We Are Supposed to Pray for Joe Biden

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Joe Biden is now fulfilling his quest that has run for at least 33 years and probably more, of becoming President of the United States. As loyal Americans, we should fall in line and support him as our president. That is going to be difficult. Let me tell you why.

His pleas for unity within the country ring hollow. Starting with the death of George Floyd we had a series of riots that led to looting and murders across our country. Biden and his eventual V-P pick, Kamala Harris, refused to call them what they were – riots. They refused to call the Democrat-elected officials in charge of the areas and strongly suggest to them that they should put an end to it. While there were serious calls for defunding the police, which Biden had to know was heresy, he stood barely mumbling his displeasure with the idea. He displayed no leadership in defending the basic safety of many of our country’s citizens.

Subsequent to the election he failed another leadership test. He failed to denounce the various outcries for repercussions against anyone who had a connection to the Trump Administration, his supporters and President Trump. Supposed legitimate members of the press and others say Mr. Trump should be prosecuted for his crimes. When asked to list even one crime they fail to do so. Mr. Biden has not denounced those calling for “lists” to be maintained. As the leader of the country, he should make clear we Americans do not do that. His lack of leadership on this matter is frightening. He is condoning the repression of free speech.

He once again failed to lead after the actions of January 6th. He could have called President Trump and asked for a unity meeting to demonstrate his commitment to a peaceful transition of power. Instead, he stood aside while Nancy and Chuck once again lurched into the darkest corners of our democracy affirming their vindictiveness and uncontrolled hatred for President Trump.

It seems whenever Democrats take control of government they call for unity like President Biden did in his inauguration speech but espouse mayhem when Republicans are elected. They want unity behind their policies.

We kept being told Mr. Biden is an observant Catholic. Yet one could be confused by his actions. Leaders within his party have treated the right of religious assembly as akin to going to a gym. They seemed to be confused about the First Amendment. Finally, a case came to the U.S. Supreme Court while we had nine justices. A decision was made to uphold the First Amendment and treat the right of religious assembly with its justified importance over assembling at a Wal-Mart. Analysts said it was being done by the “conservatives” on the court. When did defending religious freedom become the sole province of conservatives? As a religious man, Mr. Biden should be appalled by attempts to stop the free assembly to practice one’s religion. Again, he has failed to show leadership. What will happen now that he is in office?

Then there is the fact that he has decided to turn our federal government over to “highly educated” people who have spent their entire careers in academia, the media or government. There is zero diversity of thought. They all believe they can make decisions better for us than we can make for ourselves. There is meager diversity of perspective. They may fill all the diversity slots like Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., but no diversity of thought or even educational sources. The “moderate” Biden appointed no Republicans to his cabinet.

These people want to act as if the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency did not exist and the world has not changed during that period of time.

Biden and his advisors want to go back to being accepted by what is referred to as “The Quint.” The Quint is made up of five of our traditional allies (U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy, and France). It is really cool to be accepted and toasted in these countries and have nice meals in Madrid or Paris, but these countries have been making terrible policy decisions for years.

To appease these countries Biden and his crew speaks of going back and recreating a deal with Iran. Mr. Biden has said he would return to the 2015 agreement if Iran begins honoring its commitments. Fool’s gold. Since the deal with Iran was created the world has evolved. It is clear the deal with Iran was a disaster and it was clear from shortly thereafter when Iran tested missiles which they would use to launch nuclear weapons. The Quint was more concerned with selling things to the despots who run Iran than getting rid of these evil people.

The Quint, Biden’s crew, and Left-wing Jews in America are the only remaining people who have not realized that the Palestinians have been playing them for three generations. The Arab world has turned their backs on the Palestinians and the terrorists they support. Yet Biden’s people will be pitching the old path that has been proven wrong and dangerous.

The Biden people again want to lurch back to an agreement that has been proven to be a failure. To appease the Quint, they want to rejoin The Paris climate accord. It has now been proven that the other participants are not honoring the commitment to minimize C02 admissions while we are one of the few major countries in the world that have reduced our emissions. Biden and his people seem to think if they participate in the agreement again things will change.

They want to be accepted as cool with the “in people” instead of protecting the interests of Americans. One would think they will tell the members of NATO they do not have to honor their commitments for financial support and return the burden on the backs of Americans. They would rather throw money at the WHO than tell them we are sick of giving you our hard-earned money while you treat us like second class citizens.

Yes, Trump’s people antagonized many of these countries and organizations because Trump laid out that we will no longer go along just to get along, especially when we are the major underwriter of these activities. Yet Biden’s people appear to want to be the cool kids instead of recognizing the failings and the cost to the American people. They want to yuck it up at soirees while the average American picks up the tab. They think if they do that others will respect us more. They will only be delighted that Americans are back to acting like unsophisticated rubes once again.

This is just a glimpse of why we don’t want to pray for the welfare of the Biden Administration. It doesn’t want to serve the American people; only the narrow interests of the “educated” elite and government wonks. Their near-complete unwillingness to admit failures and adjust to reality will lead us down a road that will do us all harm.

Despite this, I can tell you one thing. All Republicans are praying for Biden. We all wish this man with his questionable mental faculties lives until January 20, 2025. He picked the perfect Vice-President to assure all people would wish him only goodwill. God forbid anything happens to him in the next four years.


This article first appeared in Flash Report, January 24, 2021, and is reprinted with permission of the author.


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