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A. Dru Kristenev contributor to Canada Free Press: Understanding that sheriffs are empowered to deter and restrain unlawful actions by the FBI, other federal agencies or officials, it is incumbent on citizens to elect individuals to that office who will enforce their constitutional authority. If any sheriff is complicit with overreaching federal agencies, allowing them to use improper force to detain, or unconscionably injure or kill their constituents, they must be voted out or pressured to resign for violating their oath of office.

Dean Weingarten contributor to Ammoland: As of October, the United States has about 500 million privately owned firearms, or a privately owned firearms stock of half a billion. If all people capable of bearing arms were integrated into local and state militias, this would be a formidable force. No other nation on Earth comes close.

M.B. Matthews contributor to American Thinker: Republicans lack the killer instinct to win. Congressional Republicans not only have no fire in the belly, they have no brains in their heads. Why else would they be voting with Democrats? They vote against their own agenda, their own conservative ideology, their own chances to Make America Great Again? Why do they do that? Maybe it is because, as Dan Bongino often notes, “Many Republicans are Democrats, but no Democrats are Republicans.”


Bruce Thornton contributor to Frontpage Magazine: For the moral truth is, if a man stands behind his family and shoots at yours, and you return fire in self-defense, killing members of his family, then the moral culpability is his for putting them in danger in the first place. We need to stop pressuring Israel to value the enemy’s civilians more than their own, and speaking the truth about jihad is a good place to start.


Edwards: Federal Judge Declares No Right to Acquire a Gun

If we possess a right to keep and bear firearms, it stands to reason that we must also have the right to acquire one, but according to a federal judge in Colorado no such right exists. U.S. District Judge John L. Kane, an 86-year-old appointee of Jimmy Carter back in 1977, made the eyebrow-raising decision in a case known as Rocky Mountain Gun Owners v. Polis, which challenges Colorado’s newly-enacted three-day waiting period on all gun sales. Kane denied the group’s request for an injunction that would have halted enforcement of the waiting period while the litigation continues, ruling the plain text of the Second Amendment only covers the right to keep and bear a firearm, not to purchase or acquire one for lawful purposes.

Read more: https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2023/11/14/federal-judge-declares-no-right-to-acquire-a-gun-n77246


Weingarten: October NICS Gun Sales: USA Private Stock Over 500 Million

The number of gun sales and NICS checks is not a 1 to 1 ratio. Many more NICS checks are done than firearm sales. NICS checks are done for gun permits and for other purposes. One NICS check can be used to sell more than one gun. People with qualifying permits in 25 states can use their carry permit to purchase guns without going through additional NICS checks. The number of NICS checks done per gun sold varies above and below about two NICS checks for each gun sold.

Read more; https://www.ammoland.com/2023/11/october-nics-gun-sales-usa-private-stock-over-500-million/#axzz8IyLA8MjH


Goodman: Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis Hosts High-Dollar DC Fundraiser

Fani Willis (D.), the Georgia district attorney leading the election-meddling case against former president Donald Trump, this week is holding a campaign fundraiser in Washington, D.C., where seats are running as high as $6,600, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. […] The high-dollar fundraiser comes as Republicans accuse Willis of using her prosecution of Trump to boost her political career. Republican lawmakers in August opened an investigation into whether Willis’s case is politically motivated. Seats at the event start at $250 per person and go up to $6,600. The fundraiser will take place on Wednesday evening at Reed Smith, a prominent D.C. law firm where Bolden is a partner.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/democrats/trump-prosecutor-fani-willis-hosts-high-dollar-dc-fundraiser/


Nass; Why is Everyone Concerned About the WHO?

ver the past two years you’ve probably heard about the attempted WHO power grab. Here’s everything you need to know to understand the status today:


  • The build-out of a massive and expensive global biosecurity system is underway, allegedly to improve our preparedness for future pandemics or biological terrorism. In aid of this agenda two documents are being prepared through the WHO: a broad series of amendments to the existing International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) and a proposed, entirely new pandemic treaty.
  • Pandemic Fund a.k.a. financial intermediary fund to aid preparedness worldwide has been established by the World Bank and WHO.
  • Multiple names have been used for the new treaty as new drafts are produced, such as: Pandemic Treaty, WHO CA+, Bureau Text, Pandemic Accord, and Pandemic Agreement.
  • Negotiations for these documents are being held in secret. The latest available draft of the IHR amendments is from February 6th, 2023.
  • The latest Pandemic Treaty draft is from October 30th, 2023.
  • Both the amendments and treaty are on a deadline to be considered for adoption at the 77th annual World Health Assembly meeting in May 2024.
  • WHO’s principal attorney Steven Solomon has announced that he crafted a legal fig leaf to avoid making the draft amendments public by January 2024, as required by the WHO Constitution.

How Would these Drafts Become International Law?

