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More Alarming Inflation Data Undercut the Progressive ‘Greedflation’ Narrative

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Companies haven’t jacked up prices to even fully match the increase in their costs, let alone exceed them. Another day, another disturbing price inflation metric.   The federal government just released the latest Producer Price Index (PPI), an index that tracks the prices of a basket of the typical inputs businesses rely on, like energy, warehousing, […]

‘Inflation Tax’ Will Cost Families This Many Thousands This Year, Bloomberg Analysis Warns

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There goes $433 a month from your family’s budget…   Another day, another alarming inflation metric. We just got the numbers for the Personal Consumption Expenditures index (PCE), the Federal Reserve’s favored inflation metric, and they’re jaw-dropping. The PCE hit a 40-year high in February, with the measured prices rising 6.4% year-over-year. What does this […]

10 Absurd Examples of Corrupt Pet Projects and Handouts Congress Slipped Into Its Latest Massive Spending Bill

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Basically, nobody would support funding these things if they were put to a vote on their own. In a sad commentary on the state of America’s priorities, the $1.5+ trillion spending legislation passed by Congress last week barely made headlines. Little attention was paid to the 2,700-page spending bill or the fact that it was released […]

‘Lockdowns Had Little to No Effect on COVID Mortality’: New Johns Hopkins Study

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But the costs of these draconian measures weren’t minimal at all. We’re into year three of the COVID-19 pandemic. From mask mandates to vaccine passports, government restrictions on our liberties remain in place. But, thankfully, at least in the US, the era of lockdown orders confining Americans’ to their homes to “slow the spread” is […]

Bracket Creep’: Voters in These 22 States Could See Direct Tax Hikes Due to Inflation, New Analysis Warns

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If government officials want to raise our taxes, they should, at the very least, have to vote on it and be held accountable. Inflation is often described as a “hidden tax,” because it is driven by policy decisions and erodes citizens’ real purchasing power. But in 22 states, the high consumer price inflation observed over […]

4 Scary Charts Show How Fast the Federal Government is Heading Toward Fiscal Disaster

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Every day Americans will ultimately pay the price for the federal government’s recklessness. The national debt is rapidly closing in on $29 trillion. The federal government now owes an astounding $228,999 per taxpayer. All the while, politicians in Washington, DC are bickering over whether to spend $4.5 trillion more or “just” $1.5 trillion. Yet almost entirely […]

Inflation Hits 30-Year High According to This Key Metric

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It’s the biggest annual surge recorded since January 1991—roughly three decades ago.   Left-leaning media coverage has in recent weeks pushed the narrative that inflation is fading. But shocking new inflation numbers released today blow that media spin to smithereens. The Labor Department just released the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures index (PCE), which is the […]

Wall Street Journal: Even Confiscating Entire Wealth of All US Billionaires Couldn’t Pay for Democratic Spending Plans

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There’s just one problem with Bernie Sanders’ narrative: it’s impossible. From Iowa to Indiana, Senator Bernie Sanders is hitting the road. The Vermont socialist has a simple mission: reach out to rural America and make the case for the $4.5+ trillion government spending plans his allies are trying to push through Congress. The massive spending […]

The Senate Just Approved a Spending Plan 5x the Size of FDR’s New Deal

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From trillions in COVID-19 spending to a $1+ trillion “infrastructure” bill, the federal government has spent so much taxpayer money over the last year-and-a-half that it beggars belief. You’d think the folks in Washington, DC would have run out of ways to waste our money by now. (How can anyone be this creative?) But Senate […]

An Ivy League Analysis Just Destroyed Biden’s Biggest Argument for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

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Here’s why the plan would create zero jobs, on net. The bipartisan infrastructure legislation moving through Congress could end up on President Biden’s desk before we know it. The $1 trillion bill has reportedly cleared major hurdles in the Senate and will soon land before the House of Representatives. The president would almost certainly sign […]

How the Government Used the Pandemic to Crush Small Businesses—and Why: An Interview With Carol Roth

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Author Carol Roth discusses the winners and losers in the 2020 pandemic lockdowns and how the American Dream can be saved in a wide-ranging interview with FEE.   This week FEE sat down with Carol Roth, an American entrepreneur, TV personality, radio host, investor, and bestselling author. Roth’s latest book, The War on Small Business: […]

These 9 States Are Cutting Income Taxes to Boost Their Recovery

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Forget “stimulus” spending, these states are showing us a way local governments can actually boost their economies.   Finally, some good news. In nine states and counting, residents will owe less on their next state income tax bill as local officials seek to stimulate the economic recovery by lowering taxes. Arizona is the latest state […]

