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Arizona State University Sees Scrutiny Over Conservative Event Backlash

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An Arizona lawmaker wants the state’s collegiate governing body to investigate why an Arizona State University employee lost her job shortly after organizing an event featuring conservative speakers. Rep. Austin Smith, R-Surprise, wrote to the Arizona Board of Regents on June 21 following the decision by ASU to terminate the employment of administrator Ann Atkinson. […]

Gov. Hobbs Vetoes Homeless Crackdown Bill, Six Others in One Day

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Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed Senate Bill 1413, a bill that would have made homeless encampments on private property trespassing. The bill would have also allowed cities to remove homeless encampments’ property if after a warning they are not claimed within 24 hours. If not claimed within 14 days, the property would be destroyed. Counties […]

Hobbs Vetoes Homeless Camp Clearing Bill

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Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed SB 1024 on March 30, a bill that would have prevented camping on any right-of-way, such as a sidewalk or street The bill, which passed in the Senate 16-13 and the House 33-27, would have been a landmark piece of legislation in a state that has experienced a dramatic increase […]

Goldwater Institute Warns Phoenix and Tempe of Potential Union Dues Violations

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Two of Arizona’s largest cities may be unconstitutionally restricting workers who no longer wish to pay dues to their union, according to the nonprofit Goldwater Institute. The legal firm cites the Supreme Court case Janus v. the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31, in which “the right to eschew association for […]

Democrat Gallego Defeats Sinema and Ducey in Hypothetical U.S. Senate Race Poll

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In a recent poll, Democrat Ruben Gallego will lead the senate race against a split GOP voter base. Despite Democrats making up only 31% of the voter base in O.H. Predictive Insight’s pool of voters, Gallego is at a +5 advantage if both Doug Ducey and Kyrsten Sinema run for the Senate. In the current […]

Rapid Factory Growth in Arizona Led by Record-Breaking Commerce Authority Effort

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Last week, two technology companies announced new factories in Arizona, leading to over 500,000 total private sector jobs created by the Arizona Commerce Authority under Gov. Doug Ducey. These three factories are a part of over a dozen manufacturing companies that announced their expansion in Arizona this year. In total, over 15,000 manufacturing jobs have […]

Report: Red Tape Feeds Forest Fires Like Arizona’s Pipeline Fire

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A new report has determined that certain climate protection policies may make wildfires worse. The Property and Environmental Research Center is concerned that projects reducing wildfire severity are being delayed for years by the National Environmental Policy Act, a means of review and litigation. The new report from PERC proves the fallacy of NEPA. According […]