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(R-KY) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on Monday, said: According to preliminary results, voters across the nation elected and reelected Republican senators to a degree that actually stunned prognosticators. Likewise, the American people seem to have reacted to house Democrats’ radicalism and obstruction by shrinking the House speaker’s majority and electing more Republicans. And then there’s the presidential race. Obviously, no states have yet certified their election results. We have at least one or two states that are already on track for a recount. And I believe the president may have legal challenges underway in at least five states. The core principle here is not complicated. In the United States of America, all legal ballots must be counted, any illegal ballots must not be counted. The process should be transparent or observable by all sides and the courts are here to work through concerns. Our institutions are actually built for this. We have the system in place to consider concerns and President Trump is 100 percent within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options. Let’s not have any lectures, no lectures, about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election and who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate too if they lost again — only if they lost. In fact, millions of Americans signed a petition urging the electors to vote for Hillary Clinton after Trump won in 2016. The people who push this hysteria could not have any more egg on their faces than they do right now.

David Catron contributor to The American Spectator wrote: It’s a contested election,  and neither candidate has been officially declared the winner.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine wrote: This election is already a coup. Biden is trying to make it look even more coup-like. Inventing an Office of the President Elect, complete with fake seal and government briefings, undermines the sitting president and is arguably illegal.

Pedro Gonzales contributor to American Greatness  wrote: If there was a plot to unseat President Trump through illicit means, it would be in the interest of citizens to bring to light whether or not they still can choose their representatives.

Matt Margolis, contributor to PJ Media, reminds us what happen in 2016 when a Change.org petition was started by Democrats: Donald Trump has not been elected president. The real election takes place December 19, when the 538 Electoral College Electors cast their ballots – for anyone they want. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, in 14 of the states in Trump’s column, they can vote for Hillary Clinton without any legal penalty if they choose.

Streiff, managing editor of RedState, wrote that it wasn’t just the theft of an election:  They want to show you that they can make you do what they want, based upon arguments they don’t even believe, and there is jack sh** you can do about it.


(H/T DE) Rasmussen Reports: November 9, 2020: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove. [NOTE: How did POTUS lose with these numbers? He didn’t.]

Sundance: President Trump Fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper…

Following a series of high-profile conflicts, President Trump has terminated Defense Secretary Mark Esper and appointed Chris C Miller, head of the National Counterterrorism Center, as Acting Defense Secretary: . . .  Secretary Esper gave an interview to the Military Times the day after the election indicating he would not follow any further orders from the administration.  These public comments likely led to his removal. Throughout the President’s first term in office politically-minded military flag officers have sought to undermine the administration effort to withdraw from global conflicts. During an interview with Bob Woodward, former Defense Secretary James Mattis admitted to plotting the overthrow of the U.S. government under Trump.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/11/09/president-trump-fires-defense-secretary-mark-esper/

Goodenough: China Blasts Trump Administration for Removing Uyghur Separatist Group From Terror List

In what may be one of a series of parting shots over the coming weeks, the Trump administration has lifted the terror designation of a Uyghur separatist group which Beijing cites in justifying its policies in the far-west Xinjiang province, including the mass incarceration of more than a million minority Muslims.

China’s foreign ministry said the decision to delist the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) amounted to “whitewashing” terrorism, and state media charged that the decision would endanger international security. […]  “Currently China justifies its mass detention of 1 to 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps as a counter-terror measure. Today’s revocation removes any Chinese justification that it is fighting terrorism in East Turkestan,” said World Uyghur Congress president Dolkun Isa, who has himself been labeled a “terrorist” by Beijing. “The harmful effects of China’s exploitation of the imagined ‘ETIM’ threat are real – 20 years of state terror directed at Uyghurs,” said Omer Kanat, executive director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project. “This long-overdue decision is a definitive rejection of China’s claims.”

Read more: https://www.cnsnews.com/article/international/patrick-goodenough/china-blasts-trump-administration-removing-uyghur

Baumann: READ: The Letter 39 GOPers Sent to AG Barr Over Alleged Voter Fraud

A coalition of 39 House Republicans on Saturday sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr, asking the Department of Justice to investigate allegations of potential voter fraud. According to the members, it’s important for Americans to have “the utmost confidence” in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Below is the full letter: . . . Signatories include: . . .

Read more: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/11/08/read-39-republicans-call-on-ag-barr-to-investigate-alleged-voter-fraud-n2579710

Fox News: Steve Hilton: Trump ‘defeated a 50-year establishment consensus’

‘The Next Revolution’ host weighs in on the 2020 election results.

Watch the 9:45 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9829am7inE&feature=emb_title


Hayward: Rhodes: ‘Foreign Leaders Already Having Phone Calls with Joe Biden,’ Same Act for Which Michael Flynn Was Investigated

The conversations between Biden and foreign leaders claimed by Ben Rhodes would at least potentially be violations of the Logan Act for the same reason Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak were, and Biden is currently even further from taking office than Flynn was at the time. This would be especially true if the Trump administration’s sanctions or other policies were discussed with foreign officials.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/11/09/rhodes-foreign-leaders-already-having-phone-calls-joe-biden/

Klein: Why a Biden Presidency Would be a Gift to Iran 

On Sunday, after the media projected Biden as the election winner, Rouhani proclaimed, “The next US administration has now an opportunity to make up for the past mistakes and return to the path of commitment to international undertakings by respecting the global rules.” Joe Biden will almost certainly take Rouhani’s advice to heart, falling again for the Iranian regime’s siren song. Expect Biden to immediately set about reversing President Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran. This will mean trying quickly to lift at least some of the harsh sanctions imposed by Trump to force the Iranian regime to the negotiating table, which Trump will reportedly be adding to every week until Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021. Biden has already proposed to “streamline channels for banking and public health assistance from other countries in response to the health emergency in Iran,” as if Iran’s brutal regime could give a hoot about the health of its people. Joe Biden has also indicated his intention to rejoin the deeply flawed nuclear deal with Iran from which President Trump wisely withdrew. Biden would be willing to do so “as a starting point for follow-up negotiations” if Iran returns to compliance with its loophole-ridden commitments.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/11/why-biden-presidency-would-be-gift-iran-joseph-klein/

Miller: And There It Is: Biden Spokesperson Says AOC Won’t Be Disappointed With Biden’s ‘Incredibly Progressive and Aggressive’ Agenda

“No, I think that Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda. Take a look, for example, at his climate plan. It’s the boldest, biggest climate plan that’s ever been put forward by, you know, by a nominee running for president, and now a president-elect. “He’s gonna make good on those commitments. I mean we, you know, he spent time during this campaign bringing people together around this climate plan. He was able to get the endorsement of groups like the Sunrise Movement and the endorsement of Labor for this plan. It’s a big, aggressive plan. It’s a perfect example of the kind of, you know, big effort that he is going to make to meet this moment and to meet these crises that we’re in.”

