East Valley 2nd Amendment Coalition

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Last week, Congressman Andy Biggs announced the formation and inaugural meeting of the East Valley Second Amendment Coalition, dedicated to preserving and promoting the right of Arizonans to keep and bear arms. This newly founded group composed of leaders in the pro-Second Amendment community will regularly meet to discuss local, state, and federal actions that affect Arizonans’ Constitutional rights.

“Our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is the great unifier,” said Cheryl Todd, host of Gun Freedom Radio and State Director for the DC Project—Women for Gun Rights. “We all want to protect what we love, especially our families and our legacy of freedom. While many talk about upholding our precious Constitution and bringing the country together, Congressman Andy Biggs has taken action to make that happen by forming the East Valley Second Amendment Coalition.”

Dave Kopp, President of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, shared his support for the Coalition: “The Arizona Citizens Defense League is dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of all Arizonans, with a particular focus on their right to keep and bear arms. We are proud to assist Congressman Andy Biggs, who has a long and distinguished record of doing the same, with his Second Amendment Coalition. It is our sincere hope that this coalition will help bring about a deeper understanding of the importance of our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights, both amongst our elected representatives and in the population as a whole.”

Just recently, a Washington Post-ABC News survey showed support for Second Amendment protection rose by 9 percent, while support for new gun control laws declined by 7 percent. Another survey commissioned by Second Amendment Association revealed 72 percent of Americans support the right to bear arms. Congressman Biggs, alongside the East Valley Second Amendment Coalition, will continue this fight for Americans and their right to defend themselves.

Congressman Biggs said, “We must preserve the Second Amendment in order to protect all of our God-given freedoms. We must vigilantly guard the right to bear arms because the Left threatens to use the awesome power of Government to take away our liberty. I am honored to join my friends in the East Valley Second Amendment Coalition to discuss how we can best fight the onslaught from the Left and secure our right to bear arms.”


This article was published on May 4, 2021 and is reproduced with permission from the Arizona Citizens Defense League. It is also posted at Congressman Bigg’s Congressional website.


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