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Paige Hauser contributor to The Federalist: American marriage laws are dysfunctional and a legal undermining of the family structure.  We have cut the branch upon which we sit and eroded the stability and authority of the family. The family is the most fundamental institution of society, and we must restore laws that teach that sex is a public act done in private. Properly regarded marriage is a covenant, and American law should regard it as such again by eliminating no-fault divorce.

Nathan Stone contributor to The Federalist: If people are incapable of independence, they are incapable of self-government. In succumbing to algorithms, we cede our autonomy.

Lysander Spooner was an American lawyer and natural rights legal theorist: It is manifest that the only security against the tyranny of the government lies in forcible resistance to the execution of the injustice; because the injustice will certainly be executed, unless it be forcibly resisted.

Scott S. Powell contributor to American Thinker: Among the eight million migrants from dozens of countries who have swarmed across the U.S. southern border during the nearly three years of the Biden administration, there are a good number of radical Islamists from terrorist hotbeds in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Hezb’allah from Venezuela, and both Chinese PLA special forces, and Chinese military age single men. If only one percent of the eight million migrants who have arrived in Biden’s first three years are radicalized America-haters, that would be 80,000 people who could wreak havoc in the United States.

Wai Wah Chin  contributor to New York Post: It’s no accident Jimmy Carter already in 2006 called Israel an apartheid state, Obama sent billions to Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s paymaster Iran, Biden would have sent $6 billion to Iran but for Republican outcry, Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s first reaction to Hamas’ attack was to call for cease-fire, mainstream Democrats Dick Durbin and Chris Murphy call Israel’s campaign “unacceptable” and Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris noisily announced an “anti-Islamophobia” initiative last week. As if further confirmation is needed, Gallup polling shows that Democratic sympathy for Israel, perennially weaker than Republican, finally swung deeply negative this year. . . . To our Jewish Democratic-voting friends: Are you ready for this future Democratic Party?

Robert Amos contributor to American Thinker: No, Israel, like any civilized society, is not retaliating for the unspeakable crimes committed against those who are now dead, who were tortured and burned alive in the most savage and systematic fashion on October 7.  No amount of warfare will bring them back.  Israel is defending the living, not avenging the dead.

Douglas Murray in a Piers Morgan interview: “I’ll tell you what’s unique about the population of Gaza. It’s the only population in the world where people routinely claim that Israelis are committing genocide, but which has a population boom all of the time.”


Adams: Gun Confiscation- Disarming Regular People Can Lead to Genocide

Those who understand the heinous nature of the United Nation as well as their failed nature as a so-called “peacekeeping” force, should understandably be concerned with the impending presence of UN soldiers on the streets of Chicago. Extreme gun violence is listed as the primary reason why. This may be the one truthful aspect of this planned UN occupation of an American city. Eventually, the UN is going after the guns of all Americans and on this point, history has spoken. Gun confiscation is always followed by genocide. Below is an image of a United Nations document regarding gun confiscation. The full text follows the printed image. […] If one examines the first five steps of the plot, it is easy to ascertain the pattern of gun confiscation that the UN will attempt to follow. […] Even if the the UN document designed to disarm America, listed above, was not genuine (and it is), the following, very public document has been proven to be very authentic. Under the heading, “Hiding in plain sight”, the United Nations has been advertising for the following position for the past several years: . . . […] There  is even more fuel to throw on this raging fire as we consider the fact that, at the behest of former President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry illegally, and in direct violation to the Constitution of the United States, signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The UN Arms Trade Treaty contains all 7 provisions listed  above in the Disarmament Commission of the United Nations.

Read more: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/11/no_author/gun-confiscation-disarming-regular-people-can-lead-to-genocide/


Richards: Disinformation expert laments loss of power over speech on social media leading up to 2024 elections

A disinformation expert is lamenting that social media platforms have less control over speech as the 2024 elections approach, while conservatives notch wins against the industry and the Department of Homeland Security’s calls for greater censorship. This comes as the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released yet more evidence this week on nexus of the federal government, universities, and Big Tech that worked to censor Americans during the 2020 election. The House Judiciary Committee also held a hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to increase censorship through the Election Integrity Partnership. The new report by the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) shows how former Big Tech employees and censorship experts are lamenting their shrinking influence as the presidential election approaches next year.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/nation/free-speech/disinfo-expert-lament-loss-speech-controls-social-media-leading-2024-elections


Richards: IRS whistleblowers in Hunter Biden tax case vindicated by witness testimony

When the IRS whistleblowers publicized their concerns about how the Hunter Biden investigation was handled by the Justice Department, Democrats, the media, and Hunter Biden’s lawyers assailed their credibility. Now, witness by witness, congressional Republicans have secured testimony that repeatedly confirmed the whistleblowers’ accounts. The latest revelation in the Hunter Biden investigation saga comes from closed door testimony by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss before the House Judiciary Committee this morning. After the testimony, Chairman Jim Jordan, R.-Ohio, told reporters that the testimony confirmed the IRS whistleblowers’ contention that Weiss was denied special anttorney authority by Biden’s Justice Department.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/accountability/whistleblowers/irs-whistleblowers-are-vindicated-witness-after-witness


