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On Comparative Advantage and International Capital Mobility

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

Editors Note:  We recently ran an article by Oren Cass, questioning the validity of free trade.  To balance that view, and provoke thinking, we offer this rejoinder.  We will have our own take on this issue forthcoming.   Two decades ago, economist Paul Craig Roberts joined forces with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to warn of […]

What ESGers Don’t Understand

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

In her excellent AIER essay “The Charge to Change Capitalism and Why the Profit Motive Must be Preserved” Kimberlee Josephson wisely warns of the dangers posed to the economy by ESG investing, “common-good capitalism,” and other schemes to achieve allocations of resources different from the allocations that would be achieved by markets. Advocates of these […]

There’s No Natural ‘Carrying Capacity’ for the Human Population: An Essay Inspired by the Happy News that the Human Population Has Reached Eight Billion

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The late, great Julian SimonJulian Simon spent decades battling intellectually against biologists and zoologists who were convinced that human population growth, if governments did not hold it in check with draconian measures, would spell doom for multitudes of humans. (I might as well have used the present tense above, because many of the scientists with […]

Climate and COVID ‘Science’

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Physicist and former CalTech provost Steven Koonin’s superb 2021 book, Unsettled? What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters, busts many popular myths about climate change. Koonin is clear that global temperatures are indeed rising, and that some of this rise in temperatures is caused by human activity. But Koonin warns – and he […]


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Suppose you own a substantial number of shares – say, $500,000 worth – in Acme Corp., a manufacturer of home furnishings. And being a shareholder, you decide to attend the corporation’s annual meeting. You arrive early for a good seat, eager to hear what Acme’s president and CEO, Mr. Jones, has to say. Taking the […]

On Vaccine Passports and the Interpretation of Reality

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Recently I found myself in a dust-up with some friends and acquaintances. The subject was vaccine passports. Although mild and civil throughout, this dust-up, conducted over email, nevertheless robbed me of sleep. More on my sleep loss in the conclusion. The dust-up was sparked by my interpretation of the latest of Dr. Leana Wen’s Washington Post columns. In this column […]