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Murthy v. Missouri Is About Not Only Coercing Big Tech But Controlling Individuals

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Ultimately, at stake is the right to communicate openly, which translates into your right to build community without state interference. Censorship and loneliness always go together because political censorship is always designed to cut us off, to stop us from speaking openly to others. Let’s ponder that connection as we await the Supreme Court’s ruling […]

University Students’ Support For Terrorism Isn’t Ideology, It’s Conditioning

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In times past, there’d be universal outrage over assassins suddenly invading, taking hostage, and slaughtering more than 1,000 people, including grandmothers, children, and concertgoers. Back then we’d call such actions “crimes against humanity,” regardless of which side did the attacking. But today’s brazen support for Hamas terrorists is an indicator that rule by terror is […]

I Rented A Tesla For A Week And Am Totally Sold On Gas-Powered Cars

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After test-driving one for an entire week, we learned we will never buy a Tesla or any electric vehicle as long as we have the option of gas-powered cars or even hybrids.   While planning a week-long trip to the Seattle area recently, I wondered aloud to my husband if we should rent a Tesla. […]