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Trump Is Blunt and Right About NATO

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They just can’t take a joke. The former president Donald Trump made a sarcastic crack about encouraging Russia to attack NATO members who didn’t invest in their defense, and hysteria enveloped both Washington and Brussels. For some officials, the imbroglio appeared to signal the end of Western civilization. Even worse, Europeans realized that they might […]

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Washington’s involvement in the Russo–Ukrainian war is encouraging new and hostile combinations of powers. Last week, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un visited Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. The meeting was serious, in contrast to their perfunctory summit four years ago. This time Moscow was the suitor, seeking artillery shells, missiles, and perhaps more for its […]

Russia’s Crawling Neighbor

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Would Europeans fight if NATO ends up in a real war with Russia?   The Vilnius NATO summit is approaching, and the alliance is focused on the war in Ukraine. Kyiv wants in on NATO. Many Europeans support Ukraine’s inclusion, including several whom I recently met when they visited America to press their case. Of […]

Headed for Insolvency: Biden Administration Increases US Obligations Worldwide

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Watching the Biden administration, you’d think Uncle Sam didn’t have a care in the world. Washington is tossing more money at Ukraine, preparing to defend two more European nations, planning an Asia trip to enhance US alliances, sending troops to again battle Somali Islamists, and begging the new ruler of the United Arab Emirates to […]

Biden Administration: Incompetent, Naïve, or Desperate?

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Quiet desperation stalks the White House. The President who promised to bring Americans together has thrown himself into the arms of his party’s radical progressives. The thin Democratic majority fractured when pressed to massively expand the US welfare state. Rapid and excessive monetary and fiscal expansion triggered inflation rates not seen for decades. Democratic pols […]

China is About to Make a Huge Mistake: Make Xi Jinping Dictator for Life

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Big political moves are afoot in the People’s Republic of China. A critical Politburo meeting is set to begin on November 8 but, as in Joseph Stalin’s time, it will effectively be a meeting of one, with everyone else merely playing the political equivalent of a movie extra. It is the latest development, reported Katsuji Nakazawa, “connected […]