Read more/Watch the interview: https://redstate.com/mike_miller/2020/11/09/277111-n277111

O’Neil: Biden Coronavirus Board Member: I Don’t Think Life Is Worth Living After 75, So Won’t Take Flu Shots

On Monday, Joe Biden — who has claimed the mantle of president-elect while President Donald Trump continues to contest the preliminary election results — named 13 health experts to his Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board, including former Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. Back in 2014, Emanuel published an op-ed in The Atlantic saying he wants to die at age 75 because life simply isn’t worth living after that point. The op-ed isn’t just personal, either — it attempts to convince the reader that death may be preferable to living to an advanced age.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/tyler-o-neil/2020/11/09/biden-covid-19-board-member-an-obamacare-architect-told-the-elderly-to-avoid-flu-shots-vaccines-n1132443

Van Maren: A grim look at the abortion regime Christian Biden-supporters voted for

Over 70 million Christians are alleged to have voted for Joe Biden for president. This is unfortunately not surprising, as many have been persuaded that it is acceptable to root for a candidate who advocates for feticide throughout all nine months of pregnancy by the media, by progressive Christians, and by the hard work put in by alleged pro-lifers who claimed that a pro-abortion candidate could technically be more “pro-life.” […]  If voting for a man who has supported abortion for 47 years doesn’t make you uncomfortable, perhaps it might make you uncomfortable to discover that Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of pre-born deaths (many in minority communities) was celebrating with you: You voted for change. You voted for your future. You voted for Joe Biden. The work is just getting started. Today, we celebrate; tomorrow, we get to work. Indeed you did. That work they’re referring to? That’s expanding the abortion industry. That future they’re talking about? It’s the abortion industry getting tens of millions of your tax dollars to fund feticide. This is the sort of celebration that could accurately be described as “grave-dancing” — and there you are, arm in arm with them. Strange bedfellows? Maybe. Maybe not. Ilyse Hogue, the head of NARAL Pro-Choice America (who once announced her abortion to cheers at the Democratic Convention), also celebrated with Biden’s Christian voters. She posted a photo . . .

Read more: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/a-grim-look-at-the-abortion-regime-christian-biden-supporters-voted-for

(10/2020) Burke: 7 Reasons Why the Equality Act Is Anything But

Nancy Pelosi delivered Wednesday on her promise to introduce the so-called Equality Act, which would elevate sexual orientation and gender identity to protected classes in federal anti-discrimination law. Although that may sound nice in theory, in practice sexual orientation and gender identity policies at the state and local level have caused profound harms to Americans from all walks of life. How might a sexual orientation and gender identity law on the federal level, as introduced in the House and Senate, affect you and your community? Here are seven ways: 1. It would penalize Americans who don’t affirm new sexual norms or gender ideology. . . . 2. It would compel speech. . . .  [NOTE: Biden has vowed to enact the Equality Act within his first 100 days in office.]

Read more: https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/03/14/7-reasons-why-the-equality-act-is-anything-but/

(New York) Jones: Rep.-Elect Jamal Bowman: ‘Progressive Policies…That Is Our Mandate From the American People’

He told CNN on Monday that a Biden administration must be “responsive” to the “urban centers of color” that pushed the Biden-Harris ticket over the top: So we have already begun to work in collaboration with the (Biden) White House to make sure our progressive policies are on the agenda, . . . […]  Bowman embraces “transformational politics,” and he said it’s not the fault of progressives that some Democrats lost, or came close to losing, in more centrist districts. Bowman’s campaign website list his “transformational policies,” as follows: — Rooting out racism with a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission’; transforming the criminal justice system; increasing economic investment. — Ending “educational apartheid”: “Instead of privatization, expanding charter schools, and shutting down public schools, let’s equitably invest in our public schools, pay our teachers a living wage, and fund full-time nurses, counselors, social workers in every school.” — The Green New Deal: “Move rapidly to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030”; repair and upgrade infrastructure; invest in public housing; environmental justice; hold corporate polluters accountable; support unions — Restructure foreign policy: . . .

Read more: https://www.cnsnews.com/article/washington/susan-jones/rep-elect-jamal-bowman-progressive-policiesthat-our-mandate-american



McKay: A Stolen Election Breaks the Republic

Team Trump should not be ignored. The evidence presented should not be ignored. It must be vetted, observed, and adjudicated. The media’s characterization  of Trump as whining or acting as a sore loser is invalid and inappropriate. Because as the president noted, this is about far more than his election. This involves the very existence of American government. It’s the very lives we lead that are at stake. Let’s understand what our Republic is. It is a contract between our people, and between our state governments, who are the ultimate sovereigns, and the federal government. The basis for that contract, its foundational principle, is the consent of the governed. Remember the words of the foundational document, The Declaration of Independence. “ That to secure these rights, . . .

Read more: https://spectator.org/stolen-election-trump-case/

(If you missed it) Former Independent Counsel and Fox News contributor Ken Starr joins ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ to discuss the 2020 election.

Pennsylvania mail-in ballot deadline extension a ‘constitutional travesty’

Watch the 11 minute interview: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6208240789001#sp=show-clips

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch Statement on the Disputed Presidential Election

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement today regarding the presidential election: Joe Biden is not “president-elect.” Changing results after Election Day raises significant legal and constitutional concerns, and President Trump should use available legal and constitutional remedies to help ensure the election results can be trusted by the American people. It is not normal for multiple states to be counting presidential votes for days after Election Day. And it raises significant concerns about the validity of post-election counts. Meanwhile, the media, including social media like Twitter and Facebook, are inaccurately labeling Biden is president-elect. No official sources have called the election. Federal law and the Constitution limit official sources to state officials, the Electoral College, and, ultimately, Congress. Judicial Watch has long warned of the chaos and increased risk of fraud from recklessly mailing 100 million ballots and ballot applications. Our most recent research, in September, revealed . . .

Read more: https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/statement-presidential-election/

Nitzberg: Barr authorizes DOJ prosecutors to investigate election irregularities

Attorney General William Barr has issued a memo in which he said that he authorized federal prosecutors “to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdictions in certain cases, as I have already done in specific instances.”