Read more: https://brownstone.org/articles/why-is-everyone-concerned-about-the-who/


Bruner: EXPOSED: Meta’s $36 Billion Plot to Reengineer Society and Mark Zuckerberg’s Dangerous Future Plans for Tech Addiction

Out today, Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life, blows the lid off of Meta’s pattern of intentionally using harmful and aggressive tactics to get users addicted to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram and documents a shocking rise in depression and suicide that some scientists have linked to social media use. This comes just weeks after dozens of state attorneys general (AGs) filed suit against Facebook’s and Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta), and three of its subsidiaries, for harming children by addicting them to the social media platforms. Forty-two states, including California and New York, allege that billionaire creator Mark Zuckerberg’s company “knowingly designed and deployed harmful features on Instagram and Facebook to purposefully addict children and teens.” […] Controligarchs reveals that Zuckerberg’s $36 billion (and growing) metaverse efforts are only just the beginning. The book documents Zuckerberg’s ongoing efforts to make the most addictive product in history: the metaverse. One of the first virtual shops in the metaverse was a cannabis store. But it is not the tangible drugs that are the most dangerous of Meta’s offerings. The metaverse brings new consumer product offerings—including physical and biotechnological upgrades for the human body.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/11/14/exposed-metas-36-billion-plot-to-reengineer-society-and-mark-zuckerbergs-dangerous-future-plans-for-tech-addiction/

Powers: Bill Gates increasing farm buys part of a national power move, researcher claims

A new book suggests Bill Gates is ramping up the purchase of American farmland in the name of saving the planet but his efforts are really about fattening his own wallet. The billionaire is one of the targets of a new book titled, “Controligarchs,” which hits bookshelves Tuesday and exposes the “billionaire class” for the seemingly hidden power their money holds over the lives of ordinary consumers. […] Bruner’s new book “peers into the future and provides a haunting and revelatory exposé of the leftist elite’s playbook for the next five years,” wrote author Peter Schweizer in the forward to “Controligarchs.” “First, it was patented seeds and patented fertilizers, and now they are patenting meat alternatives,” Bruner said in an interview with Fox News Digital. “Banning cattle would grant effective monopolies to the alternative protein companies and benefit investors such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and even BlackRock. Fake meats are about controlling the food market, not saving the planet.” Gates is essentially gaining a monopoly of the nation’s food chain, according to one chapter of the book with a focus on “the war on farmers.”

Read more: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2023/11/14/bill-gates-increasing-farm-buys-part-of-a-national-power-move-researcher-claims-1412469/


Rebel News: Watch: Morano on Rebel News: The ‘Green energy’ scam is starting to collapse – ‘This is an ideology like the Soviet Union’

Watch the 6:25 minute interview:  https://www.climatedepot.com/2023/11/11/watch-morano-on-rebel-news-the-green-energy-scam-is-starting-to-collapse-this-is-an-ideology-like-the-soviet-union/ 

Homewood: Europe’s Largest Wind Farm Facing Bankruptcy

Europe’s largest onshore wind farm is facing bancruptcy and has filed for reconstruction with Swedish court. Markbygden ETT, the first phase of the Markbygden 1101 project, is facing difficulties after signing a baseload PPA with Norwegian Hydro Energi.

Read more: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/11/12/europes-largest-wind-farm-facing-bankruptcy/


TheLibertyDaily: Jesse Watters Bombshell: ‘The Secret Service Has Been Lying to You’ About Biden Cocaine Scandal

Watch the 7:46 minute video: https://rumble.com/v3vuvvr-jesse-watters-bombshell-the-secret-service-has-been-lying-to-you-about-bide.html

Solomon: DOJ asked court to hide surveillance of congressional investigators for five years, ex-aide says

One of the Senate investigators whose personal phone and emails records were seized by the Justice Department as he was conducting congressional oversight of the agency tells Just the News he has confirmed that the government successfully asked a federal court to hide its spying on Congress for five consecutive years. Jason Foster is now the head of the Empower Oversight whistleblower center. In 2017 at the time of the secret surveillance, he was the chief investigative counsel for Sen. Chuck Grassley on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Foster on Tuesday told Just the News that lawyers for Google have now provided him documents showing that DOJ asked a federal magistrate for five consecutive years to delay notifying him that his data had been subpoenaed in an apparent federal leaks investigation.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/accountability/political-ethics/doj-asked-court-hide-its-surveillance-congressional-investigators

Kristenev: FBI raids could be blocked by sheriffs

As much as federal agencies are running roughshod over average citizens, who have done nothing more than nonviolently voice their opinion on or near public property, their jurisdiction is limited. “Really?” some may ask. Yes, really. The problem is that sheriffs have been conditioned to ignore the fact that they are endowed with the highest order of legal authority in the nation. The FBI, ATF, and other executive agencies have the proper ability to enforce warrants within a county outside of Washington, D.C. if the county sheriff allows them that latitude within their jurisdiction. The excessive force FBI has been using to arrest unarmed, nonaggressive individuals on misdemeanor charges is (not to be flippant but factual) overkill when they come charging into counties, where assent for their operations is accorded to local law enforcement.

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/print_friendly/fbi-raids-could-be-blocked-by-sheriffs

Revolver.news: Family shares incredible behind-the-scenes update on draconian FBI raid of J6 attendee…

The other day, Biden’s regime put on quite a show, deploying a massive “terror task force” to apprehend a January 6th participant. This well-orchestrated spectacle was clearly aimed at perpetuating the (false) narrative that MAGA supporters are top-tier terrorists. Why else would they send in armed SWAT teams and helicopters just to arrest someone accused of using pepper spray on a police officer? Then there’s Ray Epps, who’s on video repeatedly orchestrating the actual “siege” on the Capitol, yet oddly, the feds treat him more like a victim. None of this makes any logical sense. It’s all a political hit job. […] But there’s much more to the story, and the family who witnessed everything is now coming forward. They’re sharing their account of what truly happened that day. Here’s an excerpt from what investigative journalist Julie Kelly revealed in a compelling post on X: I just spoke with Todd Yetman, brother of Gregory, the man hunted down by FBI for J6 related offenses. The conversation was sad, infuriating, and in some instances, funny. First, he said the FBI staked out their home for THREE MONTHS prior to the raid on Wednesday am.

