically, it is semi-automatic rifles with large magazine capacity that are at fault, not his party and their large capacity for utter nonsense.

But semi-automatic rifles are rarely used in crime.  More people are killed by fists, hammers, and screwdrivers.  Insofar as firearms used in the commission of crimes, it is overwhelmingly handguns, usually illegally obtained.

Biden dodged the question that violent crime is isolated in the United States to around a dozen counties, particularly large cities run by Democrats. Just 2% of the counties in the US yield over 50% of the homicides. The rest of the country has crime statistics more like Norway.

How could the magazine capacity of semi-auto rifles explain the concentration of crime in specific cities?

This concentration problem been the case for years and has nothing to do with magazine capacity, which has remained constant for about 70 years. Moreover, semi-automatic pistols and rifles made their appearance about 120 years ago. The Mauser Broomhandle is a case in point.

What is it about Democrats that they believe crime is committed by inanimate objects and not people, who can evaluate moral actions, respond to incentives, and can calculate risk? Why should the magazine capacity of rifles stored in Arizona cause a surge in Chicago murders?

Why do they fail to discuss relevant factors concerning crime such as the breakdown of the family, the absence of fathers in the home,  the lack of discipline in schools, drug addiction, and pervasive mental illness?

If you were of criminal intent, and you thought the odds of being caught and punished were a lot less under Democrat rule, how would that influence your behavior? You think that Venice Beach, California has become a crime-soaked homeless camp because of magazine capacity? Do you really think that demographics can shift that swiftly from one mayor of New York to the next?  And as for economics, the economy was in arguably worse shape during the crash of 2008 than it is today.

Biden once again showed he is an empty mind that can only on occasion, read a teleprompter.

It is amazing that Mazie thinks the Democrats can run from this issue.  You break it, you own it.






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