Picket: Whistleblowers: FBI officials singled out agents who were former military for anti-Trump retaliation

More whistleblowers have stepped forward to tell Congress that high-ranking FBI officials are targeting agents, specifically former military members, for their political beliefs and trying to force them out of the bureau. A Marine and other military veterans at the FBI have been accused of disloyalty to the U.S. because they fit the profile of a supporter of former President Donald Trump, according to two disclosures sent to lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee. The Washington Times obtained copies of the disclosures. The whistleblowers said Jeffrey Veltri, deputy assistant director of the bureau’s security division, and Dena Perkins, assistant section chief, specifically pursued employees who served in the Marine Corps or other military branches. They stripped the agents of security clearances, which sidelined them on the job and pushed them toward the exit, according to the disclosures.

Read more at the Washington Times.

Hazard: Trump attorneys show support for allowing cameras in courtroom for election interference trial

In documents filed Friday, Trump’s lawyers argued that the cameras would show that the former president is being treated “unfairly” by the justice system. “President Trump calls for sunlight,” the filing reads. “Every person in America, and beyond, should have the opportunity to study this case firsthand and watch as, if there is a trial, President Trump exonerates himself of these baseless and politically motivated charges.”

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/courts-law/trump-attorneys-show-support-allowing-cameras-courtroom-election-trial

Revolver.news: Alleged photos of Judge Engoron’s wife’s “anti-Trump social media posts” threaten to shut down everything…

A viral post on X has rocked the foundations of the entire Trump “fraud” case. We’ve seen numerous “game changers” lately in this sham case, but this latest revelation could potentially be the most significant. Investigative journalist Laura Loomer appears to have discovered the social media account of the judge’s wife overseeing the Trump fraud case in New York City. If these claims hold true, the posts may shed light on his bias and radical stance against Trump. Laura shared her findings on X, making a point to tag Trump’s legal team to alert them to what may be going on behind the scenes.

Read more: https://revolver.news/2023/11/alleged-photos-of-judge-engorons-wifes-anti-trump-social-media-posts-threaten-to-shut-everything-down/

Ingraham Angle: Letitia James, New York judge ‘railroading’ Trump to destroy his business: Mike Davis

Mike Davis and Sol Wisenberg weigh in on former President Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud trial.

Watch the 5:35 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6340914130112

Le Mahieu: Judge Rejects Initial Request From Trump To Delay Documents Trial Until After 2024 Election

Former President Donald Trump’s trial over his alleged mishandling of classified documents will not be bumped past the 2024 presidential election, according to a new ruling from Judge Aileen Cannon. Trump previously requested that the trial be moved past November 5, 2024, Election Day, in order to give his lawyers more time to review evidence. Trump, the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination, has climbed in front of President Joe Biden in several recent polls in key swing states. The trial of Trump, who is accused of mishandling sensitive classified documents, is set to begin on May 20, 2024. A scheduling hearing is set for March 1, and Cannon could move the start of the trial then.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/judge-rejects-initial-request-from-trump-to-delay-documents-trial-until-after-2024-election


Justice & Duffy-Alfonso: Scientists Want Meat Slapped With ‘Cigarette-Style’ Warning Labels About Climate Change. Here’s Why It’s Completely Asinine

A group of scientists is proposing government-mandated cigarette-style caution labels on meat packages that could read, “Warning: Eating meat contributes to climate change.” The anti-meat scientists, who falsely claim meat consumption is detrimental to health and the environment, began pushing for the labels after conducting a study at the UK’s Durham University. […] “Reaching net zero is a priority for the nation and the planet,” said study author Jack Hughes. […] In June, the U.S. Agriculture Department approved the consumption and sale of lab-grown meat in restaurants and, eventually, supermarkets. Ironically, “Analysis finds the carbon footprint of cultivated meat is likely to be higher than beef if current production methods are scaled up because they are still highly energy-intensive,” reports New Scientist.  Meat Is Good For You By virtually every standard, protein from meat, which has been the basis of the human diet since the inception of the species, is far superior to plant protein. Dr. Benjamin Bikman, author of the 2020 book Why We Get Sick: The Hidden Epidemic at the Root of Most Chronic Disease–and How to Fight It, explained why on “The Ultimate Health Podcast.” “By every metric, . . . […] Meat Is Good For The Planet If there’s any confusion about environmentalists being on the side of big food, a quick glance at this year’s list of “100 Best Corporate Citizens” based on Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards (ESG) will remove any doubt.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/11/10/scientists-want-meat-slapped-with-cigarette-style-warning-labels-about-climate-change-heres-why-its-completely-asinine/

Wolfson: Mark Gordon Accepts Challenge From Wyoming Lawmaker For Climate Change Debate