Read more: https://revolver.news/2023/11/family-shares-incredible-behind-the-scenes-update-on-draconian-fbi-raid-of-j6-attendee/

Sundance: Understanding the Institutional Protection Racket Via Congress, Main Justice DOJ, FBI and FISA Court

Many people are now becoming aware of the severity of self-serving corruption in/around the institutions that frame our government. Considering that Sundance has a target on his back; and considering that it is only a matter of time before that targeting gets ugly; let me remind everyone of just how severe the issues are confronting our nation. Having met with many of the top-level key DC players (including Durham inc.) in the “Spygate” investigation/review or (fill in the blank__with whatever name you need), here’s the ugly truth. The staff of the legislative bodies have/had no intent to actually facilitate any sunlight upon the FISA, DOJ-FBI corruption that took place over three years. How do I know that? Well, first having sat in a room with the legislative staff, top people who actually write the briefs and inform both congressional representatives on House Committees and Senate Committees, including the chiefs-of-staff for the chairs, it was clear they did not even know the information from within their own research when spread over time. Accepting this reality leads one to a natural conclusion… they don’t know, because they choose not to know… & they choose not to know, because everything is a pantomime for public display.

The system of DC is based on a series of unwritten rules… “You . . .

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/11/14/understanding-the-institutional-protection-racket-via-congress-main-justice-doj-fbi-and-fisa-court/

Kruta: State Department Staffers Sign Letter Accusing Israel Of War Crimes

A number of State Department staffers joined with staffers from the Agency for International Development — 100 in total — in criticizing President Joe Biden’s response to the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. Israel declared a state of war with Hamas after terrorists breached the border on October 7, slaughtering 1,200 Israelis – most of them civilians – and kidnapping more than 200, taking them into Gaza. According to an Axios report published on Monday, a five-page internal memo referred to as a dissent cable was “organized by a junior diplomat” and accused Biden of failing to deescalate the situation when Israel began to retaliate against Hamas — in addition to accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/state-department-staffers-sign-letter-accusing-israel-of-war-crimes

Lawless: A politically driven Department of Justice and its abuse of the Westfall Act

The Federal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988, also known as the Westfall Act, is a law passed by the United States Congress that modifies the Federal Tort Claims Act to protect federal employees from common law tort lawsuits while engaged in their duties for the government.

This is an important tool created to provide taxpayer-funded legal defense for federal employees acting within the reasonable bounds of their employment duties. When used, the Department of Justice assigns U.S. Attorneys to defend the federal employee or agency. However, what happens when a federal employee or agency acts far outside the reasonable authority of their assigned duties? Too often, the Department of Justice still “certifies” or “affirms” the Westfall Act, providing several U.S. Attorneys to defend the federal employee or agency in court. This free and unlimited resource for federal employees and agencies that may have acted illegally or unconstitutionally puts the victims at a real disadvantage.

Read more at American Thinker.

Roach: Why Doesn’t the Department of Defense Defend Us?

Thomas Friedman recently said something interesting: “The euphoric rampage of Oct. 7 that killed some 1,400 soldiers and civilians has not only hardened Israeli hearts toward the suffering of Gaza civilians. It has also inflicted a deep sense of humiliation and guilt on the Israeli Army and defense establishment, for having failed in their most basic mission of protecting the country’s borders.” The humiliation and guilt do not seem universal. Our military and defense leadership do not seem to feel any responsibility for the border crisis. They certainly feel no shame for this egregious and ongoing insult to American sovereignty. For them, the military is reserved for events around the globe, even though most of these far-flung campaigns have only a tangential relationship to actual American security. Our border is completely wrecked, and more than 2 million migrants are likely to arrive this year.  Most of these people are poor, low-skilled people from the Third World. They are not likely to contribute much to our country, many will arrive and stay illegally or under fraudulent refugee claims, and they will receive substantial benefits unavailable to millions of struggling Americans. Collectively, this weakens our country. While our rickety southern border contributes greatly to this state of affairs, the Department of Defense seems to have no interest in actually doing anything to help. They have repeatedly resisted deploying significant assets to augment the U.S. Border Patrol.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/11/13/why-doesnt-the-department-of-defense-defend-us/


IM1776.com: HOW THE GOVERNMENT CREATED LYME DISEASE It was an infamous moment in the history of disease. People living near a secretive government bioweapons lab suddenly start getting sick. The government launches an investigation and declares that they’ve found a new disease. Independent journalists learn that the government was using the nearby lab to conduct gain-of-function experiments on animal-borne illnesses, and speculate that a lab leak might be the cause of the outbreak. The corporate media and expert class immediately spring into action and declare that the lab leak hypothesis is a conspiracy theory. You may be thinking that this is a summary of the SARSCoV2 lab leak story from 2020. In fact, it describes the outbreak of Lyme disease in the 1970s. Lyme disease is a bizarre disease. It’s difficult to detect, with current tests only able to recognize the disease 50% of the time. The spiral-shaped bacteria resembles syphilis; besides fatigue and arthritis-like symptoms, it also delivers Alzheimer-like symptoms to some. The CDC estimates that nearly half a million Americans get Lyme disease a year. While not lethal, it ruins the lives of many of the people who catch it. […] In the 1950s the American military initiated a biological weapons program to weaponize ticks. The Cold War was beginning, and the Pentagon was looking for ways to create anti-personnel agents, and ticks were considered a promising delivery mechanism. […] After three hours of interviewing, Grey asked Burgdofer if the pathogen he found in Lyme, Connecticut, was the same or a mutation of one the pathogens he had created in 1952. After a long minute of silence, Burgdofer admitted that it was the same. With this shocking admission Burgdofer was stating that Lyme disease wasn’t a naturally occurring germ, but rather had been created in a military bioweapons lab.

