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This Is Life Under State Media

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

The legacy press scoffed at the lab-leak theory for months. Now they minimize it while running cover for Dr. Fauci. Everyone understands the Soviet Union tried to cover up the Chernobyl disaster, but what’s less known is that they’d already pulled it off once before. In 1957, an accident at a plutonium production site near […]

How Political Correctness Enabled The Pandemic

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

A new blockbuster report in Vanity Fair makes clear that it was wrong to dismiss the lab leak theory as xenophobia. More than the Fauci emails, more than the Wall Street Journal report last month, this morning’s Vanity Fair piece by Katherine Eban blows open the federal government’s secrecy over COVID. Incorporating months of research, Eban’s exposé doesn’t outright confirm […]

I Do Not Like This Woke Flimflam

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The left bans books by Dr. Seuss and Ryan Anderson, showing they’ve become more theocratic than progressive. When I was a boy in school, we were often encouraged to read banned books. Back then, to censor anyone was about the least hip thing you could do, the province of the glowering churchman and the cordless […]