Barr noted that this did not serve to indicate the Justice Department has determined that voting irregularities affected election outcomes.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/ag-barr-authorizes-federal-prosecutors-investigate-allegations-election

Agresti: Study: Illegal Votes by Non-Citizens Could’ve Sealed Biden’s Win, Based on Prior Elections

Based on current population data from the Census Bureau and voting data from previous elections, my organization, Just Facts, has conducted a study to estimate the number of votes illegally cast by non-citizens in the battleground states of the 2020 election. The results—documented in this spreadsheet—show that such fraudulent activities have netted Joe Biden the following extra votes in these tightly contested states: Arizona: 51,081 ± 17,689  Georgia: 54,950 ± 19,025  Michigan: 22,585 ± 7,842 Nevada: 22,021 ± 7,717  North Carolina: 46,218 ± 16,001  Pennsylvania: 32,706 ± 11,332  Wisconsin: 5,010 ± 1,774 If the lower end of these illegal vote estimates were removed from the vote tallies as of Nov. 8, 2020, 2:00 AM EST, Donald Trump would be leading . . . If the upper end of the illegal vote estimates were removed, Trump would be leading . . .  These estimates account for just one type of election fraud, and they tend to understate it because they depend on Census surveys, which are known to undercount non-citizens. […]  Pathways to Illegal Voting  All 50 states require people to be U.S. citizens in order to register to vote in federal elections, and federal law forbids non-citizens from falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to register to vote. However, enforcement mechanisms for such laws are limited, and opportunities to get around them are ample. […]  After dodging the fact that Dreamers and undocumented immigrants are not citizens, Obama’s clear message was that there is no effective way to enforce the law that prohibits them from voting.

Read more: https://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/james-agresti/study-illegal-votes-by-noncitizens-couldve-sealed-bidens-win-based-prior-elections

Gonzales: On Electoral Fraud in 2020

A lawsuit filed in the Keystone State before Election Day by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) claims there were 21,000 deceased people on its voter rolls ahead of the 2020 election, the Washington Times reports.. . . Ninety percent of the 21,000 registered voters have been dead for more than five years. Of that number, 12,192 were listed as active. Odd as that sounds, Pennsylvania’s dead voters are actually dwarfed in number by “ghost” voters nationwide. These are not the dearly departed, reanimated sort who have graciously decided to enlist in the Democratic cause. Rather, “ghost” voters are those who never were. They were never born. They don’t exist. A study of Census Bureau population statistics and state voter registration data by Judicial Watch illuminates this issue. The study, reported in the Washington Times, found that 352 U.S. counties in 29 states generated 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. “In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100 percent of eligible voters. The study found eight states showing state-wide registration rates exceeding 100 percent: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2020/11/09/on-electoral-fraud-in-2020/

Nitzberg: One man’s mission: to find voting fraud in the 2020 election — or remove the taint

“And a big component of our programs is actually reaching out to people to find out if they actually voted, if they cast a ballot that the state said they did,” said Matt Braynard in an interview for the John Solomon Reports podcast.[…]  During an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast, Braynard noted that the investigation is “not just important because we might discover fraud, it’s also important because if we don’t discover fraud this is probably the only way we could remove the suspicion of fraud.”

Read more/Listen to the podcast: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/man-has-launched-investigation-uncover-potential-voting-fraud-2020

Durden: “It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data

Using time series data ‘scraped’ from the New York Times website, the data – comparing several states (swing and non-swing) – clearly illustrates what fraud does and does not look like, and how several anomalies in swing states left ‘fingerprints of fraud’ as Biden pulled ahead of President Trump. This is based on their proprietary “Edison” data source which would ordinarily be impossible to access for people outside the press. The CSV is available here(updated). And the script to generate it is hereI suggest that everyone back up both of these files, bc this is an extremely important data source, and we cant risk anyone taking it down. What we are looking at will be time series analysis and you will see that it is extremely difficult to create convincing synthetic times series data. By looking at the times series logs of the ballot counting process for the entire country, we can very easily spot fraud. One of the first things noticed while exploring the dataset is that there seems to be an obvious pattern in the ratio of new #Biden ballots to new #Trump ballots.

Read more: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/it-defies-logic-scientist-finds-telltale-signs-election-fraud-after-analyzing-mail-ballot

Greenfield: A Stolen Presidential Election in the Nation’s Election Fraud Capital

The corruption of Philly Democrats is worse than you can imagine.  In October, someone got away with a laptop and USB drives full of encrypted data at the warehouse where Philadelphia’s voting machines are stored. Philadelphia city officials swiftly assured voters that there was nothing to worry about because all the data was encrypted. Meanwhile a local reporter was able to enter the warehouse and stroll around the voting machines without anyone in the warehouse stopping him. Others had noted that accessing the USB slot for the voting machines was surprisingly easy. But there were bigger problems at the warehouse than that. The serial numbers on the voting machines didn’t match election records. In a familiar story, officials blamed clerical errors. And there were a whole lot of errors. The new voting machines had been incorrectly recording votes.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/11/stolen-presidential-election-nations-election-daniel-greenfield/


PROOF OF FRAUD? Republicans Won 28 of 29 Most Competitive House Seats, Added 3 State Legislatures, Did Not Lose a Single House Race — But Joe Biden Won!!?!

Watch Maria Bartiromo interview House Minority leader (R-Calif.) Kevin McCarthy:https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/proof-fraud-republicans-won-28-29-competitive-house-seats-added-3-state-legislatures-not-lose-single-house-race-joe-biden-won/

Olson: Ex-Michigan Deputy Attorney General Alleges Detroit Counters Assigned Fraudulent Ballots to Non-Voters

Zachary Larsen, who served in both the Bill Schuette (R) and Dana Nessel (D) administrations, was a Republican poll challenger and arrived at the TCF Center in Detroit to observe the absentee ballot counting process last week.Larsen said “the secrecy of the ballot was not being respected” throughout the process. “Instead, the second official at the table where I was observing was repeatedly placing her fingers into the secrecy sleeve to separate the envelope and visually peek into the envelopes in a way that would allow her to visually observe the ballot and identify some of the votes cast by the voter,” he said in an affidavit that was part of a suit filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center. […]  He said he was concerned that by violating the secrecy, a worker’s personal political preferences may impact whether a ballot would be placed in the “problem ballots” box.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/09/ex-michigan-deputy-attorney-general-alleges-detroit-counters-assigned-fraudulent-ballots-to-non-voters/

(11/5/20) McMaster: Bill Whittle: Integrity of America’s Election System Hangs in the Balance

Bill Whittle’s appearance on Crossroads with Joshua Philipp.

Watch the 33 minute interview: https://billwhittle.com/bill-whittle-integrity-of-americas-election-system-hangs-in-the-balance/

UNBELIEVABLE: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines

Stunning Facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic, is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden. Brown was also named UN #2 – Deputy Secretary General on March 3rd,  2006, and also former VP of the World Bank. His machine was used in all the swing states. Could this help explain the MI 200,000 vote sudden dump of Biden ballots, while WI got 100,000 late night delivery? Soros Minion: How did a close George Soros associate , a Quantum Fund VP, who lived in his NYC apartment get accepted for crucial voting machinery? Especially after Soros’ unrelenting attack on the US justice system by funding leftist DAs? Brown was concurrently Vice-Chair of Soros Fund Management & Vice-Chair of Open Society Institute. Is Lord Brown George Soros’ favorite lieutenant? Agent Provocateur Brown: So, what kind of person is Lord Brown? […]

Failed Vote Software Company: Dominion is associated with vote disasters, “Dominion “got into trouble” with several subsidiaries it used over alleged cases of fraud. One subsidiary is Smartmatic, a company “that has played a significant role in the U.S. market over the last decade,” according to a report published by UK-based AccessWire. Litigation over Smartmatic “glitches” alleges they impacted the 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines, raising questions of cheating and fraud. An independent review of the source codes used in the machines found multiple problems.”