Read more: https://im1776.com/prints/issue-3/lyme-disease/


Chaitin: Johnson-Led House Passes Bill To Avert Government Shutdown With Dem Support

Democrats joined with Republicans to approve the measure to suspend the rules and send the legislation to the Senate — a move that avoided a Rules Committee showdown, but required a two-thirds majority to succeed. The final tally was 336-95, with 209 Democrats and 127 Republicans voting for it. […] The bill did not include spending cuts, which made it more palatable to Democrats, and did not attach supplemental funds for pressing national security matters that GOP leadership aims to tackle separately. If approved by the Senate and then signed by President Joe Biden, the measure will give lawmakers more time to hash out full-year spending bills.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/johnson-led-house-passes-bill-to-avert-government-shutdown-with-dem-support

Kruta: Capitol Hill Reporter Describes Congressional Viewing Of October 7 Hamas Attacks

Members of Congress were allowed to view footage of the October 7 attacks committed in Israel by Hamas terrorists, and Jewish Insider’s Capitol Hill reporter Marc Rod gave a detailed description of their reactions. Rod shared a thread via X on Tuesday, describing the emotional reactions he observed as at least one of the members — Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D-WA) left the room in tears just a few minutes into the screening, apparently unable to watch the footage in its entirety. “Dozens of House members are currently watching footage from the Hamas attack on Israel. One member just came out in tears less than 5 minutes after going into the room,” Rod began.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/capitol-hill-reporter-describes-congressional-viewing-of-october-7-hamas-attacks

Phillips: Kevin McCarthy accused of elbowing and shoving colleague Tim Burchett in extraordinary scenes in Congress

Ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been accused of elbowing colleague Rep. Tim Burchett in an extraordinary physical altercation in Congress. Burchett is one of the eight Republicans who voted McCarthy out, and Burchett told DailyMail.com the hallway fight was their first interaction since McCarthy was fired from the speakership. […] The incident unfolded when McCarthy was with his security detail in the Capitol, according to NPR reporter Claudia Grisales, who was there at the time. Burchett later confirmed that her account of what happened was accurate. […] Burchett later told reporters the shove was not meant as a joke and was hard enough that he could still feel it. ‘It was a clean shot to the kidney,’ he said.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12748493/Kevin-McCarthy-accused-elbowing-shoving-colleague-Tim-Burchett-extraordinary-scenes-Congress.html


Fanell & Thayer: Worse Than Appeasement: Xi Will Be Saved by Biden While the Risk of War Is Intensifying

President Biden’s initiated bilateral summit with Xi Jinping this week in San Francisco, as both attend the 30th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ meeting, provides considerable risks for the United States’ national security. Ironically, the risks should be all on Xi’s side as his increasing paranoia and purging of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has warped the Party and government, coupled with the collapse of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) economy and other major social, demographic problems that place Xi in a uniquely vulnerable position. In reality, Xi should be treated as the supplicant in dire need of continued U.S. investment and trade as a lifeline for the continuation of his dictatorship and the brutal rule of his illegitimate Party. Unfortunately […] While the Biden administration seeks to convey to the PRC that it is its Best Friend Forever (BFF), the PRC is providing shaping signals of its own. For instance, the aircraft carrier Shandong transited the Taiwan Strait in an important signal to Taipei, Tokyo, and Washington, after conducting operations east of Taiwan with nearly dozen other Chinese warships. Additionally, there has been a surge of Chinese Coast Guard vessels at Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea. This expanding presence threatens to strangle the Filipino military and evict our allies in Manila from their sovereign territory. […] The bilateral summit meeting should be seen as worse than appeasement as it represents an almost suicidal effort for supporting one’s primary existential enemy. Tremors often precede cataclysmic earthquakes and so provide an indication of what is to come.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/11/15/worse-than-appeasement-xi-will-be-saved-by-biden-while-the-risk-of-war-is-intensifying/

Ingraham Angle: John Ratcliffe: China will be working to influence and interfere in the election in 2024

Watch the 5:10 minute interview:  https://www.foxnews.com/video/6341131532112


Daily Wire News: U.K. Terrorism Official: There’s A ‘Real Acceleration’ By Iran To Assassinate Enemies On Foreign Soil

The Islamic Republic of Iran is reportedly increasing efforts to assassinate its enemies on foreign soil while it continues to escalate terrorist attacks against Israel and U.S. forces stationed in the Middle East. A CBS News “60 Minutes” segment that aired this week reported numerous former Trump administration officials have 24/7 security from federal law enforcement officials because the threats are serious. […] Iran typically tries to hire hitmen who are already a part of criminal enterprises to carry out their assassination plots on foreign soil.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/u-k-terrorism-official-theres-a-real-acceleration-by-iran-to-assassinate-enemies-on-foreign-soil

Magid: Netanyahu downplays talk of hostage deal after Biden says he believes it’ll happen

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that information about any deal for the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza will be made public “if and when” there are concrete developments, appearing to downplay remarks made a short while earlier by US President Joe Biden, saying he believed a hostage deal will happen soon. […] The last sentence was possibly meant to counter the impression given by the remark from Biden, who was asked at the end of a press conference what his message was to the families of those held by terrorists in Gaza. “Hang in there, we’re coming,” he replied. “I’ve been talking to the people involved every single day. I believe it’s going to happen, but I don’t want to get into any detail,” Biden added.