Gov. Mark Gordon is being asked to defend his “carbon negative” view of Wyoming’s climate change goals in a debate, and the governor says he’s up for it. State Sen. Cheri Steinmetz, R-Lingle, circulated a letter among her fellow legislators urging Gordon to debate what’s causing climate change and the merits of his “carbon negative” policy. The letter, which was sent to Gordon on Friday afternoon, was signed by 30 state lawmakers and Secretary of State Chuck Gray.  . . .  “On behalf of the people of Wyoming who unquestioningly deserve a say in whether or not our state turns its back on fossil fuels in favor of ‘green energy,’ we challenge you and your designated representatives to a face-to-face, public, fair and factual debate on the issues of climate change and the purported contribution to it from CO2,” the letter says. […] Steinmetz’s letter says Wyoming’s future is not for Gordon to decide alone and that he should be held accountable for his carbon negative agenda. “Wyoming citizens deserve to hear why Governor Gordon believes climate change is an emergency and that CO2 is a pollutant,” Steinmetz said. “Wyoming citizens deserve an honest debate and the ability to be heard by their governor.” Gordon came under fire late last month for comments he made at Harvard University, where he said Wyoming needs to urgently address climate change by becoming the first state to go “carbon negative,” and that carbon dioxide is the “major contributor” to the Earth’s warming climate.

Read more: https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/11/10/mark-gordon-accepts-challenge-from-wyoming-lawmaker-for-climate-change-debate/

AZFEC: The Left Is Searching for a Liberal Judge to Force Its Radical Environmental Agenda on Arizona

Ozone levels in Maricopa County are lower today than they were 20 years ago. And the reality is that most of the ozone currently in the region is either due to natural events or coming from China. But you won’t hear facts like that from the Left. Instead, they’d rather hatch a scheme to enforce their climate change agenda on the American people, and one of their biggest targets in the past year has been Arizona. Now, after failing to convince our state to ban gas cars and gas stoves, the Sierra Club is attempting to use the courts to force this agenda upon us. An Impossible Standard Much of this began in September 2022 when the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reclassified Maricopa County as a moderate non-attainment area of ozone limits under the Clean Air Act. This basically means that, according to the EPA, Maricopa County’s ozone levels are too high and therefore our state—including its citizens, motorists, and businesses—must be forced to adopt ozone control measures. Failure to comply with these measures could mean fines, penalties, or the withholding of federal transportation dollars for Arizona. […] In October, the liberal non-profit Sierra Club decided to sue the Biden administration to increase regulatory oversight of several states, including Arizona. And their goal is clear. They either want to get a liberal judge to force our state to implement California-style control measures, or they want to collude with the EPA to do a “sue and settle” and enter into a consent decree that does the same.

Read more: https://azfree.org/blog/2023/11/10/the-left-is-searching-for-a-liberal-judge-to-force-its-radical-environmental-agenda-on-arizona/


Leamer: FCC’s Digital Discrimination Order Turns Internet Expansion Into An ‘Equity’ Ploy

The rules will hinder industry leaders from developing and deploying new technologies that could transform internet access.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/11/13/fccs-digital-discrimination-order-turns-internet-expansion-into-an-equity-ploy/

War Room: Lara Logan’s Rest of the Story Docuseries: Ray Epps Part 1

Why was Ray Epps treated as victim by the same people who condemned almost everyone around him as a threat? Was Jan 6 more a fedsurrection than insurrection?

Watch the 17:49 minute investigative report: https://rumble.com/v3uyz5g-lara-logans-rest-of-the-story-docuseries-ray-epps-part-1.html

Revolver.news: Lara Logan’s Rest of the Story Docuseries: Ray Epps Part 2

Was Ray Epps the victim of right wing conspiracies and speculation? Or was he being used, like everyone else on January 6th, but for a different purpose?

Watch the 25:51 minute investigative report

Read more:  https://rumble.com/v3uz047-lara-logans-rest-of-the-story-docuseries-ray-epps-part-2.html

Suzy posted on X: This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! “Urgent” manhunt for Jan 6 protestor. Would be nice to see the FBI go after Epstein Island rapists like that!

Watch the 1:59 minute breathless reporting:  https://thenationalpulse.com/2023/11/10/watch-militarized-fbi-engages-in-disproportionate-48-hour-manhunt-for-jan-6-protestor/

Revolver.news: The Deep State is coming after Steven Crowder for releasing the “trans manifesto,” but he’s fearlessly doubling down…

Conservative YouTube star Steven Crowder took a stand against the Deep State by obtaining the Nashville shooter’s manifesto, a document that authorities have kept from the public eye. Now, it’s clear why they wanted it under wraps. The perpetrator, a disturbed, racist, and violent young girl masquerading as a boy, harbored a vehement desire to harm white people. […] Yet, it seems authorities are more concerned with the leak and the manifesto’s contents getting out than with the actual mass shooting itself, which was aimed at white Christians. The reason for this is because it reveals the reality of how violent, hateful, and dangerous the left’s favored trans movement actually is.