‘You Can Live Anywhere But Colorado’: Why Many Remote Job Postings Are Now Actively Excluding One State

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Bureaucrats huddled in some office somewhere failed to foresee the costs of their actions. The pandemic has undoubtedly hastened the shift to remote work. Many workers and companies have now embraced remote work in previously office-based positions, and this is continuing even as the economy reopens and new jobs are posted. Many new remote positions […]

Unemployed Households Can Earn $25/Hour on Welfare in 21 States, New Study Finds

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The report sheds light on the causes of our current economic purgatory. The US economy is in a perplexing state of labor market purgatory. We have 9.3 million unfilled job openings, all while millions of Americans remain on unemployment benefits and millions more are opting out of the labor force entirely. In short, a labor shortage […]

What AOC Just Got Wrong About the Supreme Court and Separation of Powers

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The congresswoman’s latest remarks misunderstand or reject the key role the Supreme Court plays in safeguarding our constitutional liberties. Like every new member of Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pledged to uphold the Constitution when she was sworn into office. But the socialist congresswoman’s latest criticism of the Supreme Court reveals that she lacks even the most basic understanding […]

Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Just Totally Debunked the Argument for a $15 Minimum Wage

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Rowe knows the value of hard work, so it’s worth taking his recent warning on minimum wage hikes seriously. Mike Rowe knows the value of hard work. The former star of “Dirty Jobs” gained notoriety for the Discovery Channel program, which featured him going undercover at some of the toughest and grossest jobs imaginable. From […]

9 Crazy Examples of Unrelated Waste and Partisan Spending in Biden’s $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Proposal

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Just roughly one-third of the money goes to the kinds of spending people would usually associate with infrastructure. The Biden administration on Wednesday released a comprehensive $2+ trillion spending proposal ostensibly focused on infrastructure. But there’s much more to this plan than meets the eye. A glance at the proposal reveals many items that appear […]

Here’s the List of the Top 20 States Getting ‘COVID’ Bailout Money (And Why It Raises a Giant Red Flag)

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It’s simply naive and ignorant of human nature to expect people—especially the kind of people who become politicians—to dole out trillions of dollars without any hint of favoritism or impropriety. President Biden is taking a victory lap after signing his $1.9 trillion ‘COVID’ spending bill. “Help is here,” he wrote in a tweet promoting his plan. […]

PolitiFact: 90% of Biden Stimulus Spending Not Directly Related to COVID-19

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Details of Biden’s bloated spending package are so damning that even liberal-leaning fact-checkers have no choice but to agree with conservative criticisms. President Biden’s $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan” could soon become law. The budget-busting legislation, sold as emergency COVID response and “stimulus,” passed the Senate over the weekend. But even the liberal-leaning fact-checking website PolitiFact is pointing […]

Dolly Parton’s Powerful Message About the American Dream (and What Her Critics Get Wrong)

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Here’s the real reason Dolly Parton’s ‘5-to-9’ Squarespace commercial made anti-capitalist critics so angry. Everybody loves Dolly Parton. It’s not hard to see why: The country music star is a philanthropic giant with decades of charitable work, including a recent $1 million donation to fund the hugely successful Moderna COVID vaccine. And Parton’s big personality and widespread […]

‘Terrible Idea’ with ‘Dismal Track Record’: Top Economists Blast Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Proposal

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Economists interviewed by FEE warn that Senator Warren’s new proposal would backfire horribly. Senator Elizabeth Warren made a “wealth tax” on net worth one of the defining proposals of her unsuccessful 2020 presidential campaign. Now, the staunch progressive is using her new perch on the Senate Finance Committee to introduce a wealth tax at long […]

3 Harmful Consequences of Biden Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline

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From CO2 emissions to jobs to investment, the president’s move will have the opposite of its intended effect. President Joe Biden wasted no time after Wednesday’s inaugural ceremonies before getting to work. He signed 17 executive orders and memorandums—by far the most in history on a president’s first day—one of which halted construction of the controversial Keystone XL […]

3 Glaring Problems with Joe Biden’s New Multi-Trillion COVID Package

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On Thursday night, Joe Biden rolled out a sweeping proposal for $1.9 trillion more in COVID-19 relief and stimulus spending. “I believe we have a moral obligation,” Biden said during a speech in Delaware announcing the plan. “In this pandemic in America, we cannot let people go hungry, we cannot let people get evicted, we cannot watch […]