Read more: https://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-downplays-talk-of-hostage-deal-after-biden-says-he-believes-itll-happen/


Patterson: Americans Should Take Islamism Very Seriously

In a speech following 9/11, President Bush assured us that in spite of this terrorist attack, all humans deep in their hearts long for freedom and brotherhood. It’s a comforting sentiment, but it’s not true. Radical Islamists openly proclaim their disdain for freedom as another decadent Western value. Iranian street crowds commonly chant “Death to America.” They are deadly serious. Radicalized Muslims think and behave so radically different than we do that we keep dangerously misjudging them and making massive blunders in our adversarial dealings with them (think Iran nuclear deal). […] For Islamists, the sole purpose of life is complete submission to the will of Allah […] These Islamists don’t fight wars for traditional reasons. They don’t battle for independence, territory, resources, or national pride. Their single goal is annihilation or subjugation of their enemies, which the Quran defines as all non-believers, especially Jews. […] Our current American leadership appears incapable of comprehending the potential mortal danger we are in. They want to believe the “bad” Muslims are only a tiny minority. They think that if we can only defeat Hamas or Al-Qaeda or whatever terrorist organization is currently rampaging, they will surrender and all will be well. It’s not just Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran we are fighting, but an entire . . .

Read more: https://pricklypear.news/americans-should-take-islamism-very-seriously/

Ingraham Angle: They want the races to be bitter and hateful toward one another: Kevin McGary

Watch the 6:59 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6341133136112

Blonder: Biden Taps Top Campaign Donor To Lead Powerful Treasury Department Commission

President Joe Biden tapped a top campaign donor and hedge fund founder to lead a powerful Treasury Department commission—just weeks after that donor cohosted a fundraiser for Biden’s reelection campaign. Biden’s Treasury Department on Thursday announced that Boston Provident founder Orin Kramer will serve as chair of the Commission on Social Impact Partnerships, a body that helps steer millions of taxpayer dollars to state and local governments in the form of grants. The move comes less than two months after Kramer in September cohosted a “Broadway for Biden” fundraiser, which included performances from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sara Bareilles, and Josh Groban. Kramer also served as a Biden campaign bundler in 2020 and has contributed nearly $500,000 to the Democrat’s presidential campaigns.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/biden-taps-top-campaign-donor-to-lead-powerful-treasury-department-commission/


American Greatness: Woke American Culture Will Lead To the Collapse of Parenting

DAN PROFT COUNTERCULTURE: Is parenting collapsing in our culture? Are kids less independent as kids and thus more dependent as adults? Or, are we just getting older and regurgitating the crusty “these kids today” rap of our parents and grandparents? If it’s the former, what is to be done? Are boys adrift? Are girls on edge? Episode 12: Dan interviews Dr. Leonard Sax, a MIT and University of Pennsylvania educated and trained psychologist, and he is ideally suited to answer these questions considering he wrote the books: The Collapse of Parenting, Boys Adrift, and Girls on Edge.

Watch the 1:09:57 interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qixh2pOU5Kg


Uniyal: IDF Captures Hamas’ Puppet Parliament Building, Raises Israeli Flag

Another Gaza mosque uncovered as Hamas terror stronghold. […] On Monday, the Israeli ground troops fought their way to the Gaza parliament building, from where Hamas ruled the territory through unelected and handpicked functionaries. Hamas, an offshoot of the global jihadist Muslim Brotherhood movement, imposed Islamic Sharia law after taking control of Gaza in 2006.

Read more/See the photo: https://legalinsurrection.com/2023/11/idf-captures-hamas-puppet-parliament-building-raises-israeli-flag/

Dillon: Meet The American Cowboys Who Rushed To Israel To Fill In For Farmers Called Up To Fight Hamas

A group of American cowboys from Montana and Arkansas answered a call for help from Israelis in need of labor as the war with Hamas has caused foreign agriculture workers to flee, and reservists to leave their day jobs to fight in Gaza. “I actually left several hundred tons of hay still on the field back home,” Ezekiel Strain, a farmer from Montana, told The Daily Wire. “When I heard the war broke out, this was the important thing to do.” […] “Nowadays people support a lot with their lips and say they support, but not a whole lot of people actually stand up for what they think,” he said. “So when I was given the opportunity to come, I wanted to come.”

Read more/Watch the 5:11 minute interview:  https://www.dailywire.com/news/meet-the-american-cowboys-who-rushed-to-israel-to-fill-in-for-farmers-called-up-to-fight-hamas

Katz: Hamas Supporters: Residing in a Neighborhood Near You

The sooner we wake up, the better it will be for humanity. […] Obviously, the current attacks on the State of Israel and its citizens are not distinguishing between Jews, Christians, Muslims, or anybody else. But it should not be ignored that the entire free world is also facing the serious long-term risk of incitement of ignorant individuals by the leadership of Radical Islam and other groups promoting radical ideologies. It was very well-documented that multiple anti-Western entities have been promoting worldwide unrest by exploiting the ignorance of students, journalists, politicians, and others. Hopefully, once all these people realize that their own skin may be in the game, they will wake up and stand up against evil, and support a peaceful coexistence among all people. As documented by Ben Shapiro and others, some of the most oft-used deceptive claims against Israel include: 1. The lie that the land of Israel was always a Muslim territory.

