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Bogus ‘ESG’ Group Rates China’s Slave-Fueled Energy Firms Better Than U.S. Oil And Gas Companies

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Editors’ Note: Either by accident or design (your choice), the environmental movement and its subsidiary the ESG movement, always seems to tilt the scales towards benefiting China and hurting the US. Whether making us dependent on Chinese-dominated solar panels and windmills, weakening our electrical grid, willfully overlooking the massive use of coal in China, or […]

Out Of The Ashes Of Government Censorship Rises A Swing-State Election Protection Project

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The tumultuous nature of recent elections, particularly the 2020 presidential race, showcased the critical need for attention to election administration. In 2020, the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), along with writers at The Federalist, had their social media posts flagged, suppressed, and even censored by a government-nonprofit-industry taskforce supposedly designed to combat election “misinformation” from foreign […]

The Left Wants To Take Your Truck Because It’s Big And Scary

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The left’s latest attack on pickup trucks is because they’re large and scary and allegedly bad for the environment. Unlike with the right to bear arms, there is no constitutional amendment protecting our right to own vehicles — other than a generally recognized right to move about freely (Crandall v. Nevada, 1867) — and, with […]

Democrats’ Green Energy ‘Transition’ Costs You Way More And Gives You Way Less

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The Inflation Reduction Act raises taxes on the middle class and will sabotage the country’s power grid by making green energy unavoidable.   Democrats and their leftist allies are celebrating the U.S. Senate’s passage of the misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.” Subject to a vote out of the Rules Committee mid-week, it’s expected that H.R. 5376 will […]

The ‘ESG’ Scam Rates Slave-Using Chinese Firms Higher Than Clean American Energy Producers

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A firm in China that uses slave labor has a better ESG score than an American firm that pays landowners who freely sell their mineral rights.   Expecting publicly traded companies to do more than simply return shareholder value — their fiduciary responsibility — is a fairly new development in Western capitalism. The idea that […]

The 2020 Election Aftermath Is Not At All Unprecedented In U.S. History

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The presidential election was close. Only 84 Electoral College votes separated the contenders. Widespread allegations of ballot fraud were claimed by national party chairmen in 11 states, with court challenges lasting into the middle of the year following the election. Changing the results in just two states would flip the election. The fraud allegations were […]