TRUTH REVEALED: Peter Schweizer Exposes CCP’s Role in Fentanyl Crisis in Explosive Best Seller

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In a landscape in which the Left seeks to conceal the truth and its corruption behind its convoluted narratives and “social justice” initiatives, Young America’s Foundation alumnus and Director Peter Schweizer is once again standing up for accountability and transparency through the release of his latest book, Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.

In his latest book, Schweizer boldly confronts the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agenda to proliferate the spread of fentanyl throughout the United States, implicating American “leaders,” including President Joe Biden, throughout the process.

It takes a monumental deal of unwavering courage to do what Schweizer is doing—exposing the nefarious figures who threaten the freedom of the American people. Nevertheless, through Blood Money, Schweizer eloquently reveals the indisputable partnership between the CCP’s dictators in Beijing and figures in our nation’s medical establishment.

Schweizer has earned a distinguished reputation as an investigative journalist and bestselling author. As an esteemed alumnus of YAF, the seven-time New York Times bestselling author attributes much of his confidence and success to his involvement with Young America’s Foundation as a student.

Schweizer first became involved with YAF as a high school student attending the National Conservative Student Conference (NCSC) in 1982. There, he heard and engaged with the conservative ideas that the Left so frequently attempts to stifle in academia–opportunities that YAF continues to offer to middle school, high school, and college students today.

In a recent interview with YAF’s Libertas magazine, Schweizer reminisced about opportunities for intellectual engagement and sense of belonging he found at YAF’s programs:

“YAF has always done a good job of presenting substantive knowledge to young people, and ultimately, it fueled my love for reading and led me to become an author,” Schweizer remarked.

He later served in a key role on the Foundation’s staff, serving as the director of academic affairs and an editor of the Foundation’s publications, and later gained invaluable experience as a William J. Casey Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution and as a speechwriter during the George W. Bush administration. Today, Schweizer serves as founder and president of the Government Accountability Institute. He remains involved in the Foundation through his service on YAF’s Board of Directors and frequent speeches to YAF audiences nationwide.

“YAF meant the world to me when I was starting out, and it still does. No other organization reaches conservative students so effectively and so thoughtfully,” Schweizer emphasized, underscoring the enduring impact of YAF on his life and career.

Through Blood Money, Schweizer continues his track record of fearless investigative journalism, exposing the dark reality of CCP influence in America’s drug trade. His meticulous research and incisive analysis shed light on the complicity of powerful individuals and institutions in turning a blind eye to the fentanyl epidemic.

As Schweizer unveils the truth behind China’s role in fueling the fentanyl crisis, he calls upon Americans to confront the realities of foreign influence and corruption. His message resonates not only as a stark warning but also as a vital rallying cry for accountability and vigilance in safeguarding the principles of liberty and justice and the safety of the American people.

“If you are scared about the border and worried about the Chinese Communist Party, Peter Schweizer ties them together in his amazing new book,” Young America’s Foundation President Governor Scott Walker remarked on X.

Through his work with YAF and relentless pursuit of truth, Schweizer exemplifies the values of integrity, patriotism, and intellectual curiosity that YAF strives to instill in young people.

As Schweizer’s Blood Money takes its place on bookshelves throughout the nation, it stands not only as a testament to his investigative abilities but also as a testament to the legacy of Young America’s Foundation in shaping the minds and values of future leaders.

Schweizer’s other bestselling works include Red Handed: How America’s Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, Profiles in Corruption, Reagan’s War, Secret Empires, and Clinton Cash.


This article was published by Young America’s Foundation and is reproduced with permission.

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot Fox News Mark Levin


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