Read more:  https://www.frontpagemag.com/hamas-supporters-residing-in-a-neighborhood-near-you/


The Pope’s Targeting Traditional Catholics | Westen On Pope Francis Relieving Bishop Stickland

Watch the 6:16 minute interview:  https://rumble.com/v3vqu2s-the-popes-targeting-traditional-catholics-westen-on-pope-francis-relieving-.html


Ilhan Omar

The youngest of seven siblings, Ilhan Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1982. Her father, Nur Omar Mohamed (aka Nur Said Elmi Mohamed), was a party propagandist for Siad Barre, who ruled as the Marxist/Stalinist dictator of Somalia from 1969-91. Moreover, Mr. Mohamed was a colonel in the Somali army in the 1970s and 1980s, during which time he received a military education in the Soviet Union. Mohamed and his family fled that country after Barre’s fall from power in the civil war of 1991 and spent four years in a Kenyan refugee camp before subsequently migrating to America. Mohamed’s entry into the U.S. was illegal, however, because he never revealed his communist background on his Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, thereby violating the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965’s explicit prohibition on naturalization for anyone who, in the preceding ten years, had been had been “involved with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party of the U.S. or any foreign state, or who advocate[d] world communism or totalitarian dictatorship even without formal group membership.”

As a teenager, Ilhan Omar . . .

Read more: https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individuals/ilhan-omar/


Drey: 8 Students Face Murder Charges In Connection To Deadly Beating Of Las Vegas Teenager: Report

Eight students face murder charges after the FBI and local police reportedly arrested them on Tuesday in connection to the beating death of a Las Vegas teenager near a local high school earlier this month. Jonathan Lewis Jr., a 17-year-old student of Rancho High School, died on Tuesday at University Medical Center while receiving treatment for injuries he suffered during the attack. Lewis Jr.’s father said his son was hospitalized and put on life support until he eventually passed away due to his injuries. The Clark County coroner’s office confirmed to local media that Lewis Jr. died with complications of multiple blunt force injuries and listed his manner of death as homicide. […] Lewis Sr. described his son as “a loving, giving, kind, fierce young man who loved community and caring for others.” “This horrific tragedy is reflective of the divisive, conflict based, uncaring state that our society and humanity is currently facing with how we interact with our community,” he wrote. “Empathy and love are great strength and cowardly violence is pathetic.”

Read ,ore/Watch the 1:10 minute video: https://www.dailywire.com/news/8-students-face-murder-charges-in-connection-to-deadly-beating-of-las-vegas-teenager-report

Rosiak: ‘DEI Teacher’ In Jewish Area Says Jews Kill Palestinians To Sell Their Organs

A “DEI teacher” and “team leader” at the Montgomery County, Maryland, public schools outside of D.C. has defended Hamas and pushed a frenzy of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in recent weeks. Sabrina Khan-Williams, the “team leader/diversity, equity & inclusion teacher” in the World Studies department of Tilden Middle School, contends in social media posts that Hamas’ paragliding attack on a rave was a hoax. “Debunked!! No music festival attack. Babies were not burned. Women were not violated,” she wrote on Facebook. The world history teacher shared videos from conspiracy theorists and opinion columns from Arab media and took them as fact, vouching for one video that depicted Jews as killing Palestinians in order to cut their organs out and sell them.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/dei-teacher-in-jewish-area-says-jews-kill-palestinians-to-sell-their-organs

Starnes: Chaplain’s BDSM Workshop Faces Blowback at Christian College

From Memphis comes word that Rhodes College alumni were whipped into a frenzy over a BDSM lecture that was set to be hosted by the school’s chaplain. Rhodes is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA and many alumni are wondering just what sort of kinky stuff is going on in the pews at their highfalutin college? Beatrix Weil, the chaplain at Memphis-based school, had posted a message inviting students to attend a seminar titled, “BDSM 101.” And, no, that’s not an acronym for “Best Darned Spiritual Mentor.” “Chaplain Beatrix will host a local dominatrix to share wisdom on how to safely, sanely, and consensually learn about bondage, discipline/domination, sadism/submission, and masochism,” the announcement read. […] There’s no doubt Rhodes College is Presbyterian in name only, but by golly they sure did nail the doctrine of total depravity.

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2023/11/13/chaplains-bdsm-workshop-faces-blowback-at-christian-college-n2631124


Saavedra: ‘Largest Turnout Ever’: 290,000+ Attend Massive Pro-Israel Rally In D.C., Including Israeli Hostages’ Families

More than 300,000 people are estimated to have attended a pro-Israel rally in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, including 170 family members of Israelis who were kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists last month. […] The rally — organized by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations — was held on the National Mall and was attended by hundreds of thousands of people, mostly Christians and Jews, from across the U.S.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/largest-turnout-ever-290000-attend-massive-pro-israel-rally-in-d-c-including-israeli-hostages-families

Vespa: The Reason Why Hundreds Couldn’t Make a Pro-Israel Rally in DC Yesterday Is Repulsive

#BREAKING: hundreds of Jewish Detroiters were prevented from attending today’s pro-Israel rally in DC when bus drivers staged a deliberate and malicious walkout. Nearly 1,000 people flew from Detroit to DC on chartered flights and buses were hired to take them from Dulles Airport to the National Mall. However, several buses failed to show up — drivers had organized a “mass sick out” day upon learning they would be taking hundreds of Jewish Americans to the pro-Israel rally.

