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Kansas Legislature Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto of Bill Defining a Woman as ‘a Human Female’

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Kansas on Thursday became the first state to pass a bill defining a woman as “a human female,” preventing courts and government officials from redefining the word to include biological men who identify as women. The measure, which is being called “the most sweeping transgender bathroom law in the U.S.,” defines a person’s sex as […]

Kari Lake Trial: Election Day Chaos in Maricopa County Was Enough to Change the Results, Pollster Testifies

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The widespread voting machine issues that caused long lines and delays in Maricopa County on Election Day “definitely impacted the outcome” of Arizona’s gubernatorial midterm election and was “substantial enough” to change the result, pollster Richard Baris testified on day 2 of the Kari Lake trial. Republican candidate Kari Lake and her legal team claim […]

Report: 44 Percent of Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trial Lost Their Babies; FDA and CDC Recommended Jabs For Expectant Mothers Anyway

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More than 40 percent of pregnant women who participated in Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine trial suffered miscarriages, according to internal Pfizer documents, recently released under court order. Despite this, Pfizer, and the Biden administration insisted that the vaccines were safe for pregnant women. Out of 50 pregnant women, 22 of them lost their babies, according to […]

New Emails Provide Smoking Gun Evidence that Joe Biden Was Directly Involved in Hunter’s Corrupt Business Dealings

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Smoking gun evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s shady business ventures has emerged in the form of a college recommendation letter for the son of a Chinese executive. According to emails obtained by Fox News, the elder Biden wrote the letter to please BHR CEO Jonathan Li, who did business with Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont […]

CNN Tech Director Caught on Video Admitting Network Engaged in Propaganda To Get Trump Voted Out

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CNN’s technical director was caught on video admitting that the cable “news” network traffics in propaganda under the guise of journalism in order achieve a desired political outcome. The director, Charlie Chester, described in Part One of Project Veritas’ “CNN Exposed” series how the network used propaganda to benefit Joe Biden and get former President […]