Smartmatic & Dominion FailuresBloomberg criticized computer voter machines and software as inherently flawed in 2019. CBS News reported in 2019, “The voting machine lobby, led by the biggest company, ES&S, believes they are above the law,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. They have not had anybody hold them accountable even on the most basic matters.” [NOTE:  Maria Bartiromo reported  that Nancy Pelosi’s longtime chief of staff is a key executive at Dominion software company and Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband owns a significant share of the company.]

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/article/unbelievable-george-soros-employee-owns-defective-switch-vote-biden-machine


Datoc: Trump Campaign Lunches Another Lawsuit In Pennsylvania Over Ballot ‘Curing’ – Here’s What You Need To Know

“What this means if you were a Democrat in Philadelphia, you were able to work outside the grounds on fixing defective ballots—sometimes referred to as ‘curing’ — but if you’re in Republican counties in the state of Pennsylvania you were not allowed to do that because they were strictly following the text of the statute in Pennsylvania,” he continued . . .

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/09/trump-campaign-lawsuit-pennsylvania-ballot-curing/

Schlichter: In the Fight

First, let me start out by reminding the goose-stepping list-makers of the left that my last name contains two H’s. I just want to make sure that everyone knows that it was me who supported President Donald Trump and not some other guy. I write this in Las Vegas, where I answered Ric Grenell’s call to come out and help with the Nevada post-election chaos. I’m not going to talk about specifics here, but I’ve seen individual and systemic irregularities that are sometimes shocking. The idea that we are suppose to just shrug and accept this fiasco and go on as if there was nothing wrong with this election is a sure way to guarantee that these same issues will arise again and again and again. Maybe that’s the plan. Actually, not “maybe.” That is the plan. And trying to shame us in to acquiescing is part of it.

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2020/11/09/in-the-fight-n2579675


Root: If Democrats Stole the Election, Here’s the Only Way to Win It Back

Mr. President, there’s only one way to win this now. You need proof. Hard evidence. And witnesses who participated in the robbery. You need to create a new reality show, “Who Wants to Be an Instant Democratic Millionaire … and Get Full Immunity?” That’s one hell of a reality show title. That offer will be a game changer. That offer will change America’s future. That offer will save capitalism. That offer will save the Silent Majority and the great American middle class. […]  Trump must offer $1 million each to the first 100 Democrat participants in the stealing of the election who come forward. We’ll create 100 instant Democrat millionaires for hard evidence, photos, videos and testimony that leads to a Supreme Court decision overturning this election. Along with $1 million to each of 100 witnesses, they each also receive full Department of Justice immunity. But if you don’t come forward first, everyone else who participated is going to prison for life. Because the stealing of a presidency is treason. Keep in mind $100 million is . . .

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/wayneallynroot/2020/11/08/if-democrats-stole-the-election-heres-the-only-way-to-win-it-back-n2579651

Valentine: What Would George Patton Do? 

Patton was the master of offense.  Never sit still, always attack, keep your enemy off balance. Translated to the current situation we see the Trump team collecting every piece of evidence possible showing massive voter fraud.  Lots of pieces it appears.  People are showing up with their phone photos of election workers covering windows so Republicans cannot see in.  This week the litigation starts.  That’s an offense of sorts. While that is critical, it fails in one key respect — these lawsuits have antidotes.  The other side shows up and their in-the-bag media pals gaslight America with one story after another about how some fraudulent act was just a process error — happens all the time. So what would George Patton do? He would look for the aggressive move against which there is no defense, no antidote, no counterpunch, and he would give all he’s got. Translation:  . . .  […]  If Trump pulls this off, and only he can, the Deep State has met its match.

Read more:  https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/what_would_george_patton_do.html


Davidson: Georgia Legislature Should Convene And Ban Mail-In Voting For Runoff Elections

Americans were denied the privilege of knowing who won the election on the same day that many voted due to a combination of delayed mail-in ballots, voter fraud, and other election violations popping up all around the country. While we await pending litigation in many key states, state legislators in Georgia have a unique opportunity to step in and assure swift and fair practices in critical runoff elections. All eyes turn to the Georgia Senate seats where two Republican incumbents and their challengers will face off in January to decide if the GOP’s majority in the Senate will prevail. Democrats are quickly pouring more money and resources into the Peach State with the hopes that they could possibly unseat two Republican Senators and take control of the Senate.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/09/georgia-legislature-should-convene-and-ban-mail-in-voting-for-runoff-elections/


Toldjah: Chuck Schumer Accidentally Gives Georgia Republicans Huge Gift in Senate Runoff Races (Watch)

. . .  the two Georgia Senate runoff races that will take place on Jan. 5th. Incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler will face off against Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock in one race, while incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue will take on Democrat Jon Ossoff in the other one. Sensing momentum was on the left’s side, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the streets in his home state of New York Saturday during a Biden-Harris “victory” rally to proclaim . . . Schumer’s comments were an accidental gift to Senate Republicans in the runoff races, as Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume and others pointed out: . . .

Read more/Watch (D-NY) Senator Schumer’s proclamation:  https://redstate.com/sister-toldjah/2020/11/09/chuck-schumer-accidentally-gives-georgia-republicans-huge-gift-in-senate-runoff-races-watch-n277140

Greenfield: Warnock Falsely Claims He Never Called Israel an Apartheid State, After Calling Israel an Apartheid State

Exit polls showed that 49% of Georgia Jews voted for President Trump. Why? One answer is Warnock. Warnock had signed on to a statement falsely accusing Israel of being an apartheid state, falsely describing Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, as an “occupied” territory oppressed by Israel, and falsely claiming that “Jewish” people engage in “segregation”. The letter signed by Warnock also ranted that, “Israeli fear… begets hatred” and demanded an end to weapons sales to Israel. Now, as the battle for one of Georgia’s Senate seats moves to a runoff, Warnock is assuring Jews that he didn’t say the things he said. […]  Then there’s Warnock’s Jeremiah Wright defense. If the GOP had any sense, they’d be running Wright’s G-d Damn America rant and Warnock defending Wright on a loop. Aside from hating white people in general, and Italians, and America, Wright really hated Jews. Then there’s this Warnock sermon from 2018.