Read more: https://revolver.news/2023/11/deep-state-is-coming-after-steven-crowder-for-releasing-trans-manifesto-but-hes-fearlessly-doubling-down/

(Democrats sacrifice one of their own) Singh: FBI Seizes Eric Adams’ iPad And Phones Amid Foreign Influence Investigation Of His Campaign

FBI agents reportedly approached the mayor while he was in public and presented a court-ordered warrant for his devices, which they returned a few days later after making copies of their data, according to the report. During its Nov. 2 raid, the FBI had also seized two personal computers, three Apple iPhones and a folder with the label “Eric Adams” from Briggs’ home, according to the report. It is unclear whether those devices have been returned, though Briggs has received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury convened to investigate the campaign. {Note: This is what happens when a Democrat questions Biden’s immigration policies. ]

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2023/11/10/fbi-seizes-eric-adams-ipad-and-phones-amid-foreign-influence-investigation-of-his-campaign/


Ludwig: Meet The Phony ‘Christian’ Group Trying To Take Down The New House Speaker

One of the activist left’s oldest projects is also its most devious: infiltrate, then undermine, the Christian church. Why? Because only Bible-believing evangelicals and Catholics stand between them and the total conquest of America. It’s no wonder, then, that atheist mega-donors like George Soros have poured tens of millions of dollars into the effort over the past two decades. That political machine’s latest target is our new House speaker, Mike Johnson, R–La., a devout Baptist who unashamedly turns to the Bible for “my worldview — that’s what I believe.” That’s enough to qualify Johnson as America’s “most dangerous Christian nationalist” and a “dangerous extremist,” according to the phony Christian group Faithful America, a key cog in the leftist attack machine.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/11/13/meet-the-phony-christian-group-trying-to-take-down-the-new-house-speaker/

Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) Universities across the nation are stifling the voices of conservative students

It is a terrifying reality that conservative and Christian students are accused of bigotry and violence for affirming that fundamental, black-and-white facts exist. Those unwilling to kowtow to the talking points of our increasingly liberal universities are discriminated against, prevented from voicing their opinions and engaging in a civil debate of ideas, and intimidated and suppressed by students and staff. If our higher education system cannot preserve our fundamental right to free speech and facilitate the exchange of ideas, we must seriously assess the absolute failure of our federal Department of Education to educate – not indoctrinate – America’s youth.

Watch the 5:57 minute hearing exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC5_puYs0oc

Justice: These 70 Republicans Just Rewarded The FBI With New Headquarters Worth $375 Million

On the day that the DOJ announced arrests related to a brothel that focused on political clients, these 70 Republicans voted to give the FBI brand new headquarters. Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz moved to defund plans for the new office building with an amendment to the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act for 2024. House Democrats were unanimous in opposing the Gaetz proposal and were joined by 70 Republicans. Gaetz’s proposal failed 273 to 145 in a Wednesday vote, the same day the Justice Department unveiled three arrests over a “sophisticated high-end brothel” ring operating in Virginia and Massachusetts. Despite decades of misconduct revealing an agency politicized beyond repair on behalf of Democrats dispatched to prosecute political opponents, House Republicans have given the FBI a multi-million-dollar new complex to interfere in foreseeable elections.

Read the Republican names: https://thefederalist.com/2023/11/10/these-70-republicans-just-rewarded-the-fbi-with-new-headquarters-worth-375-million/


Welch: NYC Charity Organizing Pro-Gaza Protests Has Chinese Communist Links.

socialist non-profit from New York City which is co-leading pro-Gaza protests has extensive links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), investigations have revealed. The People’s Forum, which describes itself as “a movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities to build unity across historic lines of division at home and abroad”, launched a “call to action” earlier this week for people to leave their work or schools to protest the so-called Gazan “genocide” on November 9th.

Read more: https://thenationalpulse.com/2023/11/10/nyc-charity-organizing-pro-gaza-protests-has-chinese-communist-links/

Angela: San Francisco Cleans Up Homeless Encampments Just In Time For Chinese President’s Visit: REPORT

The city reportedly focused on specific intersections, including those in the Tenderloin and South of Market (SoMa) neighborhoods, where homeless encampments are prevalent, according to the NY Post. Residents and business owners, however, have slammed the efforts as “Band-Aids.” The city’s attempt to relocate homeless individuals and curb drug addiction has heightened police presence and led to the removal of tents near the Moscone Center on Howard Street, one of the key APEC venues. The APEC summit, set to draw over 20,000 visitors — including President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, prompted the city to fence off certain areas, pushing drug dealers and addicts to other areas, the outlet reported.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2023/11/10/san-francisco-cleans-up-homeless-encampments-chinese-president-visit-report/


War Room: Jack Posobiec: “We Will Take Communion In The Hagia Sophia When We Win”

Is another Holy War on the horizon?

