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Biden DOJ Authenticates Hunter’s Laptop, Directly Connecting President To Corruption

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BREAKING: Hunter Biden has been found guilty on gun charges. He faces 25 years in prison. His father says he won’t pardon him. Read more at the New York Post…


If the FBI now admits that the Hunter Biden laptop is authentic, this undermines the Biden Administration in at least two ways. First, it shows that the 52 “intelligence officials” recruited by now National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Biden’s denial during the debate were deliberate lies intended to mislead the public. They knew the laptop was authentic and by depriving the populace of that information before the election, committed actual election “interference” and a real crime as opposed to the 34 felonies Trump was convicted on in a political trial.

Transgender Inc.: A Running List Of Corporate Gender Insanity Insulting Women, Kids, And Reality

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Rather than highlight the dangerous and irreversible procedures associated with transgenderism, such as chemical castration and genital mutilation, many major corporations have opted to champion trans ideology — even for unsuspecting children. In order to help Americans hold these companies financially accountable, The Federalist has compiled a list of major businesses promoting and glorifying gender […]