The Liberation of Dachau and Holocaust Lessons We Haven’t Learned

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While the next Reich waits in the wings.

Today, April 29, marks the 76th. anniversary of the liberation of Dachau. If it’s acknowledged at all, expect the usual cliché-ridden coverage that trivializes one of the greatest horrors of history, while the next Reich waits in the wings.

Here are a few Holocaust lessons you won’t find in the lame-stream media:

1. The National Socialists really were socialists – If Hitler was a conservative, as progressives claim, why wasn’t his party called the National Capitalist German Workers Party? Hitler initiated a host of welfare state measures, including infrastructure projects like the Autobahn. He distinguished his socialism from that of the USSR in this way: Russian socialism was international. The socialism of the Third Reich was national. The Nazis wanted to conquer Europe, not create clones of German socialism. Like the cabal that runs Democrat Party, the Nazis preferred to keep the façade of private ownership while creating a command economy.

2. Hold on to your guns – When he came to power, Hitler used gun registration initiated by the Weimar Republic to disarm his opponents. After the invasion of France in 1940, gun owners were ordered to surrender their weapons on penalty of death. (Thanks to French registration, the Gestapo knew exactly who had them.) The Warsaw Ghetto showed what a conquered people could do with even a handful of antiquated weapons (mostly handguns and incendiaries). The Ghetto fighters held off 2,000 crack German troops – with tanks and flamethrowers — for almost a month. Biden is more committed to gun prohibition than any president in our history.

3. Elections matter — more than you can possibly imagine – The Nazis came to power democratically with a plurality of votes in the 1932 election. Initially, many viewed the fuhrer as a comic character. (Sound familiar?) Some Germans who weren’t Nazis voted for Hitler in 1932, figuring: What the hell, let Adolf give it a try. At least he isn’t a communist. (At least Biden doesn’t Tweet mean things about his opponents.) Like January 6, the Reichstag fire was exploited to the hilt, to demonize the opposition and put more power in Hitler’s hands. In Germany, 1932 was the last free election. If Biden remakes our political landscape — by nationalizing election laws, packing the Supreme Court and giving Democrats a permanent majority in the Senate with DC statehood — future elections will be a formality. Totalitarians love their symbols, whether armbands or face masks.

4. The Holocaust wasn’t just an attack on Jews. It was an attack on God — The debate has raged in academic circles: Was Hitler a Christian? No. Was he an atheist? That depends on how the word is defined. Hitler loathed the God of the Bible. (He blamed the Jews for both Christianity and communism.) For the Charlie Chaplain stand-in, God was synonymous with Nature, whose sole commandment was survival of the fittest. He knew that the God of the Bible promised that Israel would be an eternal people. Thus, he reasoned, destroy the Jewish people and destroy the power of God over the minds of men.

5. The most dangerous anti-Semites in America are in lockstep with the Democrat Party – ……

5. In Black Lives Matter rhetoric, replace “white” with “Jew” and you’ll see its similarities to Nazism – …..

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