Watch the 11:24 minute video: https://rumble.com/v3v39e4-jack-posobiec-we-will-take-communion-in-the-hagia-sophia-when-we-win.html

Rafizadeh: It Is Time Biden Publicly Acknowledged This Is Iran’s Mullahs’ War Against Israel and the United States

  • Sadly, the Biden administration has yet to come out and publicly acknowledge Iran’s role in Hamas’s October 7 invasion of Israel, in which the terrorist group murdered over 1,400 Israelis and at least 31 Americans, and wounded over 4,500 Israelis. Hamas also abducted more than 240 people and took them back to Gaza, where they are being held as hostages.
  • Iran provides roughly $100 million a year to Palestinian terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and $700 million a year to Hezbollah.
  • Iran and its proxies have clearly been waging a war against Israel, Jews and the United States. It is incumbent upon the Biden administration at least to publicly acknowledge this fact. Or is the US still hoping for some disastrous “nuclear deal” in which the Iranian regime would promise not to use its imminent nuclear weapons — “on my watch” — during just the Democrats’ time in office?

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/20133/iran-war-against-israel-us

Driessen: A ‘Humanitarian’ Gaza Ceasefire – to Help Plant More IEDs

So Hamas can hide behind their human shields, prepare ambushes, and kill more Israelis. […] Hamas butchers sliced open a 4-month-pregnant woman, took out her baby, and stabbed him to death in front of her and her children. Then they shot the mother in front of the children and murdered them. They put a little baby in an oven in another house and baked him alive. They tied a mother and her young child together with wire, soaked them with gasoline, and burned them alive. […] In yet another home, they murdered the husband and gouged his eyes out, then cut his wife’s breasts off and chopped his daughter’s leg off, leaving them to bleed to death. (see articles herehere and here) They laughed and shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they raged, tortured, butchered, pillaged – and filmed it all on their cell phones and GoPros, while embedded “photojournalists” also recorded their savagery. […] Hamas leaders are “proud to sacrifice martyrs” to achieve these ends, fulfill their charter, and establish a shariah caliphate across the region. But meanwhile, for now, the “international community” demands a “humanitarian” ceasefire. Hamas also wants a ceasefire – though not because they’ve suddenly been converted to “humanitarian” principles. Hamas wants time to steal food from UN convoys, rearm, shore up tunnels, find new hiding places for snipers and hostages, plant mines and IEDs, and prepare ambushes to kill Israeli soldiers.

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2023/11/11/a-humanitarian-gaza-ceasefire-to-help-plant-more-ieds-n2631085


I & I Editorial: Board: Big Mouth Barack

Tens of millions of Americans, though not enough to keep his malign presence out of the Oval Office, were years ago sick of Barack Obama opening his mouth and spouting off about whatever subject he chose to educate us on. After enduring eight years of pretentious lectures, we thought we were finally rid of him in 2017. But no, he’s still enlightening his inferiors, which in his mind is everyone who isn’t him, most recently to link market-based systems to slavery. Such mean-spirited nonsense deserves a Fisking. Speaking a week ago at the Obama Foundation’s Democracy Forum, the former (and current de facto) president said “just because an economic system generated wealth and innovation doesn’t mean it guarantees a good society. Because from the outset, market-based systems have been compatible with slavery, caste systems, colonization, war, exploration, corruption, fraud, autocracy, the poisoning of our natural environment.” Gosh, is there no evil that the free market hasn’t facilitated? Sarcasm aside, let’s take these comments in no particular order. Just because an economic system generated wealth and innovation doesn’t mean it guarantees a good society. And what is the alternative to a free-market economy? There are several, and they all have one commonality: Government is in control . . .

Read more: https://issuesinsights.com/2023/11/13/big-mouth-barack/


A veritable Krakatoa of anti-Semitism is erupting across America, with little if any reference to the nation’s leading anti-Semite, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. As recently noted, 1984 presidential candidate Jesse Jackson apologized for calling Jews “hymies,” but refused to denounce Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam boss also has a history with the composite character David Garrow profiled in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. In 2005, a year after his historic performance at the Democratic National Convention, a smiling Obama was photographed with Farrakhan, looking pleased to be in the politician’s company. The meeting wasn’t his first association with the Nation of Islam, and prominent members. […] Despite Farrakhan’s long record of Jew-hatred, Obama was pleased to pose with him in 2005. In 2008, Obama rejected Farrakhan’s endorsement, but Hillary Clinton said that wasn’t good enough. That same year, Obama’s church gave Farrakhan an award, prompting Obama to  “decry racism and anti-Semitism in every form and strongly condemn the anti-Semitic statements made by Minister Farrakhan.” The composite character had many opportunities to issue such statements in the past, including his 1995 book. He only spoke out when Farrakhan became a campaign issue, and the candidate condemned only his anti-Semitic “statements,” not the vile racist doctrines that Crouch called out so clearly. When it came to the Jews, Farrakhan was not backing off.

