Democracy’s Death With Dignity

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Editors’ Note: The author, Conlan Salgado, is a college junior. He is an astute political observer and highly informed conservative. America needs more young patriots and gifted writers to awaken citizens to the existential danger our nation faces in the decades-long political war with a radical leftist party and culture increasingly out-of-control. We recommend all of his superb writings. Access Conlan Salgado’s essays in The Prickly Pear here

I’ve always considered assisted suicide a form of existential cowardice. It is sought by people who are unable to deal with the two ultimate consequences of being human: mortality and pain (mortality is, by definition, not “chosen”, by the way. Who would choose a life of suffering and mortality if he really had a say in it?).  I mention this because “death with dignity” perfectly describes the Democrat attitude toward democracy. It is now very obvious that for Democrats, democracy has a terminal diagnosis: Donald Trump. The experts, those very “doctors of democracy” themselves, thought at first that we might be able to beat the disease. After all, back in 2020, democracy was declared in remission! Yay!

But then that nasty orange tumor came back, and is threatening to take over the entire body politic. Oh well, it’s certainly sad. But fortunately, ever since 2002, people needn’t suffer endlessly in the face of certain death, and now, in 2023, neither does democracy. Democracy can die with dignity. We can kill democracy gently, slowly, surrounded by friends, before that nasty orange tumor takes over everything, before he causes too much suffering.

Or perhaps, like other forms of assisted suicide, this “democracy will die with dignity” schtick is another form of existential cowardice, sought by those who are unable to face the ultimate consequence of living in a democracy: the people may elect someone not favored by the elite. The very essence of democracy (actually, America is a democratic Republic) is that the people elect those who govern them. It follows that the very essence of anti-democracy is to engage in any behavior which directly thwarts the ability of the people to elect those who govern them. As of yesterday, the Colorado Supreme Court is an anti-democratic institution. It is a true threat to democracy.

And yet, there is hope to be found in this egregious action. All forms of assisted suicide, all forms of “death with dignity”, are a declaration of defeat—declarations that the disease that is being fought is undefeatable. Undefeatable is rapidly becoming the only word to describe Donald Trump. He has a freakishly large lead on his closest Republican rivals, and he continues to murder Joe Biden in national polls. The Democrats’ attempts to stop Donald Trump are becoming more and more outlandish, as they realize, scenario by scenario, state by state, that the Donald’s victory is almost guaranteed—if democracy is allowed to live!

I truly believe that this court decision shows a much more desperate, much less sure-of-themselves Democrat Party than before, say in 2020, or even 2021 and 2022. So the task of the Democrats is clear: kill democracy before Donald Trump is allowed to take office again. By continuing to boost Trump’s poll numbers, by continuing to drive people into the arms of the MAGA movement, the Left is only making its criminal task (of cheating) on election day harder and harder.

It may turn out that in attempting to put democracy to death, the Democrats do the only thing which could guarantee any sort of dignity to democracy: namely, kill their chance at retaining the White House (even through illegal means, as I said). However, even though we should remain cautiously optimistic at all times ( indeed, if we don’t, we have adopted the “death with dignity” mindset ourselves), we should all see this as a wake-up call. The Democrats are dead-serious (in the most literal way) about their intention not to let democracy live, if it means Trump’s political career lives. The Democrats are adopting something like a political scorched-earth policy. Burn everything, just to make sure the other guy can’t have it. Our job, as populists, as conservatives, as Trumpians, must be to hammer this message home, relentlessly to press the message that the Democrats are anti-democracy, and to hold up as our prime example this Colorado Supreme Court Decision. We must never stop saying, “The Democrats trust every institution, except the one institution vital for democracy: We the People!” After all, the Dems showed us that repeating this message in relation to a particular person or party is very effective. No, it will not convince those with Trump derangement syndrome, but it may open many unfocused and sleepy eyes. That is the first step to re-awakening people to reality. Remember, democracy does not die in darkness. Democracy dies in Colorado.


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