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Arizona Narrowly Avoids Mass Migrant Street Releases With Federal Funding

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Some Arizona leaders are breathing a sigh of relief as the federal government passed funding that will presumably go toward transporting migrants out of border communities or caring for them while there. There was widespread concern about daily mass migrant street releases starting in April, as federal funding for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection […]

Arizona Senate Republicans Launch Border Security Plan, Hopeful for Hobbs’ Support

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Arizona Senate Republicans launched their border security plan for the legislative session on Wednesday, including a bill that would designate the migrant surge an invasion. Senate Bill 1231, introduced by Sen. Janae Shamp, R-Surprise, would make it a state crime to enter the state from Mexico unless it is through a legal port of entry. […]

$7.2 Billion In U.S. Subsidies Can’t Keep Southwest In The Air For Christmas

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TOPLINE: Southwest Airlines received $7.2 billion in federal subsidies for payroll and operations since 2020. However, the airline stranded tens of thousands of passengers around the country on the Christmas holiday when it canceled 5,400 flights in less than 48 hours. Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com verified the federal aid using government disclosures. WHAT HAPPENED: Southwest […]