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“You don’t even need to look to the word ‘stolen’ — the election was rigged,” says just one of the many election watchers the Daily Caller interviewed who all came to the same conclusion.

The Daily Caller’s latest documentary, “Rigged,” will expose the shady actors and tactics that brought America to the brink in 2020. We traveled the country exploring decades of election challenges and interference to help stop them before it’s too late for 2024.

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First, we took on the transgender lobby with our original documentaries “Groomed” and “Do No Harm.” Then, we uncovered the true cost of the Defund the Police movement in “Lawless.” Now, we are exposing the one issue that Democrats want to conceal above all else: the rigged 2020 election.

The wild abuses of 2020 were ignored by election officials, the courts, the media — anyone with the power to do something. As a result, many critical questions went unanswered for far too long.

How exactly did mail-in voting and other procedural irregularities build a Democratic advantage into the system? How did widespread censorship, propaganda and political violence shape the way Americans voted? What would Democrats do to hold onto power; better yet, what wouldn’t they do?


There’s a clear three-step outline of how Democrats rigged 2020. But “Rigged” exposes the gritty details, answering the questions no one else dared to look at.

First, Democrats changed long-standing voting procedures in key battleground states, ensuring a systemic advantage well in advance of the start of voting.

2018 study showed that increased voter turnout in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would have been enough to swing the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton. Before the 2020 election, partisan state officials used COVID-19 as a convenient excuse to change voting procedures by fiat in these states and others. They coordinated with an army of well-funded Democratic officials to ensure the changes held up in court. Wealthy donors poured money into “election administration” to boost turn-out in Democratic districts. To correct “errors” in mail-in votes, officials went door-to-door “curing” ballots after the fact. In Pennsylvania, this was carried out disproportionately in Democratic districts. (RELATED: MARSHAL TRIGG: Here’s How To Actually Stop Election Fraud)

The corporate media called it an effort to “expand voter access” or “fight voter suppression,” but Democrats never cared about building a vibrant democracy. No, it was a cynical ballot-harvesting scheme on an epic scale.

After voting was made effortless, step two was to make it mindless as well. Corporate media propaganda framed the election as a battle between “darkness” and “light,” making it clear there was only one legitimate choice. Tech giants banned and censored conservatives en masse, writing off every conservative position as outside the bounds of respectable society. Corporate America reinforced it all with their virtue signaling and willingness to cancel anyone who stepped out of line.

In the summer of 2020, all of American society seemed to ask the same question: “Are you a hateful bigot; do you want to destroy your reputation and career and become an outsider — a traitor —  to your own country? Or are you voting for Biden?”

Too many did not have the will to resist.

Dismayed and divided, America was ready for step three, the left-wing riots that torched American cities nationwide. Democrats and their allies made George Floyd into a martyr, unashamedly pushing the lie of systemic racism and providing a moral justification for the riots. This “Summer of Love” was no grassroots protest against injustice, but a heavily orchestrated attempt to beat those still-undecided voters into submission — in some cases literally. It was a state-sanctioned campaign of political violence to demonstrate just how ungovernable the country was under Donald Trump.

Combined, all of this created a massive structural advantage for Biden, as Democrats consolidated their control over the election and positioned themselves as the arbiters of truth and decency. The cost? Severe damage to confidence in our elections, a loss of credibility among our leading institutions and a vicious polarization which still has yet to abate. More than ever, Democrats feel entitled to rule.

That is what drove us to uncover the truth — to find out exactly what happened in 2020 and ensure it doesn’t happen again in 2024. Without answers, our elections will never be safe or secure.

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