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How Can Americans Rid Themselves of a Potentially Senile President? Looking at 4 Options

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An “elderly man with a poor memory.” That line and many others from special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents released on Thursday now hang over his presidency. From not remembering when he was vice president to forgetting when his term ended to failing to come up with the year his […]

Is Obama Pulling Strings on a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Biden Administration?

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Who’s running the federal government? That question has been asked frequently as President Joe Biden continues to demonstrate signs of severe physical and mental decline. The president often seems barely there. It strains credulity that a man who can hardly put a sentence together at this point is fully carrying out his duties as commander in chief. A […]

How Democrats and Their Media Allies Cooked Up a Phony Supreme Court ‘Legitimacy Crisis’

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The legacy media has signaled that it’s all in on the Left’s cooked-up Supreme Court “legitimacy crisis.” This week, Senate Democrats plan to vote on Supreme Court ethics rules that are clearly meant to give them the ability to hector and harass the court to get the decisions they want. The vote coincides with an […]

University Erases ‘L’ in LGBTQ, Redefining Lesbians as ‘Non-Men’

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

The woke well is bottomless. Johns Hopkins University recently updated the “LGBTQ Glossary” in its so-called inclusive language guide with a new definition for “lesbian.” A lesbian, according to the famed Baltimore university’s guide, should be referred to as a “non-man attracted to non-men.” A broad definition, right? The guide states that “while past definitions […]

Lesson From Canadian Fires: We Need Better Forest Management, Not Utopian Fantasies

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NEW YORK—It’s that time again for the Left. Another crisis it just can’t let go to waste.   The crisis of the day is a series of large-scale forest fires in Canada—at least some apparently started by arson—that caused a huge amount of smoke to descend on the United States. Some areas got hit particularly […]

Department of Energy’s Lab Leak Bombshell Exposes the Utter Bankruptcy of ‘Experts’ and the Media

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

In 2020, if you thought it was possible COVID-19 came from a lab in China you were labeled a conspiracy theorist, a peddler of misinformation, “bonkers,” and a racist. Facebook and other social media removed the lab leak claim from their apps or slapped “misinformation” labels on it. Facebook did so in lockstep with the […]

Fight for Speaker Pays Off as House Takes Big Step Toward Restoring Deliberative Government

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Republican rebellion over a new House speaker was a good thing, and it looks like it’s already paying off. In early January, a group of 20 conservative House members held up the election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., as speaker of the House, citing several fundamental concerns about how the legislative body functions. These […]

Why Only 16% of Gen Z Are Proud to Be an American, and What We Should Do About It

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Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States. That finding comes from a recent Morning Consult poll, which assessed generational attitudes about the United States. The poll shows that there has been roughly a 20-percentage-point drop of pride in country every generation since the Baby Boomers, 73% of whom express pride […]

Starbucks Closures Over Crime Show How Companies Dodge Woke Consequences

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Troubled times may be ahead for the marriage between corporate America and the left. Starbucks recently announced that it’s closing over a dozen stores because of crime and safety concerns. “We’ve had to make the difficult decision to close some locations that have a particularly high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe for […]

‘Defund the Police’ Movement Triggered Massive Spike in Murder of Black Americans. So Much for Equity.

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The political aftermath of George Floyd’s death produced a surge in murders of black Americans, but it wasn’t at the hands of the police. The numbers are shocking, but not surprising. The FBI previously reported that murders increased by 30% in 2020. But there is more to that story. According to a recent report by Fox News, FBI data […]

Tidal Wave Nears Border, but Team Biden Goes Full Steam Ahead

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Editors’ Note: The following article is an excellent description of the southern border crisis, an open border threatening all citizens and the national security of the United States. The statement is often made that the Biden administration doesn’t have an effective policy to address this crisis. Our national headlines should be shouting that this crisis […]

Border Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

In 2021, the migrant surge at the southern border hit its highest point in two decades. But as bad as things are currently, the situation at the border may get even worse. President Donald Trump’s administration created the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention order Title 42 to allow immediate deportation of illegal immigrants coming from countries […]

Hail, Biden!: The President’s Toothless Caesarism

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President Joe Biden demonstrated his commitment to “norms” last week by delivering a speech threatening governors, and all who oppose his will, with a unilateral edict requiring COVID-19 vaccinations. As my colleague Fred Lucas reported, Biden “directed the Labor Department to develop an emergency regulation giving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration the authority to […]

China Wants You to Be a Woke ‘Anti-Racist’ While It Pursues Ethnic Cleansing

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China is all aboard the cause of “anti-racism” and critical race theory. At least, China wants the United States to be all aboard. In a video produced by China Global Television Network, which is a state-owned media company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, two narrators talk about “how to teach about racism to your […]

On Afghanistan Fiasco, Biden Says ‘Buck Stops With Me’ While Blaming Everyone Else

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The buck stops with me,” said President Joe Biden in an address to the nation on Monday after blaming his presidential predecessors for continuing a long war in Afghanistan. Biden gave the speech in response to criticism of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. After a weekend in which the Taliban effectively took over much of […]

Why We Should Care That YouTube Has Silenced Sen. Rand Paul

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Another day, another instance of a Big Tech company censoring content it doesn’t like. This time, YouTube—owned by Google—took down a video by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in which he discusses face masks and COVID-19. YouTube also banned Paul from its platform for a week. “We removed content from Senator Paul’s channel for including claims […]

NPR Allows Its Reporters To Engage In Direct Activism

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The thin veil over National Public Radio’s commitment to objective journalism has been lifted. NPR has announced a new ethics policy that allows its journalists to “participate in activities that advocate for ‘the freedom and dignity of human beings’ on both social media and in real life.” National Public Radio, an organization partially funded by […]

Critical Race Theory in Classrooms Isn’t Just About Teaching ‘Honest History’

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The media spin and outright gaslighting to cover up the reality of the teaching of critical race theory in our schools and institutions has shifted into overdrive. First, we were told it wasn’t happening at all. Then, we were informed that trying to stop it was authoritarian fascism or something. Now left-wing media and politicians […]

Even Some of Biden’s Media Allies Find It Hard to Ignore Border Crisis

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Whatever you do, don’t call the surge of attempted illegal immigrant crossings at the southern border a crisis. That’s the message Americans and the media have been getting from the Biden administration. Given how swiftly we’ve seen border enforcement become overwhelmed since the presidential transition in late January, there’s a good reason for Americans to consider […]