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Leana Wen, M.D. contributing columnist Washington Post and CNN medial analyst: Frankly, outdoor mask mandates should just go, regardless of whether you’re vaccinated.

Dr. Nicole Saphier Fox News medical contributor slams the new CDC children camp guidelines: The CDC is the only entity across the globe that recommends young children over 2 years old wear masks at all times. This isn’t based on science. In fact, it goes against the science that shows children are less likely to transmit and be infected with the virus.

Denise McAllister contributor to American Thinker writes that objective human sexuality is dead even in the face of this truth: The fact is, our identity is based on a created biological order — we are human beings made male or female for specific purposes determined by our biology and the Creator of our biology. Our sexual identity is determined not by feelings, but by our bodies (from our genes to our organs) for particular purposes. They fit together for particular purposes. They are united for particular purposes. They function for particular purposes born of a fixed order of being.


Sundance: President Trump Portrait Announced For Smithsonian
“The 2019 image of Trump is one of many captured by the award-winning photographer Pari Dukovic, while on assignment for Time magazine. Taken on June 17, after Trump officially announced his plans to run for reelection, the image depicts him perched at the edge of a maroon chair with one hand resting on the historic Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.”
Read more/See the photo at The Conservative Treehouse.

Devlin: Trump Is Planning On Moving To His Golf Club In New Jersey
. . .the heat isn’t the only reason Trump is heading north. “They’re moving the whole operation to New Jersey because they’re going to start doing more fundraising,” a Trump adviser told Insider.[…] Reuters reported Trump will stay there until the fall until Mar-a-Lago reopens.
Read more at Daily Caller.


Saavedra: Border Patrol Chief Resists Biden: ‘I Cannot’ Comply With Demand To Use Non-Legal Immigration Terms
Rodney S. Scott, Chief, U.S. Border Patrol, sent a memo to Troy A. Miller, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, informing Miller that he cannot comply with the Biden administration’s softening of legal terms to refer to illegal aliens. […] Scott warned against politicizing the agency and said that he was becoming concerned about the morale of those charged with protecting America’s borders. The memo states: . . .
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Flynn: In Defense of Liberty
I believe two principles can help each man and woman demarcate appropriate boundaries between order and liberty. Please note that both of these principles are to be applied by the individual. These are not lost societal virtues to be bemoaned, but personal action steps that each patriot should apply to his own life before stepping foot outside his door each morning. The best way to keep liberty from running rampant is personal accountability. The great conservative President Calvin Coolidge wrote about this in a newspaper column dated October 17, 1930. He wrote, . . . […] While personal accountability is the best way to keep liberty in check; vigilance is the best way to keep order in check. There is much truth to the quotation often attributed to Thomas Jefferson that . . . The first step to overcoming an enemy is detection. That is why the Bible warns us in 1 Peter 5:8 to “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walkers about, seeking whom he may devour.” God warns us that we cannot defeat the powers of darkness if we don’t see them coming. That goes for government overreach as well as Satan.
Read more at UncoverDC.


Hurley: FBI combed through NSA’s trove of Americans’ communications WITHOUT a warrant in its search for ‘racially motivated violent extremists’ when it was already warned the practice was unconstitutional
The FBI searched troves of communications sucked up by the National Security Agency for information on ‘racially motivated violent extremists’ without a warrant, ignoring previous warnings it was breaking the law.The FBI’s requests for access to masses of electronic communications harvested by the National Security Agency (NSA) is revealed in a newly declassified report from the United States’ secret surveillance court. It shows the FBI has continued to perform warrantless searches through the NSA’s most sensitive databases for routine criminal investigations, despite being told by a federal judge in 2018 and 2019 that such a use was an unconstitutional breach of privacy. The FBI focused many of its warrantless searches – commonly referred to as backdoor queries – on suspected ‘far-right’ domestic terrorists, The Daily Beast reported. It’s unclear from the heavily-redacted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court report whether the FBI uncovered any criminal extremist behavior or made any arrests resulting from the searches. In its gathering of ‘foreign’ communications data, the NSA often sweeps up Americans’ communications, too.
Read more at Daily Mail.

