The Godfather of Climate Skepticism Makes You a Book You Can’t Refuse

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There are a lot of great books out there on why there is skepticism about climate, simply from a scientific point of view. This is not only warranted by the very nature of science itself, which is to question but makes effective counters to the settled science ideas.

The debate over the drivers of climate should be a scientific one, not agenda-driven. But alas, it is not that way today. As usual, and this ALWAYS COMES FROM LEFTIST THINKING, someone found some way to exploit something to try to push a top-down agenda that seeks control of individuals and conformity to a group-think mentality. It turns into a matter of the relative truths of people that wish to control, vs the absolute truths of Nature and Nature’s God. While doomsday predictions have been with us since the start of time, it is only now they have journeyed from a supernatural cause that involved religion, to a man-made cause that has been made in a way into a religion. Ironic isn’t it? They either deny God is in control, deny God, or say this is what God wants you to do. You can’t make this up.

One of the most amazing side issues here is that the people pushing this advocate for population control by various methods, and then turn around and tell people they are doing it because of concern with future generations. Providing they actually get born.

Phony? Fraud? Fill in your own word. No matter what, it comes out to deception, which is a tool of evil.

But I want to make sure that because I am not mentioning certain books here, that people understand how great those books are.

When I wrote The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War, I had no idea Marc was writing this book. I used the word “Phony” because it is a Phony War on 2 fronts. 1) That any person would think they are some kind of warrior that is going to save the planet, is an exercise in ego, arrogance, and ignorance. They actually think they are in a combat situation where someone in the act of defending their country, gets killed or maimed? Or even sees or hear of it. Just the act of commitment is beyond anything a bunch of wannabe warriors can even fathom unless they have been to war. I have not been. My wrestling coach at PSU was one of the first men on the beach in Normandy. He knew what was, I did not. Hence the Satiric cover

2) It is phony because it simply uses climate and weather to push an agenda that in and of itself is phony. Marc calls it fraud. One of the phony aspects is the idea that this leftist Utopia is actually progressive, leading to the advancement of man. Its opposite, it leads to the enslavement of man. 2) And this is why Marc’s Book has me overjoyed at its writing and release, it exposes the phoniness (fraud) of a Green new deal, which is neither geared toward Green and is nothing but a raw deal. And the way it is being pushed on people is emblematic of a tyranny that grows harsher by the day.The Godfather of climate skepticism makes you a book you can’t refuse 2

On this matter in a figurative sense, I feel like John the Baptist with my book, and its content preparing the way for Marc’s book. Check out the chapter list for instance:

I call Marc the Godfather, because, like me, his name ends in a vowel, and don’t throw in the towel when it comes to things we believe to be true. But in terms of really getting out there, Marc obviously is the man. Marc is a policy animal who knows and understands enough about climate and weather to put this together. The book not only wins, but it also wins big.

And he makes the point that this is not about either climate or weather in the very title of the book. Think about this. The idea that the earth is now Greener than it has ever been in the satellite era, and the name of the left’s push is the Green New Deal? How is it Green in the first place if its advocating policies that arguably try to lessen the very element that is causing the greening, co2? Because it is not really about that. And Marc lays it all out in the book, exposing and destroying their missive. It’s the perfect end game, again none of us knew we were writing our books, but somehow all of them tie in so that reading Marc’s book is the natural peak to focus you on how deceptive this all is.

I always try to avoid words like fraud in anything I do. But Marc is right. I think it is a phony “war”. There is no atmospheric Apocalypse coming (hence Michael Schellenberger’s title, Apocalypse Never). The very fact that people would label other people “deniers” of something that they use to improve their forecasts, understanding the variability of climate and weather inherent to the planet, should immediately raise red flags as to whether something is meant for truth or deception. Why would you say that about someone that has made a living using climate and its variability to help him with his forecasting? And why would you stop someone like Marc from using factually referenced items to weave his counters? If he is so wrong, you do not need to shut him up, his words will do it for you. And why do you make it a war?

The Chapter list is a great summary as to where a book is going to take you.

Marc’s Chapters

  1. The Green Raw Deal
  2. A History: Every New Crisis has the Same “Solution”: Expanding the Size and Power of Government
  3. Man-Made Climate Change is Not a Threat
  4. The Details of the Deal
  5. Europe is Already Enjoying Their Version of the Green New Deal and Its Not Going Well
  6. The Green New Deal Plagiarizes the Same “Solutions” from Previous Environmental Scares
  7. The Red New Deal? The Watermelon Cut Open
  8. Even Many Environmentalists Are Bailing on the Green New Deal
  9. The Costs to End All Costs
  10. Energy Mandate Fairy Tale (Michael Moore Shocks the Greens)
  11. The Covid-Climate Connection: Covid Lockdowns as a Dress Rehearsal for the “Climate Emergency”

Now, this is where our books intersect directly ( Remember Marc is more policy and result oriented, I am more supply evidence for why the weather proves our point). But you can see it Chapter 10 and 11 in my book:The Godfather of climate skepticism makes you a book you can’t refuse 3

  1. Exploiting the Children. (side note, I am shocked at the terror k-9 is instilling in our children. That is one thing that motivated me to write a second book)
  2. Identity Politics Invades the Climate Debate
  3. The Toxic Politics of the Green New Deal
  4. The Ultimate Achievement of the Political Left

How Serious is Marc? There are over 90 pages of Notes, a must when we have a media that won’t look at anything. The natural counter to Deception is referenced fact.

So it comes down to this. Are you serious about looking into this issue? Then Green Fraud is a must.

The most the left does with me or Marc or anyone that dares disagree is found some kind of sound bite they can rip. They have no idea what we really know because they assume we know nothing. Comes with the arrogance and ignorance inherent in agendas like this. Well, those who think they know what they know, don’t yet know what they ought to know. So for me, I go and read what people that oppose me are saying, so I can see where they are coming from. I do not fear discussion. If you want the weather counter, the spiritual and political idea behind this, linkage to Covid, and a solution, then mine gets in there. But more important and dare I say, the most important of the bunch is what Marc has just put out. It’s researched, and he nails this. There are over 300 pages chock full of the information you need to know. The references themselves are worth reading over, so you can see what the Godfather has been doing to make this a book you can not refuse. Look at that chapter list. My brief review can not do justice to the volume of information Marc has come up with. You will always have it there for you, ready to reference if called upon to explain the truth on this matter. Some of the leaders in this country that are supposedly trying to stop this steamroller would do well to make sure they had it ready to use. But it is up to you. So make sure you get your hands on this.

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Can you believe all this? But perhaps we were made for a time such as this. Marc’s book is. It’s a book if you are really serious, you can’t refuse.

Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think, by Marc Morano


This article appeared March 21, 2021 and is reproduced by permission from The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.


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