“We saw the government of Israel . . .

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2020/11/warnock-falsely-claims-he-never-called-israel-daniel-greenfield/

Matamoros: Dem Senate Candidate Warnock Dodges on Court Packing

Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock (D.) on Monday refused to say whether he would support adding seats to the U.S. Supreme Court if Democrats successfully took control of the Senate. […]  Warnock performed slightly better than Loeffler on Election Day, but neither came close to the 50 percent needed to win the race outright. The runoff election will take place Jan. 5, 2021.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/2020-election/dem-senate-candidate-warnock-dodges-on-court-packing/


Anderson: GOP Poised to Unseat CA Dem Rouda

Republican challenger Michelle Steel is poised to unseat California Democratic representative Harley Rouda as the GOP looks to expand on its unexpected House gains. Steel currently leads Rouda by more than 7,300 votes. A GOP operative in the state told the Washington Free Beacon that an estimated 7,000 votes are yet to be recorded. The Democrat has failed to thwart Republican attacks over his scandal-plagued business record. As a real estate executive, Rouda terminated his employees’ health care and retirement benefits. His businesses were subject to hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liens over a 17-year period. Republican candidates are also leading in two additional California swing districts  . . . […]  Should Republicans prevail in the tight races, 2020 will mark the California GOP’s most successful year in recent memory. Republicans last flipped four Democratic-held seats in the state in 1980.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/2020-election/gop-poised-to-unseat-ca-dem-rouda/


Spencer: Now for the Next Step: Articles About What Happens if the President-Elect Dies Before Taking Office

The Left has, in an odd way, been transparent about their entire strategy during this election. Among many other signals, Nancy Pelosi told us Trump would lead at the end of election night but would not win. And now the ink was barely dry on the media anointings of Joe Biden as the president-elect when hints of the next phase began to appear: articles explaining what would or should happen if the president-elect died before the inauguration. Are Kamala and her backers that restless already? […]  . . . on Saturday, Tim McDonnell, who is something called a “climate reporter” for Quartz, came out clearly with what this is all about. In an article entitled “What happens if a president-elect dies before inauguration?,” McDonnell wrote: “It may seem morbid, but given that Biden, at 77, will be the oldest president-elect in history and is running in the midst of a pandemic, it’s worth clarifying what would happen if he dies before taking office. If Joe Biden were to die before being sworn in as president, he would almost certainly be replaced by Kamala Harris.” No kidding, really? Quartz got some pushback for this, . . . Then on Sunday, journalist Emily France wrote another piece on this in as.com: . . .

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2020/11/08/now-for-the-next-step-articles-about-what-happens-if-the-president-elect-dies-before-taking-office-n1131699

WALSH: Now That Biden Thinks He’s Won, He Wants Us To ‘Unite.’ Sorry, I’ll Pass.

With counts still ongoing, a recount in Georgia not even started, and legal challenges still being mounted — in other words, when the matter of who actually won the election was still very much up in the air — the media decided that it had seen enough and declared Joe Biden the winner. As to this decision, I will maintain my radical stance that we can never know who won any election until all legal votes have been counted, and accusations of improprieties have been investigated and litigated. That has not happened yet in this case. We remain in limbo, whether the media chooses to acknowledge it or not.

But none of this stopped Joe Biden from taking to the stage Saturday to deliver his victory speech — a speech breathtaking in its dishonesty, phoniness, and arrogance. Of course, dishonesty, phoniness, and arrogance are the general tenor of almost any political victory speech, or political speech of any other kind, but this one managed to raise the bar by several notches. Biden stressed “unity” over and over again, promised to bring Americans together and “heal” us, declared an end to partisanship, and announced his intentions to “restore the soul of America.” I am not sure how a soul is restored, much less how a president can do it. Perhaps it’s something that can be handled through Executive Order. However it is done, the point is that our souls have been restored, we are healed, and we can unite together, clasping hands in fields of daffodils and singing songs of joy. All is right in the world because Uncle Joe is here to sniff our hair and calm our fears.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/walsh-now-that-biden-thinks-hes-won-he-wants-us-to-unite-sorry-ill-pass


Twitter’s Censorship of President Trump Continues to Escalate

Amid the most disputed election results in recent history, Twitter continues to censor the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Of the 19 tweets posted by the President in the last 24 hours, 30 percent have been tagged with a warning from Twitter calling them “disputed,” and linking to a Twitter “fact check” — which usually consists of claims from the Democrat-aligned mainstream media. Jack Dorsey’s far-left social network has been leading the campaign to prevent the President’s messages from reaching American voters online. As of November 5, Twitter had censored half of President Trump’s tweets since election day.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/11/09/twitters-censorship-of-president-trump-continues-to-escalate/

The Right Scoop: ‘You would think both parties would agree we should look at these allegations.’ Turley makes sense, so Twitter FLAGS it!

Now, social media FLAGS the President of the United States for QUOTING A LAW PROFESSOR who was speaking on a NATIONAL PRESS PLATFORM. Does that seem odd to anyone? That a president quoting a law professor speaking to the free press should be censored by big tech? Anyone? Listen to this REASONABLE discourse and interview, which makes no outrageous claims and – this is important – and says nothing that is in dispute or has been called into question by ANY authority.

Read more/Watch the 4 minute interview with Democrat law professor Jonathan Turley:https://therightscoop.com/you-would-think-both-parties-would-agree-we-should-look-at-these-allegations-turley-makes-sense-so-twitter-flags-it/

Solomon: Zuckerberg urged transparency in politics, but his election group’s spending remains shrouded

Zuckerberg’s own influence on the 2020 election — an unprecedented $350 million gambit to route money though the nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life to local election districts across the country — remains shrouded in secrecy because the group won’t release the amounts and timing of its grants. CTCL provided Just the News a link to a spreadsheet listing some 2,500 localities — scattered among red and blue states — that it granted money to in 2020 to help turn out voters during a pandemic. But CTCL refused repeated requests to provide the amounts and dates of grants to each district. The latter data is necessary to calculate per capita spending in each community and determine whether the group has favored Democrats or Republicans with its grant making.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/zuckerberg-urged-transparency-politics-his-election-groups-spending

Leahy: Most of Biden’s 221,000 Vote Margin Gain in Georgia in 3 Counties that Received $15 Million from Zuckerberg-Funded ‘Safe Elections’ Project

Most of Joe Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain in Georgia, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from three metropolitan Atlanta counties that received more than $15 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project. Those three counties — Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett–accounted for 168,703 of Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain, or 76 percent. In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Georgia by 211,141 votes, 2,089,104 to 1,877,963, according to the Georgia Secretary of State’s election website.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting as of 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, November 9, Democratic nominee Joe Biden was leading Donald Trump by 10,610 votes, 2,466,540 to 2,455,930, according to Real Clear Politics.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/09/most-of-bidens-221000-vote-margin-gain-in-georgia-in-3-counties-that-received-15-million-from-zuckerberg-funded-safe-elections-project/


