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Mounting Evidence Is Pointing To A Nightmare Scenario For The US Economy

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The U.S. economy is showing signs of stagflation as growth slumps down and prices continue to surge for average Americans, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. U.S. annual economic growth measured just 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024, following a report of persistently high inflation in March of 3.5% year-over-year. The combination of […]

‘Economic Disaster’: Biden’s Budget Dreams Would Add Even More Fuel To Sky-High Inflation, Experts Say

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President Joe Biden recently released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2025, which, if approved, could add even more fuel to sky-high inflation, according to federal government budget experts who spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation. The president’s proposal lays out a slew of new targeted spending measures and tax increases that, in total, […]

Americans’ Finances Took A Beating In 2023 Amidst Persistent Inflation And High Interest Rates

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Americans are struggling economically going into 2024, as harsh economic conditions in 2023 drained savings accounts, with factors like ever-rising prices and high-interest rates weighing down consumers, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. U.S. recession predictions are mixed going into 2024, with some credible sources like Deutsche Bank and Société Générale predicting a recession in […]

Housing Market Half As Affordable Than Just Three Years Ago

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Americans’ purchasing power in the real estate market has been cut in half in less than three years as home prices and mortgage rates rise, pricing average Americans out of the market, according to NBC News. Housing affordability has been cut in half in less than three years since August 2023, when a median-income household […]

Southern Border Sees More Migrant Encounters In September Than Ever Before

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U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBD) released statistics on Saturday showing that September recorded the most monthly border encounters ever, ending fiscal year 2023, which likewise reported the most yearly encounters on record. The number of encounters along the southern border in September totaled 269,735, far greater than the 232,963 and 183,479 encounters that were […]

Wall Street Firms That Sold Out To China Are Now Struggling

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Major Wall Street firms that decided to expand their asset management operations into China even as other companies fled are struggling to capitalize on the market, according to The Wall Street Journal. BlackRock, a top U.S. investment company, is one of many American firms that are struggling to compete in the Chinese market, ranking only […]