Sundnace: It’s Official, The FISA Court is Compromised – Presiding Judge James Boasberg Hires Former DOJ-NSD Head, Mary McCord, as Amici Curiae to Advise The Court
I hate to write this, but there is just no good way to look at this. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, specifically Presiding Judge James Boasberg, has hired former DOJ National Security Division head, Mary McCord, as amici curiae advisor to the court. [LINK] The placement was first noted by an announcement from Georgetown Law ICAP. Presiding Judge James Boasberg, is the decision-maker in the appointment of Amici Curiae to the FISA court. There is no way, NO WAY, Judge Boasberg does not know Mary McCord was at the epicenter of the fraudulent FISA application used against Carter Page. Remember, in addition to being the FISC Presiding Judge, Boasberg was also the trial judge in the case against Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who lied about Page working for the CIA on the FISA application. {Go Deep}
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Kelly: The Feds’ Nonexistent Case Against Alleged Sicknick Assailants
As I’ve reported for the past few months, federal courts, at the direction of Joe Biden’s Justice Department, are denying bond to nonviolent protesters as their cases continue a slow slog through an intentionally overloaded D.C. judicial system. The presumption of innocence has been suspended for Trump supporters involved in the January 6 protest largely based on a supposed “thoughtcrime” of doubting the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Before announcing his ruling, a federal magistrate berated Tanios from the bench. “Everyone in our country knows what happened on January 6,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Aloi lectured during a March 22 detention hearing. “We also generally know . . . that they were supporting the president who would not accept that he was defeated in an election. And so we have created this culture, radicalized by hate, and just refusal to really accept the result of a democratic process.” Aloi also suggested . . . […] There is no reason to keep these men in jail, let alone in solitary confinement in a D.C. prison. Cherry-picked video evidence does not support the weapon charges against them; the chief investigator confessed no evidence exists to prove the can of spray ever was used or that Khater sprayed it at anyone including police officers. The Justice Department’s refusal to allow access to video evidence raises plenty of red flags.
Read more at American Greatness.

Prestiacomo: Ashli Babbitt Lawyer Talks Plans To Sue Capitol Police: ‘A Double Standard At Work,’ Politics Has ‘Everything To Do With It’
An attorney for the family of fatally shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt detailed plans Monday to sue Capitol Police on behalf of the Babbitt family, arguing that the officer in question has not been charged for alleged use of excessive force because of the politics surrounding the case. […] “We think the evidence is ample and supports criminal charges against the officer,” Roberts argued, claiming the officer could see Babbitt was not armed and offered her no warning.
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Hagstrom: REPORT: Top White House Officials Have Been Quietly Meeting With Republicans Behind Counter Jobs Plan
White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, counselor to the president Steve Ricchetti and legislative affairs director Louisa Terrell have been meeting in-person and over the phone with the authors of the $468 billion Republican infrastructure bill unveiled last week, . . .[…] Republicans present at the meeting included Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven, Florida Rep. Carlos Giménez, and Texas Rep. Kay Granger. Independent Maine Rep. Angus King was also present along with five Democratic senators and representatives.
Read more at Daily Caller.

Quintanar: Tennessee Republican Governor Strips Mask Mandate Authority From Health Departments
Tennessee’s local health departments will no longer have the power to enact mask mandates beginning on Wednesday, Republican Governor Bill Lee announced in a press conference Tuesday morning. The governor’s decision will go into effect through Executive Order 80, which contains a provision that the governor’s office said will both strip the power to enact mask mandates from most health departments and “address economic and regulatory functions” around the state.
Read more at Daily Caller.