Fruen & Griffith: James Murdoch’s wife Kathryn tweets ‘we did it!!!!’ and shares anti-Trump posts after Biden’s win – days after agreeing with CNN’s Jake Tapper that Fox News should disavow Trump’s election fraud claims

On Election Day she had written: ‘What will you tell your children or your future self about the part you played in history?’ By Saturday she had also shared posts that referenced ‘Trump’s authoritarian antics’ and ‘surviving the gravest threat to our system of government since the Civil War.” Kathryn, 47, had also voiced her agreement that her family, which owns Fox News, must ‘put their country above their profits’ and disavow President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8926433/James-Murdochs-wife-Kathryn-tweets-did-shares-anti-Trump-posts-Bidens-win.html

Qtah tweeted: HOT MIC! “We need to look into it”, listen to the Fox anchors response!

Watch the 45 second video: https://twitter.com/Qtah17/status/1325860291108802561

WATCH: Fox News Cuts McEnany Speech As She Torches Democrats For Not Wanting More Secure Elections

Fox News host Neil Cavuto cut coverage of the network’s coverage of a speech from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday as she spoke on behalf of the Trump campaign in a personal capacity about how Democrats do not support many of the measures that Republicans say will tighten up security surrounding U.S. elections. “There is only one party in America that opposes voter ID,” McEnany said. “One party in America that opposes verifying signatures, citizenship, residency, eligibility. There is only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room and that party, my friends, is the Democrat Party. You don’t take these positions because you want an honest election. You don’t oppose an audit of the vote because you want an accurate count. You don’t oppose our efforts at sunlight and transparency because you have nothing to hide.” […]  Cavuto cut off her remarks, saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I just think we have to be very clear that she’s charging that the other side . . .

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/watch-fox-news-cuts-mcenany-speech-as-she-torches-democrats-for-not-wanting-more-secure-elections

Davidson: CNN, Media Lavish Praise On Fox News’s Neil Cavuto For Cutting Off White House Press Secretary

Cavuto’s decision to cut off the presser was commended by many including Oliver Darcy, a senior media reporter for CNN. “This from Cavuto, who has been more outspoken than his colleagues on Trump’s lies, is good,” Darcy said. “But it’s also him clearing the lowest of low bars — and yet it will spawn a bunch of “Fox turning on Trump” chatter when network is still carrying his water.” […]  CNN’s Brian Stelter also noted the abrupt programming change. “Another sign of the Murdoch media world tug-of-war I’ve been describing: Neil Cavuto cut off Kayleigh McEnany on his show while OTHER Fox shows are promoting the same kind of B.S. she was pushing.” Other journalists from CNN, NPR, Washington Post, MSNBC, Financial Times, and others retweeted and echoed Darcy’s praise of Cavuto’s decision to cut away from the press secretary.

Read more/Watch the video: https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/09/cnn-media-lavish-praise-on-fox-newss-neil-cavuto-for-cutting-off-white-house-press-secretary/

Fox: Ronna McDaniel Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI: Media Still Demands ‘Evidence’

McDaniel detailed the claims of many of the affidavits. “I hope you look at these affidavits,” she told the press. “And I hope you hear from the people who were there [in Detroit].” She also urged the media to care about the reports of voter fraud and intimidation instead of just ignoring or suppressing them as they have been doing and moving on with the news cycle as if their declaration of a win for Biden is the final word on the matter. “So just after a week after the polls close, Democrats and the media want to ignore these irregularities,” McDaniel said. “Even one instance of voter fraud should be too many for all of us.” Watching the news these days is a lot like watching a Monty Python skit because immediately after McDaniel gave her evidence and told the press where to find the affidavits, they demanded that she show “evidence” of the alleged fraud.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/election/megan-fox/2020/11/09/ronna-mcdaniel-presents-131-affidavits-2800-incident-reports-of-alleged-voter-fraud-in-mi-media-still-demands-evidence-n1134171

Mack: MSNBC Talking Head Has Been Writing Biden’s Speeches

As the connection between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party gets more blurred, The New York Times reported an MNSBC contributor is writing speeches for Joe Biden. After assisting in writing Biden’s acceptance speech, presidential historian Jon Meacham has appeared on MSNBC at least three times since Saturday, per Mediaite. The Times reported he has been a paid contributor to the network, which has been very critical of President Donald Trump. The network has now told the Times he will no longer be paid, but he will continue to appear on the network for free.

Read more: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/speech-writer-jon-meacham-msnbc/2020/11/09/id/996183/

Mainwaring: Todd Starnes: Fox News forbade me to defend religious liberty from LGBT movement

Former Fox News personality Todd Starnes revealed this morning that the channel — once the go-to news source for social conservatives — long ago banned any reporting defending religious liberty against LGBT ideology or reflecting negatively on LGBT activists. “In my final year at Fox News Channel, my editors told me that I could no longer write any columns defending religious liberty against the LGBT movement,” wrote Starnes in a Facebook posting. “They refused to publish any column that reflected negatively on LGBT activists,” said Starnes. “That’s when I figured my time at the Fox News Corner of the World was nearing an end.” Fox News’s trend toward accepting . . .

Read more: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/todd-starnes-fox-news-forbade-me-to-defend-religious-liberty-from-lgbt-movement?utm_source=top_news&utm_campaign=standard

(11/3/2020) Jekielek: The Invisible Influence of Big Tech on Politics and Elections: Allum Bokhari

How do big tech companies impact the political beliefs of their users? In this episode, we sit down with investigative journalist Allum Bokhari, author of “#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.” […]  Mr. Bokhari: Well, as I cover in the book, and first of all, I’ll say this book is not just my opinions about big tech. It’s based on interviews I’ve conducted with people inside Facebook, people inside Google, whistleblowers who are concerned about the direction of these companies and the influence they’re having on democratic politics—which is completely unaccountable influence. […]  Mr. Bokhari: Well, I’ll focus on one of the things that one of my Facebook sources told me in the book—and by the way, if you want to check out the website deletedbook.com, it has a full extensive interview with this guy and many others inside Silicon Valley. One of the things he told me is that one of Facebook’s priorities after 2016 was this so-called depolarization effort.

Read more: https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-invisible-influence-of-big-tech-on-politics-and-elections-allum-bokhari_3563789.html


Kengor: Biden Calls for Unity After Blaming Trump for Killing Over 200,000 Americans

If the president had done his job,” said Joe Biden at a CNN town hall in Moosic, Pennsylvania, on September 17, “all the people would still be alive. All the people. I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.” Every person who died from COVID-19 was Donald Trump’s fault. So said Joe.

