Eastman Arrested in Arizona 2020 Case, Despite No Role in Alleged Crimes

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‘I had zero communications with the electors in Arizona, zero involvement…’

Attorney John Eastman, who represented former President Donald Trump in 2020 election-related lawsuits, was arrested in Arizona over allegations by Democratic prosecutors that he was involved in efforts to challenge the state’s election results.

Eastman refuted the prosecution’s claims, asserting that he was never involved in any Arizona-related litigation and had no communications with individuals in Arizona about the alleged alternate elector plan. 

“I, of course, pled not guilty,” Eastman told reporters outside the courthouse on Friday. “I had zero communications with the electors in Arizona, zero involvement in any of the election litigation in Arizona or legislative hearings.”

Expressing confidence in his acquittal, he added, “I’m confident that with the laws faithfully applied I will be fully exonerated at the end of this process.” 

Eastman is the first Republican to be arrested following the grand jury indictments announced by Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, a far-left Democrat who assumed office in 2023. 

The charges also name Trump as an “unindicted co-conspirator.” Notably, this prosecution comes just months before the former president will face President Joe Biden in the 2024 general election. 


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