‘We are completely in the dark’: Arizona mayor says Biden admin refuses to give info about illegal aliens it plans to drop off in his town

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‘The federal government has to step up and do their job. They’re the ones that created this problem; they need to fix it’

Gila Bend, Arizona, Mayor Chris Riggs has had it with the Biden administration’s handling of the ongoing border crisis (which the White House still refuses to admit is a crisis).

What’s going on?

Riggs told Fox News’ “Your World” Monday that Gila Bend is being made into what the outlet called “a waypoint for illegal immigrants captured by federal authorities.”

The mayor said his community is “very economically depressed” and cannot handle a massive influx of illegals.

But the feds don’t appear to care, as the Border Patrol prepares to drop people off in Gila Bend and force the town to fend for itself, Riggs said.

“We can barely afford to take care of the people that we have here in our community now, and as of the second [of March], the Border Patrol advised us that they’re going to drop people off here and [say], ‘They’re your problem,'” he said…..


Continue reading this article, published on March 17, 2021, at Blaze Media.


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