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What Surprised Tucker Carlson Most About His Putin Interview

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Vladimir Putin said Russia’s war with Ukraine could be “over within a few weeks” if the United States stopped supplying weapons. Until that happens, however, the Russian leader vowed to continue fighting, bluntly telling Tucker Carlson, “We haven’t achieved our aims yet.” The war, which began in 2014 and escalated with Russia’s invasion in 2022, […]

House Freedom Caucus: No Security, No Funding

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

With the clock ticking closer to the Sept. 30 government funding deadline, the conservative House Freedom Caucus this week outlined its official position on Washington’s latest spending debate. Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., a member of the Freedom Caucus, spoke to The Daily Signal about why conservatives are insisting House Republicans honor their promise to reduce government spending while also […]

Philanthropist Halts Higher Ed Donations After ‘Radicalized’ Faculty Protest Kirk-Prager Event

Estimated Reading Time: 15 minutes

Tom Lewis is among America’s most generous philanthropists. Over more than 20 years, his T.W. Lewis Foundation has funded causes helping children and families, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations like The Heritage Foundation. But he’s now taking a different approach with colleges and universities after a controversy at Arizona State University. Lewis pulled his funding following the school’s mishandling […]