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Wind Power Doesn’t Make Sense: Anti-Environment Environmentalism

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Editors’ Note:  The author points out an interesting irony that is spreading: anti-environment environmentalism. We see it manifest in all kinds of ways. Windmills that grind up eagles, owls, songbirds, and bats like a giant Cuisinart. Giant arrays of solar panels chew up vast areas of land, disturbing wildlife and frying birds. Pile drivers in […]

General Electric’s Taxpayer-Powered Wind Machines

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Editors’ Note: This is just another example of wild spending to force change in the energy field on Americans and how badly US corporations have been corrupted by the government by the cynically named Inflation Reduction Act.   “Wind turbines are like strippers. They stop working when you stop throwing money at them.” Author unknown […]

The Richest Opponents of Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy

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A new profile at InfluenceWatch for the Opposition to Nuclear Energy movement lists eleven anti-nuclear nonprofits that each individually have annual revenue in excess of $50 million. As shown in a previous essay, there are hundreds of left-leaning nonprofits that oppose the use of zero-carbon nuclear energy, including nearly all of the nation’s largest climate/carbon alarmist groups. Their combined […]

Household Names Helping Ban Gas Stoves: Patient Zero

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Author and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century. The 2005 book wasn’t advocating the agenda of the Flat Earth Society, and Friedman likely hasn’t used the proceeds to help fund such a ludicrous group. But the charitable foundation he runs with his wife has done something […]

Facebook’s ESG Agenda Went Down to Georgia and Trashed a Trophy Fishing Lake

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Meta, the parent firm of Facebook, was in the media promoting its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) virtues in December 2021. That preening didn’t end well for the company this month after a decision was handed down in a lawsuit dealing with the destruction of a trophy fishing lake in Lumpkin, Georgia. “We thank Silicon Ranch . […]

Ford Foundation’s Big Left Influence: The Climate Hypocrites

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The Climate Hypocrites In January 2019, more than 600 left-leaning policy and climate organizations co-signed a letter to members of Congress under the headline “Legislation to Address the Urgent Threat of Climate Change.” Outlining their proposals demanding “renewable energy” and “100 percent decarbonization,” the letter pointedly singled out nuclear power as being “dirty energy” and said that […]

The Left’s “Secret Science”: Victory on the Margins-Part II

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Review of “Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns” Victory on the Margins As pure entertainment, Victory Lab is a well-written and fascinating history of the get-out-the-vote (GOTV) and messaging innovations developed by partisan Democrats, partisan Republicans, and academic researchers (also sometimes very partisan—we will get to this in a moment). But on a […]

The Left’s “Secret Science”: Winning Ugly-Part I

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Review of “Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns” Decades of political mail from nearly every serious candidate and committee have consisted of full-color brochures sporting high-quality ink on expensive paper. The professional production value often looks sharper than the stuff sent from the local Lincoln dealership. For a campaign to mail anything less […]