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Its Coal To The Rescue As Wind And Solar Fail To Keep The Lights On

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In Germany, they call it the “Energiewende,” meaning energy transition, and it doesn’t work. Germans have been forced to come to grips with sober energy reality after binging on more than half a trillion Euros of so-called “alternative” energy, such as wind turbines and solar panels.  This dramatically increased the price of electricity and created a serious risk of blackouts. Germany actually just announced plans to reactivate coal plants to provide reserve power and lower the risk of blackouts during the coming winter and years to come.

Electric Vehicles Are Fleecing Us Out Of Billions

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When you buy a new internal combustion vehicle, you are also paying for someone else’s electric vehicle. While the subsidies are egregious enough, it turns out EV manufacturers are fleecing us out of billions, and doing it with government help. Attorneys Michael Buschbacher and James Conde explain at The Wall Street Journal: When carmakers test gasoline-powered […]

COP 28: Climate Campaigners Freaking Out

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Climate campaigners from Al Gore and John Kerry, down to the oddest imported student radical, are freaking out over the draft final text as the climate talks in Dubai near their conclusion. At issue is whether the “outcome” will call for the “phase out” of fossil fuels, or merely call for fossil fuel “reduction” and […]

Offshore Wind Is Neither Clean, Nor Green And Doesn’t Cut CO2 Emissions

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America is preparing to spend trillions of taxpayer and ratepayer dollars to install thousands of offshore wind turbines – for illusory benefits. Advocates claim offshore wind energy is clean and sustainable. Wind itself certainly is, but that doesn’t mean getting energy from wind is. Relying on the wind just to provide electricity to power New […]

Biden’s ‘Green’ Policies Following Europe Straight Into the Dark

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President Biden and congressional Democrats constantly fret about “climate change.” Indeed, they have made it such a high priority they are taking an “whole of government approach” to addressing it. In fulfilling their aims at curbing emissions, the entire Biden Administration has been systematically and intentionally dismantling the powerful, reliable energy system America has built […]

Inflation Soars as Team Biden Locks Up America’s Energy

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Within hours of taking office, President Biden made the supposed “climate crisis” his central focus and elimination of fossil fuels his primary “solution.” To show he meant it, Biden undertook several radical measures right off the bat. First, he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline; then revoked leases and permits in Alaska and offshore areas; then […]

Wrong again Biden: Tornadoes Are Weather, Not Climate

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Devastating tornadoes struck America’s heartland Friday night leaving death, destruction, and heartache in their trail. When asked whether the tornadoes were due to climate change President Biden replied, “Everything is more intense when the climate is warming and obviously it has some impact here.” CFACT’s Marc Morano reports at Climate Depot that weather and climate experts were […]

Biden Wrong On Fires And Ida

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Hurricane Ida brought powerful wind and rain to Louisiana and drenched the Northeast. Devastating fires have consumed California forests and burned people out of their homes. Politicians and pressure groups, from President Biden on down, rushed to capitalize on people’s heart-rending losses, and exploit them to push the global warming narrative. President Biden said, “The […]

CFACT Exposes Climate Quislings at FreedomFest

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There is a concerted effort underway by global warming campaigners to infiltrate the conservative and libertarian movements. These alarmists in freedom’s clothing operate like the so-called “Lincoln Project.” They shamelessly parrot the Left and advance its agenda. CFACT and the Heartland Institute took on two of them, the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) and C3, in […]

Electric Vehicle Subsidies and other Fantasies

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. Everyone will want one because they’re emission-free, ecologically responsible, and more affordable every year. That’s why GM, Volvo, and other manufacturers will soon be making only EVs. Or so we’re told. Some people have high disposable incomes and do most of their driving locally. For them buying an EV […]

Corporate Leaders Cozy up to Costly Biden Climate Agenda

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In simpler times, environmentalists and Big Business were on opposite poles. While Greens blamed capitalism for destroying the planet, industry leaders credited the free market system with providing jobs and prosperity. It seems those days are gone. Shortly after President Biden was elected, more than 150 world leaders signed an open letter to Biden, pledging […]

John Kerry’s private jet “Only choice for somebody like me”

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John Kerry, President Biden’s climate czar, is under fire for taking a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to pick up a climate award. A private jet is, “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle” was Kerry’s tone deaf response. “I believe the time it takes to […]