Voting Machine Printer Company Says Maricopa Election Day Report ‘Inaccurate,’ Seeks Correction

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The printer company said Maricopa County did not contact them during the investigation into Election Day printer issues.


A printer company says a report by Arizona’s Maricopa County on errors at voting centers on Election Day 2022 is “factually inaccurate” and is seeking a correction from the county attorney’s office.

Ballot printer issues at more than 70 vote centers in the county on Election Day last year resulted in long lines because tabulator machines could not read some of the voters’ ballots.

The county commissioned former Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor to investigate the matter and write a report, which directed some of the blame on Japan-based printer company Oki Electric Industry Co.

The report, which was released in April, found that between the August primaries and the November general contest last year, the county expanded the length of ballots from 19 to 20 inches to include all of the required information for the races.

The increased ballot size in combination with the use of 100-pound ballot paper, the report concludes, was too great a strain on the printers.

“We concluded that the combined effect of using 100-pound ballot paper and a 20-inch ballot during the 2022 general election was to require that the Oki B432 printers perform at the extreme edge of their capability, a level that could not be reliably sustained by a substantial number of printers,” the report reads.

OKI responded late last month to the report by saying it was never contacted by county officials and investigation teams working on their behalf. Furthermore, the company said, neither election services providers nor “any other parties associated with the investigation” contacted OKI….


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