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Arizona Department of Education Reverses Course After Goldwater Demands It Follow the Law

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Days after the Goldwater Institute demanded the Arizona Department of Education comply with state law and stop taking away families’ education options, the agency has reopened its Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) portal. ESAs, which Goldwater pioneered in Arizona more than a decade ago, put money that would otherwise go toward a given student’s public education […]

Victory! Arizona Supreme Court Strikes Down Pinal County’s Illegal Tax

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The Goldwater Institute won a victory for taxpayers this morning when the Arizona Supreme Court struck down Pinal County’s illegal transportation excise tax. Goldwater represented a group of taxpayers and business owners in challenging the tax, which, among other things, only applied to purchases of less than $10,000, with the consequence that the tax burden fell primarily […]

Tax and Spend: Arizona’s Battle over Proposition 208 Goes to the Courts

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How progressives are using ballot initiatives to raise taxes. Last year, as part of their efforts to expand government subsidies to teacher unions, progressives across the country targeted Arizona’s ballot box with an unusual initiative to impose a potentially devastating new income tax on the state. Fortunately, the Arizona Supreme Court effectively ruled the initiative unconstitutional […]