The Demise of the Dixie Chicks

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Once a popular country western, all female band, this “woke” group chose politics over art.

They chose self-expression over their fan base. Somehow, they got the notion that fans wanted their geopolitical insight as well as their sophisticated biting social commentary. They were wrong.

It began with attacks on President George W. Bush, and they found that fans of bluegrass and country were not too happy with their constant carping during a time of war. A disproportionate number of military personnel come from southern and rural parts of the country. They generally felt criticism should not be conducted when soldiers are in the field getting killed.

Many country and western stations dropped their music and fans deserted them in droves.

As their slide into obscurity accelerated, they became fixtures at Democratic Party events, where urban left wingers could pretend for a moment, they understood people from fly over country.

Now the group has opted to up the ante in virtue signaling and decided to drop the name “Dixie”, and just stay with the term “chicks”.

Most dictionaries define “chick” as slang, and generally offensive slang for young vacuous girls or women. They seem to have traded one perceived insult for another.

Now that they have become so sensitive to words, you would think they would not want to offend women. But they go even further in entangling themselves is political correctness.

After 14 years, they are back with a new album called “Gaslighter.” Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!

The verb “gaslight” is used to describe abusive behavior, specifically manipulating information in a way to make the receiver (the victim) doubt his or her sanity. It is a deliberate attempt to make one doubt one’s own memories and perceptions of reality.

Actually, it pretty well sums up their tragic decent into “wokeness.”


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