CNN was mum in response to this cruel charge, not daring to challenge this viciously handy campaign narrative weaponized by its candidate. Biden’s shot was shameless, so much so that even PolitiFact rushed to Trump’s defense. Had Pfizer made its announcement a week earlier, does anyone doubt that Drudge and CNN and the AP and the entirety of the anti-Trump media wouldn’t have ignored or thrown cold water on it? But that hardly stopped liberals. Four days later, several Democrats gathered outside the White House hoisting a neon sign that glowed, “Trump lied, 200,000 died.” The sign was paid for by the Democrat National Committee. Kamala harris jumped in on the action.” Donald Trump . . .  […] Can you imagine anything more divisive? But no, that’s not Joe, you see, is a unifier.

Read more: https://spectator.org/biden-unity-trump-covid/


Pollak: Report: House Democrats to Continue Investigating Trump After White House

The Business Insider reported Monday: House Democrats are showing no sign they intend to just let President Donald Trump off the hook once he’s out of office. In fact, Trump’s re-election loss gives them even more opportunity to get to the bottom of questions they’ve been pursuing for years around the New York businessman-turned-politician’s finances and taxes. Lawmakers armed with subpoena power could also turn up information that federal prosecutors might not know about as the Justice Department under Joe Biden weighs whether to pursue a criminal case against Trump, who as a former president will no longer have immunity from such matters.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/09/report-house-democrats-to-continue-investigating-trump-after-white-house/

Kruiser: Dear Democrats: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Unity Candle

The wholesale repackaging of Joe Biden as a kindly grandfather, best pal, and empathetic nation healer for this past campaign has been a bit much to stomach even for my cast-iron gut. As a conservative, I’m able to recall history that happened more than a week ago, a feat which Democrats are incapable of pulling off. I like to refer to them as the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind party. I can remember Joe Biden’s history as a politician, as well as the way Democrats have treated Republicans for the last four years. Joe Biden is a spiteful, divisive politician and has been since he got to Washington. The fact that he’s senile and old now doesn’t make him some sort of cuddly national teddy bear. The mainstream media are — SHOCKER — complicit in the Biden fairy tale, and they’re going to be working it hard for the next year if Joe makes it that far. The more that they can polish Grandpa Gropes’ fake halo, the more they can keep blaming Republicans for everything, because we’re just heartless and won’t go take a big swig at the Fountain of Unity.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/columns/stephen-kruiser/2020/11/09/dear-democrats-heres-what-you-can-do-with-your-unity-candle-n1133676

ABC: Gov. Cuomo Threatens to Block Trump Admin.’s Distribution of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

Watch the 3 minute interview: https://www.air.tv/watch?v=sHQgmYMhSeC8RNwg-XeHWQ

Parker: Best-Selling Anti-Racist Author: The Terms ‘Personal Responsibility’ and ‘Legal Vote’ Are Racist

On Saturday — hours before MSNBC and others declared Joe Biden as America’s 46th president — another language update arrived courtesy of anti-racism author Ibram X. Kendi. Ibram confirmed the nefarious nature of select terms, including “crackbaby” and “handout.” Also: “personal responsibility.” Particularly timely was the laid-out lewdness of legal voting. Ibram taught the Twitterverse: “The term ‘legal vote’ is as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms ‘illegal alien’ and ‘race neutral’ and ‘welfare queen’ and ‘handouts’ and ‘super predator’ and ‘crackbaby’ and ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘post racial.’”

Read more: https://redstate.com/alexparker/2020/11/08/ibram-x-anti-racist-legal-vote-racist-term-personal-responsibility-voter-fraud-n277067

Olohan: DC Mayor Traveled To ‘High Risk’ Delaware For Biden Victory Speech Despite Her Own Mandate

Bowser’s office released an updated list of high risk states, including Delaware, on November 2 noting that “anyone coming into Washington, DC from a high-risk state (within the prior 14 days) who was traveling for non-essential activities will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days from their arrival in the District.”

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/09/bowser-delaware-high-risk-quarantine/


Miguel: Biden’s Enforcers? Antifa Attacks Pro-Trump Stop the Steal Demonstrators

If this is how the Left reacts when they win, just imagine the anarchy that will ensue if President Trump pulls through. Violence erupted over the weekend between Antifa and supporters of the president at the Washington State capitol building. The pro-Trump crowd had gathered there to bring attention to the alleged voter fraud believed to be contributing to Joe Biden’s current electoral lead. They were in Olympia as part of the nationwide Stop the Steal movement. At one point, a clash broke out between the Trump supporters and members of Antifa who arrived on scene. […]  In a second video, two women tell Daviscourt that they were attacked by a man wearing a “gay pride” facemask and a Black Lives Matter agitator who began punching them until the man in the black sweatshirt stepped in to protect them before he, too, was assaulted.

Read more/Watch the videos: https://thenewamerican.com/bidens-enforcers-antifa-attacks-pro-trump-stop-the-steal-demonstrators/

The Right Scoop: Who could have foreseen it?? Watch as Antifa turns on Biden IMMEDIATELY, protest his VICTORY party.

Read more/Watch the 2:10 minute video: https://therightscoop.com/who-could-have-foreseen-it-watch-as-antifa-turns-on-biden-immediately-protest-his-victory-party/

Dima: Portland Rioters Smash Windows, Deface Local Democratic Party Office, Police Say

“Biden” was also tagged onto the building next to a symbol that represents anarchy, and the vandalism was accompanied by what appeared to be a statement that read “No Presidents,” the photographs revealed.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/09/portland-rioters-vandalize-democratic-office-multnomah/

Fred T: Biden revelers BEHEAD and ‘murder’ Trump effigies to support … UNITY?

Read more/Watch the 54 second video: https://therightscoop.com/biden-revelers-behead-and-murder-trump-effigies-to-support-unity/

Arama: Man Shot to Death During Biden Celebration in the CHAZ in Seattle

According to The Seattle Times who spoke to Patterson’s mother, Que Vassar, she said he had just met with friends at the celebration and they were leaving when they said he was shot. Why is not clear yet. There is no indication that the shooting was politically motivated. BLM folks were pretty silent as to the circumstances which suggests to me that it was someone on the left or in the celebration. Police are investigating but do not have a suspect in custody as of yet. A handgun was reportedly found and turned into the police by a witness. But it’s pretty sad that even in a ‘celebration’ on the left someone gets shot and killed.

Read more: https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/11/09/man-shot-to-death-during-biden-celebration-in-the-chaz-in-seattle-n277106


11/7/2020: John Anderson: Victor Davis Hanson | US Election 2020

Author, historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson analyses events in the United States as the election drama continues to unfold. Biden looks likely to gain the Presidency, but the ultimate winners and losers of this election are still being decided.

