Dangerously Ignorant Business Executives

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Some 20 years ago, I got deeply involved in a political group. I recruited experienced political operatives and we started to build an operation that no one believed could be done. Then things started to go sideways because we were beholden to a national board made up of affluent contributors who knew little about grassroots organizing or political realities. These successful people assumed their business acumen would naturally transfer to the political area. They were mistaken.

That thinking has metastasized across our society. It is most readily evidenced by the computer geeks who ended up running the largest corporations in America. If it were not for them being worth billions of dollars and the fact that our press is largely composed of dysfunctional idiots, we would laugh these yutzes off the public stage. The worst of the lot is Bill Gates who started a foundation, reads ridiculously complicated books, and then comes to similar conclusions as does the world’s biggest human void, AOC. Gates may be smarter, but he has no more wisdom than that woman-child.

The most recent manifestation of this dangerously ignorant executive came in the state of Georgia. We all know there were election rules put in arbitrarily and by executive fiat because of the pandemic that was used for our most recent elections. The way our government works at the state and federal level is that our duly elected legislators are responsible for creating laws. Not surprisingly many states started following their constitutions after the last election by evaluating their election laws to modernize them while maintaining the integrity of the election process.

Then the business leaders weighed in. Clearly, the most egregious and disingenuous business leader is the CEO of Delta Airlines. He ignorantly carped about the change in the election laws which largely focused on the aspect of tightening up restrictions on voter IDs. Prior to 2020, apparently, 97% of Georgians presented their ID to vote.  Including the additional 3% is not some wild change. Those are the ones that do mail-in ballots. There is the lie that supposedly 200,000 Georgians do not have a government ID. Only useful idiots think someone can function today without a government-issued photo ID. The only people I can think of that might not have one are the truly mentally or physically incapacitated. The people who question the ability of Black people to properly obtain a government-issued ID are the real racists in our country.

The big-time Delta exec can easily be asked this question: “Hey, dude, I don’t have a photo ID. Can I fly on your airplanes?” You know the answer to that. The next question would be obvious. “Having a picture ID to fly on your airplanes is more important than the integrity of our national elections? “This gentleman could have easily picked up the phone and had a detailed explanation from Governor Kemp of the bill specifics. He would rather kowtow to the lies of the woke crowd.

The most egregious case is our dear leader, Joe Biden. He repeatedly misstated the facts of the bill so badly that even the WaPo fact-checker gave him four Pinocchios.

A special place in hell is reserved for one person. No, it is not Stacey Abrams; she already has her slot reserved. It is Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Baseball. Why he felt compelled to jump into the issue boggles the mind. His fan base is totally against him. His fan base does not want baseball getting involved in partisan political issues. This is not the NBA nor NFL. Baseball does not sell out. Manfred just put a death knell to this year’s All-Star game. Watch the ratings plummet. I have not missed an All-Star game since I was six years old and have attended about a dozen in person. Count me out.

In a genius decision, Manfred moved the game to Denver. The Rockies should have had a backbone and turned it down. The major difference in the election laws in Colorado allows people to register to vote up to election day. Only a drugged person would believe that enhances our election process. Just think of this, do you really want a person who just realized they are not registered to vote on election day to be allowed to vote? Do you really think they add something to the process?

Other than Manfred being grossly wrong on the facts, he does not seem to understand baseball fans are traditionalists. We consider baseball stadiums sanctuaries from the surrounding world. We attend games and watch games to get away from political debate. He is missing that.

Where does this stop? Manfred does not like to politics of a state and he moves the World Series out of the state?  Are future all-star games only to be located in preapproved locations that meet the criteria of the woke crowd?  We used to have real leaders as commissioners of our sports leagues. When did they become such spineless weasels?

Governor Kemp skewered Manfred for living in New York, a state which allows ten days of early voting versus 17 in the new Georgia law. He thus looks even more like the fool he made himself into.  Manfred must have been listening to Biden whose home state does not allow most of the freedoms in the new Georgia law while Biden lied about the restrictive hours.

Business executives should stay in their lanes. Their job is to produce income to pay their employees and suppliers and hopefully have some leftover for stockholders. If you really want a political issue, then pick on China – they are truly evil, not Georgia. You are probably too chicken to take on a real evil force.


This article was published on April 11, 2021 at Flashpoint and is reproduced with permission.


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