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The Sex Education of Our Nation’s Children: Since the Sexual Revolution

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  Then came the 1960s and the Sexual Revolution. Many attribute the Sexual Revolution to the birth control pill approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1960. Some states banned the pill entirely or made it illegal for single women to purchase, but by 1972, the Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting the sale of contraceptives […]

Trans Inc.

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I was recently on a Vice debate panel about education. If you aren’t familiar with Vice debates, it’s a series of discussions between conservatives and liberals debating hot topics in a controlled environment. The series has gone viral, receiving millions of views. I was chosen for this panel because I am a former public school […]

The Costs of Romanticizing Criminals in the Black Community

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These powerful lyrics and the melody that accompanies them are full of pathos. Together, this poignant tale of oppression brought me to tears as a liberal teen growing up in the ’90s. I sincerely thought I was hearing the story of a freedom fighter who fought the “evil empire” of America with sheer “power” and […]