Not a Whiff of Racism

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A wedding reveals the real America, not the America of the so-called wokes.

TUCSON – The scene:  a wedding and reception at a rustic adobe chapel surrounded by several acres of natural desert in the middle of metro Tucson.

The historic locale had been the center of a Mexican immigrant community 120 years ago.

The bride is a lovely, smart, kind, thoughtful woman. The groom is my son, who, I believe, with admitted bias, deserves such a wonderful spouse.

It’s what might be called a mixed marriage. The race and ethnicity of the 25 relatives in attendance from both families reflect this.

There is an ancestral mix of Filipino, Italian, Irish, Scots-Irish, Swedish, and East Indian.

The flower girl is a female Pomeranian dog.

Some of the relatives are Catholic, some are Presbyterian, some are Southern Baptist, and some might be atheists.

Some attendees had attended Catholic school, some had attended public school, and two had been home-schooled.

Some are Yankees, some are Southerners, some are Texans, some are Arizonans, and one is Californian.

One is gay.

Some are first-generation immigrants. Some go back three or four generations.

None are bluebloods who come from privilege. And none are left-wing radicals or right-wing extremists or members of Antifa or white supremacists.

No doubt, some are liberals, some are conservatives, and some are libertarians, but they don’t wear it on their sleeve.

In any event, no one cares what anyone is. Other races, ethnicities, creeds, and social classes would have been just as welcome.

What matters is that they are open-minded, are good family people, and are contributing members of society—without virtue-signaling or preaching about it.

In other words, they are typical of the vast majority of Americans, although you wouldn’t know it if you listen to the divisive hyperbole in the left/right media or the crackpot racial theories hatched in academia.

A diverse event like this would be verboten and/or dangerous to attend in many countries, such as Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other places, where you might be persecuted, stoned, and killed for being different and departing from the dominant orthodoxy.

It wouldn’t be dangerous in such democratic countries as Japan and South Korea, but it would be unusual to find this degree of ethnocultural diversity.

Those who see themselves as woke won’t admit it, but this is what makes America special, even with its past misdeeds and current problems. 


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