Read more: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2023/11/15/heres-why-hundreds-of-pro-israel-supporters-couldnt-make-the-rally-in-dc-yesterday-n2631219

War Room: “For Islam, All War Is Jihad”: Dr. Taylor Marshall Gets Real On The Enemy The West Faces

All war is theological but not all war is holy. For Islam all war is Jihad.

Watch the 9:07 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v3vqe4m-for-islam-all-war-is-jihad-dr.-taylor-marshall-gets-real-on-the-enemy-the-w.html

Knutson: Study: Men in the U.S. are dying nearly six years before women

The life expectancy gap between women and men in the U.S. widened again in 2021, meaning men currently die nearly six years before women, according to research published in JAMA on Monday. Why it matters: Women have outlived men for more than a century, but since hitting a low in 2010, the gap has steadily broadened over the past decade. The trend is occurring alongside a decrease in overall life expectancy in the U.S. It has fallen for two consecutive years, most recently dropping from 77 years in 2020 to 76.1 years in 2021. Of note: . . . https://www.axios.com/2023/11/13/men-women-life-expectancy-gap-us-study

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2023/11/13/men-women-life-expectancy-gap-us-study

Widburg: The terrible evil of the witch and the satanist

Two stories have emerged in the past few days, one about a moral and spiritual crime and one about a heinous criminal act. The tie-in is that both actors believe in the supernatural, one believing she’s a witch and the other worshipping Satan. Of course, before our post-modern era, the civilized Western world frowned on both concepts. The old world was correct. In saying this, it doesn’t even matter whether witches or Satan really are tapping into supernatural forces. What matters very much is that there are people who, in thrall to their beliefs, commit truly evil acts. This first story will make you want to throw up:

Read more at American Thinker.

Pulse Wires: Czech News Crew Robbed in San Francisco. Amalaraj: Fiancée of Alabama prisoner Daniel Williams, 22, who died after ‘two days of rape and torture’ says his body was covered in cuts and bruises when she visited him in hospital

A Czech television news crew was held at gunpoint and robbed of their equipment Sunday afternoon while covering the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit here, according to Bohumil Vostal, the journalist leading the team.

Read more: https://thenationalpulse.com/2023/11/14/czech-news-crew-robbed-in-san-francisco/

Thorne: Historic All-Female Space Walk Crew Accidentally Drops Tool Bag Into Orbit

Good news, everyone: Earth has a new satellite! The newest hunk of space junk was inadvertently set into motion by a Historic! all-female space walk crew. It is currently following a trajectory that precedes the International Space Station (ISS) by two to four minutes and is bright enough to be seen with only the aid of a pair of ordinary binoculars. NASA astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara are currently on a science mission, living and working aboard the ISS microgravity laboratory. On Wednesday, Nov. 1, the pair completed an impressive 6-hour, 42-minute spacewalk, or extravehicular activity (EVA), during which they made some repairs, failed to make others, and lost a sack of equipment.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/athena-thorne/2023/11/14/historic-all-female-space-walk-crew-accidentally-drops-tool-bag-into-orbit-n4923889

Green: Introducing the Biggest Damn Thing to Fly in Almost 100 Years

What’s 600 feet long, 100 feet around, carries 20 tons, can fly 10,000 miles without burning a single drop of avgas, and doesn’t exist — quite yet? It’s called Pathfinder 3, currently under development by LTA Research in Akron, Ohio, and, once built, the all-electric airship will be the biggest since Goodyear–Zeppelin built the USS Macon (ZRS-5) for the Navy in 1929.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2023/11/13/introducing-the-biggest-damn-thing-to-fly-in-almost-100-years-n4923869


Zindulka: ‘This is Murder’ — Baby Indi Dies After UK’s Socialized Health System Removed Life Support, Blocked Parents from Seeking Private Care

The young couple were also prevented by the court from seeking the help of private specialists outside of the UK’s socialized healthcare system, preventing them taking their child to Italy to seek life-extending care, and ultimately even from taking their baby home so that she could pass away surrounded by her family. In a statement, 37-year-old Gregory said: “Indi’s life ended at 1.45 am. Claire and I are angry, heartbroken, and ashamed.”

