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China’s Communist Party Infiltrates American K-12 Schools

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The Chinese Communist Party has, or has had, ties to 143 school districts in the United States, including 20 near military bases, through its “Confucius Classrooms.” This means that Chinese state propaganda is probably now pretty much all over American K-12 classrooms. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has or has had, ties to 143 school […]

How the West Is Helping Train China’s Military

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China is reportedly recruiting former air force pilots from the West to understand better how Western military aircraft and pilots operate. Up to 30 former UK military pilots are believed to have traveled to China since 2019 to work as instructors in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). “They are a very attractive body of people […]

China Trashing the Global Environment: ‘There Is No Fish in the Waters’

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China’s overseas infrastructure projects present high-impact risks to the environment, a new study has found. The report — conducted by researchers from the Boston University Global Development Policy Center, the University of Queensland, the University of California Santa Barbara, and Colorado State University — focused on the risks to coastal and marine ecological systems posed […]