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Intellectual Dysfunction

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

When did things begin to go wrong? The Garden of Eden is one possible answer, of course. But we nevertheless look for more proximate answers to a question such as “When did transgender ideology become an unassailable orthodoxy in large parts of the academy?” Personal memory is deceptive when trying to answer such a question: […]

Lying to Ourselves

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

One of the peculiarities of our age is the ferocity with which intellectuals and politicians defend propositions that they do not—because they cannot—believe to be true, so outrageous are they, such violence do they do to the most obvious and evident truth. Agatha Christie (a far greater psychologist than Sigmund Freud), drew attention almost a […]

Inflationary Vice

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Samuel Gregg, in his article on the French economist, Jacques Rueff, provides a timely reminder that inflation is much more than merely an economic phenomenon. It also has profound social effects. This, of course, was recognized by Keynes himself in the book that made him famous, The Economic Consequences of the Peace. He recognized that […]

The Costs of Leniency

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The leniency of British penal policy might be defined as the means by which crime’s financial costs to the middle-class taxpayer are limited while its costs to the quality of life remain where they arise: among the relatively poor. For example, in a town not far from mine in England, a man who lived in […]