Watch the one hour video interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6idYZ25Qq6w&feature=youtu.be


VDH: The NeverTrump Never Again

NeverTrump was a loose term for lots of different Republican apostates. First, were a small cadre of self-described conservatives and doctrinaire Republicans, who under no circumstances would have ever voted for Trump or embraced his agenda, or in some extreme cases, ever voted for any who would vote Trump. So there are gradations of NeverTrumpers. But mostly the general pique comes down to cultural, comportment, class—and often careerist—concerns, rather than policies per se. After the election, we can now see better the contours of who and what these NeverTrump cliques were. Give the hardcore tiny credit for consistency: they hated candidate Trump. They swore that he would never be nominated, never be elected, never finish his term, and never be reelected. Since 2015 most of their lives have been consumed by joining everyone from the Anonymous nonentity to the Mooch in damning Trump.

A few claimed that they still remained conservative, but their venom prompted them to oppose almost all Republican Senators and House members for their apostasy of Trump support. Some claim they want names of Trumpers as if they are Stalinist prosecutors. In fact, they are akin to . . . .  They did not just vote against Trump, but voted enthusiastically for Biden and raised many millions for their . . .  A few have now become unapologetic liberal Democrats, or perhaps  . . .

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2020/11/08/the-nevertrump-never-again/


Kelly: Was Pfizer’s Vaccine News Slow-Walked Until After the Election?

Collaborating with Big Pharma to hold off good news about a vaccine is yet another example of Joe Biden’s and the media’s shamelessness. As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe in the spring, President Trump announced his plan to fast-track an effective vaccine that would be available by the new year. The goal of Operation Warp Speed, launched by the White House in May, was “to produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines with the initial doses available by January 2021, as part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.” Congress appropriated $10 billion to fund the ambitious program. The president and his team spent months touting the success of the public-private partnership. […] The government’s lengthy, burdensome immunization approval process—which lasts an average of 73 months—was slashed to 14 months. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar promised his agency would “squeeze every last inefficiency” to achieve the president’s goal. But just like every other aspect of coronavirus, the vaccine has been a political cudgel. Democrats, including Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have fueled public distrust about the vaccine.  “If Donald Trump tells us we should take it, . . .

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2020/11/09/was-pfizers-vaccine-news-slow-walked-until-after-the-election/

Rodriquez: FDA Approves Eli Lilly Coronavirus Antibody Treatment for Emergency Use

The monoclonal antibody treatment, called bamlanivimab, is targeted at adults and children over the age of 12 with mild to moderate illness but who are at risk of hospitalization, according to the FDA’s letter of authorization. The therapy is also meant for people with preexisting health conditions, such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, sickle cell disease, or anyone over the age of 65. The FDA’s authorization expands doctors’ ability to use the Eli Lilly treatment outside of clinical trials.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/health/2020/11/09/fda-approves-eli-lilly-coronavirus-antibody-treatment-emergency-use/


Trunsky: FDA Has Delayed Approval Process For Promising Cancer Drug For Months Because Of COVID

A promising immunotherapy drug for patients battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma may fail to gain FDA approval due to COVID-19 precautions, according to company executives and a quarterly report. […]  Liso-cel, manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb, originally had its Food and Drug Administration (FDA) application accepted in February, but has yet to have one of its contracted manufacturing sites undergo FDA inspection due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only is the drug’s approval contingent on the facility inspections from the FDA, according to multiple company executives, but its application expires on Nov. 16, meaning that if the plant is not inspected in the coming days Bristol-Myers may have to completely resubmit the drug’s application as a result.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/09/fda-delayed-approval-process-promising-cancer-drug-months-covid/

Prestigiacomo: GoFundMe Derails Fundraiser For ‘Whistleblower’ Mail Carrier From Pennsylvania

A GoFundMe account for “whistleblower” mail carrier Richard Hopkins from Erie, Pennsylvania, had his account put on “hold,” unable to withdraw funds, journalist James O’Keefe reported Sunday. Hopkins claims he was instructed to collect late ballots, with the apparent intent from Postmaster Rob Weisenbach to backdate the votes. The mail carrier made the explosive claims in a signed affidavit under the penalty of perjury. […]  “They’re flagging a whistleblower?” Donald Trump Jr. commented on the post. “The same people that would do anything for whistleblowers who would come against conservatives regardless of credibility???”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/gofundme-derails-fundraiser-for-whistleblower-mail-carrier-from-pennsylvania

Curl: Trump Odds-On Favorite Republican To Win In 2024, Bookmaker Says

Even though there are still some cards to play in the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump is the odds-on favorite Republican to win in 2024, according to one bookmaker. “While still refusing to concede defeat this year, Trump’s mind may soon start tracking to 2024,” Joe Short wrote on Gambling.com. “The businessman holds a huge sway over the Republican party and millions of loyal voters – so were he to decide to run again, there’s little others in the GOP could do to stop him. Trump would be 78 come the next election but has already proved the polls and betting odds wrong by winning the 2016 vote. At 10/1 it is not out of the question that the man who rocked American politics four years ago will be celebrating a second term four years from now,” Short wrote. As for other Republicans, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (12-1), Vice President Mike Pence (16-1), and Ivanka Trump (25-1) are all top-tier choices.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/trump-odds-on-favorite-republican-to-win-in-2024-bookmaker-says

Stocking: WATCH: Kristi Noem Tells George Stephanopoulos Why She’s Not Taking Advice from Andrew Cuomo

The host of ABC’s “This Week,” former Democratic advisor and former communications director for Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, asked Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) if she was prepared to work with “President-elect” Joe Biden and other Democrats to get the Wuhan coronavirus under control. Noem’s appearance on “This Week” followed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) appearance in which Cuomo called on Republicans to accept Joe Biden’s victory and predicted that more governors would acknowledge the severity of the coronavirus once President Donald Trump left office.  “Well, it is a regional increase that we’re seeing. We are testing more,” Gov. Noem responded. “And, frankly, I’m not going to take advice from Gov. Cuomo. He has the second-worst death rate, per 100,000 people, in this nation. He’s at 173 deaths per 100,000 per capita. South Dakota is at 54.” […]  George, is this is all premature,” Noem said. “This is a premature conversation because we have not finished counting votes. There’re states that have not been called and back in 2000, Al Gore was given his day in court. We should give President Trump his day in court, let the process unfold because, George, we live in a republic.” Stephanopolous responded by asking Gov. Noem if she had any evidence the election wasn’t honest, before claiming that there was zero evidence to suggest widespread fraud.  “And that is not true,” Noem answered.

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Fred T.: PANDEMIC OVER? Libs celebrate in streets, pop champagne, dance, hug, breathe germs. No one says Covid ‘SUPER SPREADER’

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The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

Please click the following link to learn more.

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