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/11/14/baby-indi-dies-after-uks-socialised-healthcare-removes-life-support/

Hulkower: David Cameron Comes Back To Take On New Job

“The Prime Minister has asked me to serve as his Foreign Secretary and I have gladly accepted,” Cameron wrote on Twitter. “We are facing a daunting set of international challenges, including the war in Ukraine and the crisis in the Middle East. At this time of profound global change, it has rarely been more important for this country to stand by our allies, strengthen our partnerships and make sure our voice is heard,” he added.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2023/11/13/united-kingdom-former-prime-minister-david-cameron-foreign-secretary-rishi-sunak/

Bell: The Painless Extinction of Formerly Free Australia

If you place a frog in cool water and slowly raise the temperature, it’s said that you can boil it without it noticing and fighting to free itself. […] Australia is a world leader in the extinction of amphibians. This was just a small corner of that problem, set deep in Dan Andrews country. Australia is also a world leader in the extinction of human rights and Western concepts of democracy. That came about the same way. It came to the boil so slowly that, still, hardly anyone has noticed. […] Three years ago, a variant of a coronavirus that targeted the elderly was reported near a lab in China that worked on modifying bat coronaviruses to make them more infectious to people. […] Then a few things happened that people everywhere seem to prefer to excuse or forget but shouldn’t. They happened in much the same way, often with precisely the same messaging, in a lot of countries, which is interesting in itself. But Australia was a particular case because the population proved so malleable. This is just a part of what Australian governments did, but don’t want to face: People were put under house arrest, in some places for months on end, allowing them to leave for an hour or two every day for a short walk if they did not meet others.

People were forced to cover their faces, despite extensive evidence showing masks won’t make any significant difference. Businesses that families had built for generations were forced to close and go bankrupt. State borders, formerly a sign on the side of the road, were closed and patrolled by the police and military, preventing ordinary Australians from going to their parents’ funerals or taking kids to hospital. […] Australia was under a brutal dictatorial regime (factually), and most people loved it.

Read more: https://brownstone.org/articles/the-painless-extinction-of-formerly-free-australia/

Bekdil: Why Erdoğan Wants a UN Seat for Muslims

  • In [Erdoğan’s] speech [at the UN General Assembly], greeted as a brave international challenge by the Turkish media (90% of which he controls), he called on the international community to collectively fight what he thinks is the greatest malady of mankind: Islamophobia. He wants, he said, to revolutionize the post-World War II international political order by giving Muslim nations a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
  • That is not all. Erdoğan wants the world to recognize the breakaway Turkish statelet of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey. That statelet emerged after Turkey’s illegal invasion of Cyprus in 1974.
  • Still not all. Erdoğan admitted he was holding NATO hostage. On September 26, he said that the Turkish parliament would abide by his pledge to ratify Sweden’s accession to NATO if the US sticks to its commitments to deliver F-16 fighter jets to Ankara.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/20018/erdogan-muslims-un-seat

Disclose TV: Whale of a Big Crack Opening in Center of Icelandic Town

Iceland is bracing for a volcanic eruption in the coming days after a series of earthquakes and evidence of hot magma flowing quickly underground.

Watch the two short videos: https://hotair.com/headlines/2023/11/14/whale-of-a-big-crack-opening-in-center-of-icelandic-town-n592345

Jager: BREAKING: Arrest has been made for manslaughter in the hockey slashing death of Adam Johnson in the UK

Johnson, who played for the Nottingham Panthers, had his throat slit by the skate blade of Sheffield Steelers’ Matt Petgrave during a game on October 28.

Read more: https://humanevents.com/2023/11/14/breaking-arrest-has-been-made-for-manslaughter-in-the-hockey-slashing-death-of-adam-johnson-in-the-uk

Martin: HUMAN EVENTS INTELLIGENCE REPORT: Spanish protesters demand end to tightening grip of socialist coup

In his book, Homage To Catalonia, the author George Orwell describes the time he spent fighting in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War. The experience would be his inspiration for Animal Farm. Orwell became disillusioned almost immediately upon describing, “the kaleidoscope of political parties and trade unions, with their tiresome names,” which he gamely invited readers to skip.. “Compared with the huge miseries of civil war, this kind of internecine squabble between parties, with its inevitable injustices and false accusations, may appear trivial… (but) I believe that libels and press-campaigns of this kind, and the habits of mind they indicate, are capable of doing the most deadly damage.” This was Orwell’s up close encounter with the Catalan region of Spain during a time of great political, economical and social unrest in the years 1936 – 1939. November 2023: Echoing the streets of cities all over Spain could be heard chants of tens of thousands of protestors. “Spain is Christian not Muslim!” Some sang Ave Maria. Some prayed the rosary. Some held signs calling the current acting PM, Pedro Sanchez, a traitor.

Read more/Watch the videos: https://humanevents.com/2023/11/14/human-events-intelligence-report-spanish-protesters-demand-end-to-tightening-grip-of-socialist-coup

Emmons: Trans CEO of women’s health charity believes biological sex, age are ‘constructs,’ demands access to female-only spaces

A man who identifies as a trans woman has been named CEO of an endometriosis charity in the UK. Steph Richards, 71, identifies as having “a female brain,” believes it is his right to access women’s changing rooms in shops and locker rooms, and believes that “‘men’, ‘women’, ‘child’ are social constructs.”

“We are excited to share with you all that we welcome Steph to the team as our new CEO.” Endometriosis South Coast posted to X before getting blasted for their choice and promptly locking their account.

Read more: https://humanevents.com/2023/11/14/trans-ceo-of-womens-health-charity-believes-biological-sex-age-are-constructs-demands-access-to-female-only-spaces

Lee: Lion captured after escaping circus, terrorizing Italian town

An escaped circus lion terrorized an Italian town for hours before finally being sedated and captured. State and local police officers, in addition to the Carabinieri, descended on the town of Ladispoli, a suburb 28 miles west of Rome, in an attempt to corral a circus lion who had escaped captivity and wandered the streets of the busy town for “hours,” according to a report from NBC News.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/world/lion-captured-after-escaping-circus-terrorizing-italian-town?intcmp=tw_fnc


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