The Real Purpose Behind Biden’s SOTU Speech

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“It was a word salad on speed.”
Dr. Carol Lieberman, forensic psychiatrist

Biden’s speech achieved the singular objective Jill and his other handlers had set for Joe’s speech in spades. Their objective was simple. Keep the Democratic hounds from bumping him from the ballot. The whole performance was designed to ward off the growing internal movement in Democratic circles to get rid of him.

To hell with anything else and everybody else. I think, given his innumerable weaknesses, one must conclude their strategy succeeded brilliantly. I, for one, was delighted to see things turn out as they did. We should not want to get rid of him.

He may even achieve a tiny and momentary bump in the polls. Also, fine. Then for sure, they can’t run him out of town. As the campaign progresses the fundamentals of his incapacity will grow and get ever more socked into the public consciousness than even now, which is really saying something.

No, to repeat, for the present it is far better for him (and for us) that he remains suspended in limbo rather than drop into the nether reaches of Hell.

Obama and His Minions

At the top of the list of those done with Biden is Obama. He despised Biden during his own Presidency and, if anything, has only deepened his disdain for the man or what’s left of him. Obama sends out subtle messages while he unleashes his main guy.

David Axelrod bluntly stated that Biden “should get out of the race,” and in another interview said he should “get going or get out”. There are other doubters in positions of power especially now that Trump is slowly expanding his lead over the incumbent to 5% (48% to 43%) in the most recent N.Y. Times/Siena poll.

Add to that the certain likelihood that Biden will decline further in the coming months and you can feel the panic growing within the radical constituencies.

So did Jill get what she wanted with her damn the torpedos strategy? I have to answer: Yes, I’m not complaining.

Jill, above all, and Joe’s other handlers stage managed, as best they could, Biden’s performance in the State of the Union message to serve that singular objective that he remains the Democratic candidate.

The Speech Itself

The speech was fascistic enough for the Radical Left with implicit cries for Civil War. This was done by way of analogy with internal “threats” to democracy being on a par with Lincoln’s situation on the eve of his election. Red meat for the revolutionary radicals.

The Leftists loved Biden attacking and insulting the Supreme Court over Roe accusing them of being partisan and political while they had to sit through it all stoney faced. The progressives loved his overturning of norms of civil discourse at every opportunity. All this was done with his mouth imitating a Gatling gun to the point of incomprehensibility – but they didn’t care.

At the same time, he led off with FDR and hit many of the traditional Democratic platitudes such as taxing the 1,000 billionaires (not mentioning that the vast majority of them are Democrats who rely on his growing corporatism). 

He also promised giveaways for the poor and compassion for the needy. Of course, with trillions in deficit and the interest on the debt approaching 1 trillion yearly, there is no money for these notions without continuing the march to impoverish the majority. What was the point?

The point was he wished to reassure the sleepy, moderate, traditional voters that, in fact, the Democratic Party was still their home and he was still their champion. These comforting allusions to old-time themes were there to hold the duped base of the Party in his camp and to remind them of him. Remember, good old Joe from Scranton.

Hyped up on drugs, he didn’t collapse. Instead of a meandering, lost, demented old man, he channeled an angry old man shouting all the while but, one must say, energetically. Just what his base wants to hear to counter the national narrative. Joe Scarborough said “it was the best Biden ever” using hyperbole to inoculate Biden from the reality of the going image of someone doddering on his last legs. Of course, Biden can’t keep that up and if his handlers push him to do so, they should be prosecuted for elder abuse. It won’t happen.

All this was designed to be just enough to ward off the detractors in his tent. And I think it worked. Now, his opposition, aside from a sudden health crisis or who knows what may have to use the Convention to get rid of him last minute. Great. Better then, than tomorrow. The Convention will be too late to turn the Trump tide.

But, for the rest of us, it consolidated all of what we already know and strengthened our fortitude without reversing the quiet doubts in the minds of the yet undecided.

Strangely, conservative columnists and pundits seemed to miss wholesale the fact and the importance of the power maneuvers represented by Jill and her cronies that were the decisive intent for the night. Nobody wrote about it even as they penned fine and discerning essays.

Nothing on this from P.J. Media’s Stephen Kruiser; nor from Daniel Greenfield (whom I love). Ace reporter Byron York missed this point as did Daniel Flynn of American Spectator. Matt Margolis of P.J. Media went in another direction and Kimberly Strassel bemoaned the choices before us while the WSJ editorial Board counseled Biden on the speech he should have given.

I’m far from recommending a “council of perfection” to anyone but this was right in front of our noses for anyone to see.

We’ll see what the polls show. It could be, absurd as it might sound, that Biden stays even or gains a point or two. No problem. It can’t last but it does assure he will not be ousted.


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