Kaminsky: Idaho House And Senate Pass Bill Banning Critical Race Theory In Schools
An Idaho measure to ban critical race theory in the state’s schools is heading to Republican Gov. Brad Little’s desk. HB 377 was approved by the House 57 to 12 last Thursday — along party lines — and passed in the Senate 28 to 8 on Monday. If signed by Little, the bill would prohibit teachers from forcing students to “affirm, adopt or adhere to” any doctrines that claim any people of any race, ethnicity, sex, or religion are responsible for past actions of those in their identity group. The bill also states that “No distinction or classification of students shall be made on account of race or color.”
Read more at The Federalist.

Isenstadt: Peter Thiel makes $10M bet on associate in Arizona Senate race
The billionaire is coming out in support of Blake Masters, the chief operating officer of Thiel Capital and the president of the Thiel Foundation, who is expected to soon enter the race. Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, is bankrolling Saving Arizona PAC, a newly formed, pro-Masters super PAC, according to a person familiar with the investment. […]Masters, a Stanford-educated venture capitalist and attorney, . . . […] Thiel has been a big Republican donor for well over a decade, dishing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Trump’s campaigns.
Read more at The Political Insider.


Trende: Census Data Update: Will GOP See Apportionment Gains?
Going into this decennial reapportionment, it appeared that states’ congressional delegations were poised for widespread reshuffling of the deck. New York was on the cusp of losing two seats, while Texas and Florida were in a position to pick up three and two, respectively. Given the legislatures that control redistricting in these states, it seemingly offered substantial opportunities for Republicans to redraw the lines in ways that boosted their chances in the House significantly. Instead, the reapportionment numbers announced by the U.S. Census Bureau on Monday were something of a wash. Only seven states lost seats while six gained seats. There were notable outcomes here: . . .
Read more at Real Clear Politics.


Greene: The Gender Non-Reveal: How Gender-Neutral Parenting Harms Kids
Myers and her husband, Brent, represent a small but growing group of parents who are seeking to hasten this upcoming “gender revolution” by raising their own kids as gender-neutral. Their child, Zoomer, is an example of what some are calling theybies — a combination of “they” and “babies,” referring to children whose parents refuse to tell them what their sex is. Myers explains, “We had seen [our child’s] genitals during the anatomy scan. But we didn’t think that information told us anything about our kid’s gender.” In fact, she has informed Zoomer that “some girls have penises and some boys have vulvas.” But is it possible for a child to grow up with a solid identity without knowing his or her gender? Will our children benefit from a gender revolution that completely disassociates their bodies from their identity? […] Myers devoted an entire blog just to “gender creative hair,” featuring kids with dyed locks of all colors. Her goal, she says, is for kids to feel “empowered to smash the stereotypes and the haters.” After all, “hairstyle is an important part of someone’s identity.” But biology or anatomy? Not so much, it seems.
Read more at American Thinker.

Wisdom: Believe It or Not, a New Level of Corruption and Depravity for New York City
The district attorney of Manhattan in NYC has announced that his office will no longer prosecute any unlicensed “massage” parlor workers (about 900 cases), nor loitering for the purposes of prostitution (about 5,000 cases). […] This is but the latest in a list of repulsive changes in law enforcement made unilaterally by the D.A. Mr. Vance in his vulgar arrogance boasts that since 2010, he has cut the number of cases handled by his office in half by not prosecuting marijuana smoking and ownership, subway fare evasion, unlicensed vending, nonpayment of fines, loitering for prostitution, peaceful protests (read: looting, burning stores, dousing police with buckets of water and spitting on them). In short, he has retracted the policing practices that so improved the safety and quality of life in New York City begun under Rudy Giuliani’s administration as mayor (1994–2001). This is not merely a case of malfeasance or arbitrary behavior by Vance. Rather, this is what happens when belief in God is taken out of the country. (…) Sin is no longer a reality to the unbelieving masses, and where is the outrage coming from New York City’s churches? Faith in God is vanishing. Thousands of churches are closing throughout the country. With the collapse of . . . Read more at American Thinker.


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