Read more: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/11/obama-and-farrakhan.php

Stone: The Federal ‘Kill Switch’ Signals Our Surrender To Tech Overlords

The House of Representatives’ failure to spike a federal “kill switch” mandate means that outside of a political miracle, all new vehicles from 2026 onward will be required to incorporate “advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology.” It will “passively monitor the performance of a driver” and automatically disable the vehicle “if impairment is detected.” In other words: You will no longer have control of your car. Some outside entity — human or program — could, at any time, make it inoperable. […] Of course, the elephant in the corner is: What assurance do we have that “impairment” just means drunkenness, drug use — the usual things? What assurance do we have that this narrow definition will never be widened? We now live in a world where the Department of Justice describes parents objecting to porn being read in classrooms and kept in school libraries as “domestic terrorists”; where FBI swat teams in full Robocop beat down the doors of Catholic, pro-life activists as if they were drug lords; where clear cases of self-defense are prosecuted as hate crimes; where lawyers are arrested and duck walked through county jails for the audacity of representing a client the Borg hates; and where people with regime-opposite opinions/affiliations are described as “f-cking animals” before being personally threatened and given the photobomb treatment. Does anyone think “impairment” won’t be widened so the Borg can punish its enemies more? Especially when its members are openly talking about the need for Republicans, Trump voters, and conservatives to be “reprogrammed”?

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/11/13/the-federal-kill-switch-mandate-is-an-ominous-sign-of-our-inevitable-surrender-to-tech-overlords/

Hoft: THOUSANDS of Illegal Invaders Chant “Biden! Biden! Biden!” in Huixtla, Mexico On Way to Open US Border (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s southern US border is open to the world. Nearly 10 million have crossed into the US since Joe Biden took over as president. It is the purposeful destruction of America. Muckraker filmed this boisterous group of mostly male migrants chanting, “Biden! Biden! Biden!…” as they march to the US.

Read more/Watch the 18 second video: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/thousands-illegal-invaders-chant-biden-biden-biden-huixtla/

Clark: White People Answer: ‘Are You Proud To Be White?’

Anti-white hatred is normalized in society. Besides the fact that it’s wrong to hate people because of their skin color, watching white liberals discuss how they hate being white is pretty frickin’ funny.

Watch the 9:20 minute video: https://dailycaller.com/2023/11/10/reaction-anti-white-liberals-racism/


Klein: Glorifying Hamas and Teaching Palestinians’ Blood Libel to Children

What many UN and US teachers have in common. Members of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) teaching and administrative staff celebrated Hamas’ massacre of 1400 Israelis and abductions on October 7th. UN Watch, a human rights organization that monitors the United Nations’ compliance with the principles of its own Charter, has just issued a blistering report exposing this scandalous endorsement of the actions of genocidal terrorists. […] These examples and others that UN Watch’s report describes of UNRWA staff’s hate speech, blood libel against Jews, and support for the Hamas terrorists are sickening but not unexpected, given UNRWA’s anti-Semitic track record. But this evil phenomenon is spreading throughout the world, including across America. Even in New York City, home to the largest Jewish community in the world outside of Israel, public school teachers are spouting the same hate speech and demonization of Israel as the pro-Hamas UNRWA teachers do. A Manhattan pre-K teacher, . . .

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/glorifying-hamas-and-teaching-palestinians-blood-libel-to-children/

Hauser: Mike Johnson Is Right: No-Fault Divorce Destroys Kids, Sex, And Society

The left-wing media think the new speaker of the House is “a sinister little creep” with “strong incel energy.” Why? He is happily married and intends to remain so. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his wife, Kelly, have a covenant marriage, not unlike millions of Christians all over the world, the only difference perhaps being that theirs is recognized in law. Louisiana is one of the few states (Arizona and Arkansas are the other two) where couples can enter a legally binding marriage that is not subject to the typical no-fault divorce laws. […] By 2001, no-fault divorce was the law of the land almost everywhere (except New York). No-fault divorce, which purported to address legitimate issues such as abuse, allows one or both spouses to end the marriage with or without cause, simply because they do not want to be married anymore. […] The true legacy of no-fault divorce is far from benign. By every determination of well-being, whether social, economic, emotional, or physical health, in every instance, divorce hurts kids. Sociologists Sara McLanahan and Gary Sandefur have found that 31 percent of kids with divorced parents dropped out of high school, compared to 13 percent of children from intact families; 33 percent of girls whose parents divorced became teen mothers, compared to 11 percent of girls from intact families; and 11 percent of boys who come from divorced families end up going to jail before the age of 32, compared to 5 percent of boys who come from intact homes. Jonathan Gruber, a professor of economics at MIT, finds kids of divorced parents are “less well educated, have lower family incomes, marry earlier but separate more often, and have higher odds of adult suicide.”

