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‘The Idea … Is Crazy’: National Guard Official Says Mark Milley’s Jan 6. Warnings Led To Deployment Delay

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Editors’ Note: It appears the January 6th Capital Riot was exacerbated by the failure to deploy troops requested by President Trump. What seems lost on many commentators is that if an “insurrection” was the President’s intention, it would be nonsensical to deploy troops just to put it down. However, the riot got out of hand […]

The Marine Corps Inspected Every Single Barracks. It Was As Bad As They Feared

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Editors’ Note: There is a lot of competition for Federal dollars. College students want their “loans” forgiven, we must pay the salaries of bureaucrats in Ukraine, and green industries that don’t deliver the goods need lavish subsidies. And of course, let’s not leave out the priority of transporting, housing, and feeding millions of illegal aliens. […]

‘Red Flag’: Experts Raise Concerns Over History Of Biden CIA Director Overseeing Intel Push Into China

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National security experts are raising concerns over CIA Director William Burns’ previous involvement with a D.C. institution that employed numerous Chinese Communist Party members, in light of his efforts to reorient the agency toward addressing the threat from China. Recent reports have shed light on the historic shift underway in the U.S. intelligence community to […]

Meet The Senior CIA Official Caught Posting Pro-Palestinian Content On Social Media

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The top CIA official who changed her social media cover photo to a pro-Palestinian image two weeks after the Hamas terrorist organization carried out attacks on Israel is Associate Deputy Director for Analysis Amy McFadden, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The original Oct. 21 photo of a man waving a Palestinian flag — […]

‘We Have Goals’: West Point Head Dodges Question About Race-Based Goals For Academy Student Makeup

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The superintendent for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point defended racial admissions goals while denying that the academy has quotas for race or gender at a hearing Wednesday. Indiana Rep. Jim Banks pressed Lt. Gen. Steven Gilland on the difference between a “quota” and a “preference” in admissions at a hearing on diversity, standards […]

US Air Force Ran A Social Experiment To Graduate More Minority Pilots. It Didn’t Go As Planned

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The U.S. Air Force abandoned an experiment aimed at boosting pilot training graduation rates for women and minority pilots after the 2021 initiative failed to achieve the intended results and officers privately warned it could violate anti-discrimination policies, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. As part of the larger military-wide effort […]

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s How Many Pride Events The Air Force Held In 2022, According To A Just-Launched DEI Newsletter

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The Air Force hosted 67 Pride celebrations in 2022, according to the first Air Force Office of Diversity and Inclusion quarterly newsletter obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Among those events, top Air Force leaders participated in the first service-wide LGBTQ+ Pride event organized by a new volunteer team within the Air Force focused […]