What Is Your Time Worth? – A Great Second Amendment Event In Phoenix, AZ

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In an ever-changing, fast-paced society, we are constantly asking ourselves, is THIS worth my time? Answering this question sometimes requires a calculation involving money, but other times it is hard to put a dollar amount on our time. And very often it comes down to answering, “What’s in it for me?”

RidersUSA, a non-profit located in Arizona, invites you to spend a few hours of your time on February 17th, 2024 at the 11th Annual Celebrate & Protect the Second Amendment celebration in Phoenix.

This event is a family-friendly, festival-style outdoor affair with great Speakers, fun shopping booths, and delicious food trucks! We always have gorgeous weather and our arena is filled with historical monuments and statues. Joining us are hundreds of pro-freedom moms, dads, friends, and neighbors who understand that “What’s in it for them” is community, networking, and protecting our precious and unique inheritance of freedom. RidersUSA has assembled nearly thirty powerhouse Speakers from all across the nation who will bring their knowledge and inspiration to this ever-growing event. By spending a little bit of your time at this event, you will get and give hope to others in supporting and protecting one of our fundamental rights, the Second Amendment, our right to keep and bear arms. Bring the kids! Our junior Patriot Park is sponsored by Great State Alliance. Pack a lawn chair and a sun hat, and be prepared to be inspired by the speakers to continue the good work to protect your right to defend yourself, your family, and your home. The event kicks off at 10:am with a Motorcycle Parade and the day is jam-packed with fun activities through to 2pm.

RidersUSA is a true Grassroots organization and the Celebrate & Protect the Second Amendment Rally is a grassroots effort, which means that many of our speakers travel from all across our State and Country on their own budget and time. Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation travels from his home in Washington State each year to speak. Alan says “This rally is going to be the most important gun rights event in Arizona this year. We need you there so our voice is heard loud and clear by every legislator.” US AZ Congressman Andy Biggs CD5 will be speaking and says “Anti-gun zealots are unleashing a full-frontal assault on our God-given, constitutionally protected Second Amendment gun rights. I don’t accept these attacks, and neither should you.” Jared Yanis, owner of the YouTube channel Guns n Gadgets with over 650,000 subscribers is traveling from Johnson City, Tennessee to speak and he says, “The 2nd Amendment is extremely important! And because of that, your local politicians need to HEAR FROM YOU regarding bills that affect your safety!”

Jared is right. And, while your time carries great value in influencing your local lawmakers, it also inspires the event’s sponsors to invest their time to help produce this important event. Come by their booths and thank them for their support of the Second Amendment. Our Platinum sponsor, MMP Guns manager Byron Vaughn comments, “We have come to a point where we can only depend on ourselves to save the Second Amendment and this will come from joining together, recruitment and education.” Other sponsors include Midas Gold, Western Outdoor Times, Great State Alliance, Gunsite Academy, and Chandler Custom Cycles. Our partners for the past 6 years, GunFreedomRadio and AZFirearmsAuction, will also benefit from your attendance as confirmation of the importance of their partnering with us for the event. Owner, Cheryl Todd, says “We all do ordinary things to keep our loved ones safe. We own fire extinguishers, use seatbelts, and lock the doors to our homes. Owning firearms is simply another way to protect those we love.

RidersUSA’s 11 Annual Celebrate & Protect the Second Amendment, at the Arizona State Capitol/Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix Arizona, will highlight 25 speakers, 50 vendors, a food court, and a Junior Patriot Park for the kids. Come early, bring a lawn chair, and experience a great celebration. Go to 2ARallyAZ.com to get all the details and register for this free event with free parking. We think it will be well worth your time!


Tim Rafferty is the Chairman of RidersUSA’s Celebrate & Protect the Second Amendment.



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