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/11/13/mike-johnson-is-right-no-fault-divorce-destroys-kids-sex-and-society/


War Room: Bishop Strickland “Forcibly Removed” By Pope Francis After Leading Pro-Catholic March In LA

Bishop Strickland is  the most conservative and pro-life bishop in the U.S

Watch the 4:19 minute video: https://rumble.com/v3v37pg-bishop-strickland-forcibly-removed-by-pope-francis-after-leading-pro-cathol.html

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: Bergoglio’s Intention Is To Harm Souls, Discredit the Church, and Offend God

Just when the latest statement by Jorge Mario Bergoglio had not yet finished causing scandal among the faithful and causing division among the Shepherds, behold, a new one is added, no less damaging, that tears yet another wound in the tortured body of the Church. The dicastery recently published, with the date of 31 October 2023, its “Responses to some questions by His Excellency Monsignor José Negri, Bishop of Santo Amaro in Brazil, about the participation in the sacrament of baptism by transgender and homoaffective persons” (an unofficial English translation can be found here). Beyond the hypocritical definition of “homoaffective people” – as if one could separate homosexual identity from the intrinsically sinful exercise of unnatural sexuality that defines it – this document represents a further departure from Catholic doctrine, not only for the questions it agrees to answer, not so much for the answers it formulates, but also and above all due to the effects that its interpretation in the media will have on the faithful – an interpretation that is significantly consistent with the so-called “inductive method” theorized by Bergoglio himself in another document on the study of sacred theology.

Read more: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/11/no_author/bergoglios-intention-is-to-harm-souls-discredit-the-church-and-offend-god/


Pearce: Man Raised By Hamas Tells Horrifying Story Of Their Brutal Indoctrination

A former Hamas terrorist-in-training told an Israeli news station of his brutal upbringing — including watching other children being beheaded and being forced to lie in graves to practice being a martyr — as he was indoctrinated by Hamas in Gaza during his childhood. Yaron Abraham was born in Lod, an Israeli city near Tel Aviv, before he was transported to Gaza for Hamas jihadi training at one of the most “extreme” mosques in the region. Abraham later escaped and was taken in by an Israeli family, after which Abraham joined the Israeli military and converted to Judaism. […] Abraham lived in Lod until he turned 9. One of his sisters, the one he was closest with among his siblings, was murdered over “family honor,” he said. “I started asking questions, wanting to understand what happened,” he said. His family, fearing he would “complicate things” for them if he stayed in Lod, sent Abraham to an extremist mosque in Gaza for his education. […] Part of the instruction involved swift punishment for those found breaking rules. “At the age of around 13 and a half, two kids were suspected of having relations between them, these two kids were beheaded in front of all of us,” he said. “It’s not a world you’re familiar with. The religion of Islam sanctifies death, and the peak of this training is lying in an open grave.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/man-raised-by-hamas-tells-horrifying-story-of-their-brutal-indoctrination

Fitzgerald: Muslim Woman Jokes About ‘Seasoning’ the Israeli Baby Baked in an Oven

Who says Muslims don’t have a sense of humor? In France, Warda Anwar posted a video on Instagram in which she discussed the Israeli baby baked alive by Hamas murderers at Kibbutz Kfar Aza on October 7. Did the “cook” use salt, pepper, a bit of thyme, she wondered, and “what fat did they roast it in?” And what were the side dishes that accompanied the main dish — the traditional pommes frites, with ketchup and mayonnaise as condiments, or something else? More on this surpassingly evil young woman and her sense of humor can be found here: . . .

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/muslim-woman-jokes-about-seasoning-the-israeli-baby-baked-in-an-oven/

Fabian: Inside a Gaza bedroom, soldiers searching for tunnels find how low Hamas can go

Moments after The Times of Israel arrived in an area deep in the northern Gaza Strip this week, troops of the Israel Defense Forces’ Combat Engineering Corps found an opening to yet another tunnel belonging to the Hamas terror group — the 91st found in the area since Israel’s ground operation began.

In terms of its size, where it led and what it was intended for, the tunnel was much like the other 90 found in the area. What set it apart, though, was its location. The shaft had been uncovered by soldiers of the Combat Engineering Corps’ 614th Battalion as they carried out a second round of sweeps in a single-family home — with an outdoor swimming pool — in an upscale beachside neighborhood. Inside a bedroom scattered with brightly colored clothes, underneath one of three child-sized beds, soldiers had found a portal to where monsters were hiding. “It’s not ethical, the way that Hamas works,” said a reservist engineering officer — whose identity is censored from publication — while showing The Times of Israel and another journalist the tunnel. “They use a children’s room to hide a tunnel, below a child’s bed… This is the reality,” he said.

Read more: https://www.timesofisrael.com/inside-a-gaza-bedroom-soldiers-searching-for-tunnels-find-how-low-hamas-can-go/

(A must watch interview) Johnson: DOUGLAS MURRAY IN ISRAEL

Douglas Murray is visiting Israel to cover the war. He reports today in the New York Post column “On a visit to Israel, I have seen the horror that the world must never forget.” Piers Morgan also interviewed Murray speaking from the Gaza-Israel border on Piers Morgan Uncensored, which I take it is broadcast on a variety of platforms including one in the United Kingdom. […] Rabbi Shmuel Reichman: This is the best interview I have EVER seen. Ever; ever; ever; nothing comes close. Douglas Murray has a heart – and mind – of gold. And what unfolds in this seven-minute clip is something you need to watch for yourself.

Read more/Watch the 7:44 minute interview: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/11/douglas-murray-in-israel.php

Link to 10:53 minute Murray interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZcNEnjVa4E&t=14s

Murray: On a visit to Israel, I have seen the horror that the world must never forget

It is the nature of the news cycle that huge things get passed over. But what happened just over a month ago in Israel should not be passed over. The scale and catastrophe of what happened is still becoming clear. Yet the world seems to have moved on. Already the international media are focused not on the atrocities Hamas committed against Israel but on the response of Israel to the terrorists of Hamas. Every day the New York Times and other papers give their views on how Israel should bring the war to a draw. And every day there are protests across the world made up of people who are either evil or ignorant.

That some of the anti-Israel protesters are ignorant is provable. […] These two ignoramuses should have come to Israel with me this week. Specifically, they should have come to the site of the music festival massacre, and seen the remains of that “peace rave” where people their age, and very similar to them, were gunned down and raped just as the party was “coming up.” Or perhaps they should have come with me to the small community of Nir Oz on the border of Gaza. […] But few could have imagined the sheer human hate and evil that came down on their community one Saturday morning last month.

Nir Oz is — or was — a community of 400 people. Today it is a ghost town. […] Hamas didn’t allow them to live. The world must never forget this. Israel cannot live with Hamas. The world must realize this.

Read more/See photos: https://nypost.com/2023/11/09/opinion/on-visit-to-israel-i-have-seen-the-horror-that-the-world-must-not-forget/


Judicial Watch : Dr. Naomi Wolf: “Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age”

Conversations Naomi Wolf had with people she was taught were hateful people, like conservatives,  forced her to completely reexamine many things she believed. In her former world, Naomi said that talking about God was  totally shameful.

Warch the 53:14 minute interview: https://dailyclout.io/dr-naomi-wolf-facing-the-beast-courage-faith-and-resistance-in-a-new-dark-age/

Amazon description of book: A decades-long champion of free speech, freedom of the press, and the Constitution, Wolf found herself not only in the midst of a political rebirth but a spiritual transformation as well―one in which the events of the day could only be described in terms of good, evil, and a metaphysical quest on the nature of reality. For readers of Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, and Bari Weiss, Facing the Beast is a fearless indictment of legacy media and the political class, as well as a brutal reminder that searching for and defending the truth can be dangerous.


Moran: UCLA Faculty Demand School Administrators Condemn Pro-Hamas Protesters

It’s one more sign that American universities are beginning a tentative pushback against the undemocratic, illiberal, terrorist-loving left. The faculty’s sympathies may be with the Palestinians, but the open incitement to violence while cheering on Hamas terrorists is a bridge too far for many left-wing faculty members. The letter said that the Hamas’ massacre “should be condemned irrespective of political views,” that the administration must “make the strongest possible statements” condemning the attacks, and that there is no room for moral equivalence, “both-sideism,” or ambiguity.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/rick-moran/2023/11/12/ucla-faculty-demand-school-administrators-condemn-pro-hamas-protesters-n4923837

Greenfield: Failed Democrat Cities are Convincing Migrants to Go Back Home

Democrat policies may have attracted millions to America with their open borders, but once those migrants get a taste of life under the American version of socialist banana republics, they’re turning around and going home. […] America’s failed cities may be able to do what a border wall couldn’t.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/failed-democrat-cities-are-convincing-migrants-to-go-back-home/

Mandelburg: Miss Universe Owner Files for Bankruptcy After Accepting Transgender Contestants

For your weekly dose of comical news, the Thai based owner of Miss Universe, JKN Global Group, has filed for bankruptcy. This comes after accepting multiple transgender contestants for the 2023 pageant set for November 18.  True comedy if you ask me. Transgender activist Anne Jakrajutatip, who’s transgender as well, runs the pageant and is part of JKN Global Group who bought the organization for $20,000,000 in 2022. JKN Global Group insisted it is trying to resolve a “liquidity problem” and filed for bankruptcy with the Thai Bankruptcy Court. The group’s petition for business rehabilitation is set for January 29.

Read more: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/tierin-rose-mandelburg/2023/11/10/miss-universe-owner-files-bankruptcy-after


Spencer: Genocidal ‘Khaybar’ Chant Sounds Again in London

In London on Saturday, pro-Hamas demonstrators once again screamed “Khaybar, khaybar, ya yahud, jaish Muhammad sa yaoud,” – Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the Army of Muhammad shall return.” This is an increasingly common feature of pro-Hamas rallies in the U.S. and Europe, while non-Muslim authorities generally remain either ignorant of what it portends, or indifferent to that meaning. Nowadays, those authorities may even be sympathetic with those who chant this. But make no mistake: this is a threat of a new genocide of the Jews. […] When modern-day Muslims invoke Khaybar, they are recalling an aggressive, surprise raid by Muhammad which resulted in the final eradication of the once considerable Jewish presence in Arabia. To the jihadists, Khaybar means the destruction of the Jews and the seizure of their property by the Muslims.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/genocidal-khaybar-chant-sounds-again-in-london/


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Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

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