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Julie Kelly investigative journalist: As the body count, excessive prison sentences, and new arrests related to January 6 pile up, the twisted bloodlust of the Left is on full display.

Molly Slag contributor to American Thinker: If the Democrats can truly persuade the courts that January 6 was an “insurrection,” then a future fabrication of an insurrection requiring military intervention might well fall within the realm of plausibility, and such a military intervention could lead to an imposition of military law, under which all civil constitutional rights are set aside.

Victor Davis Hanson contributor to American Greatness: There are two other characteristics of the Woke Revolution. One, it depends solely on its advocates never having to experience firsthand any of the nonsense they inflict on others. And two, dangerous zealots with titles before, and letters after, their names prove to be quite stupid—and dangerous.

Victor Fernandez contributor to American Thinker: The tyrant, medical or otherwise, obviously has his weapons. But so do we. Those who seek control and great power over the population are not going to admit that they have done wrong as it would impede their grand agenda. But they must be held accountable if we are to have any peace. And underlying accountability are truth and courage, which remain the dagger and shield against tyranny. To avoid truth or to reconcile without it is to collude with the wrong. To enact the courage to journey with truth is to protect and advance what we have achieved, the loss of which is sure to pass without it—not to mention our personal freedom. Our goodness is consistent with fighting. There is no other way.

Robert Spencer contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Two-tier justice system? Absolutely. Joe Biggs, a member of the Proud Boys who dared to shake a fence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, has just been sentenced to seventeen years in prison for doing so. And on Friday, a leftist thug named Shannon Brandt was also sentenced. Brandt ran over and killed a teenager, Cayler Ellingson, because he thought Ellingson was a “Republican extremist.” For that, Brandt will serve five years in prison, minus almost a year that he has already served under house arrest. It would be fitting if Brandt and Biggs could be sentenced to the same prison, so that Brandt could say goodbye to Biggs when he gets freed and thank his lucky stars that another “Republican extremist” is safely behind bars.


Sundance: White House Sends Media Instructions on How to Report About Congressional Impeachment Investigation

Can you even fathom the level of apoplexy that would have occurred if the executive branch under President Trump had dared to tell media how they must report on the impeachment process? [READ LETTER HERE] The fact that the U.S. government would be issuing guidelines on how journalists must report on the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry is yet another example of how the Democrats in power control the media. […] “It’s time for the media to ramp up its scrutiny of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies,” Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White House Counsel’s Office, wrote in the letter, which was first obtained by CNN. The letter, which said an impeachment inquiry with no supporting evidence should “set off alarm bells for news organizations,” was sent to executives helming the nation’s largest news organizations, including CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, the Associated Press, CBS News, and others, a White House official familiar with the matter said. (more)

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/09/13/white-house-sends-media-instructions-on-how-to-report-about-congressional-impeachment-investigation/

( A win for free speech) Spivak: Biden Censorship Plans Take Major Hit

Despite the media’s subterfuge, Missouri v. Biden is a complete victory for the plaintiffs. On Friday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the government’s effort to reverse federal district court judge Terry A. Doughty’s ruling in Missouri v. Biden. On Independence Day, Judge Doughty ruled that the plaintiffs had met their burden for issuance of a preliminary injunction to block the White House and other federal agencies from communicating with social media companies to urge, encourage, pressure, or induce the deletion or suppression of content containing protected free speech. A three-judge panel of the court of appeals unanimously agreed with Judge Doughty that the plaintiffs were likely to establish that the Biden Administration had engaged in a broad attack on free speech in violation of the First Amendment. The court replaced Doughty’s clunky 600-word preliminary injunction with a concise 83-word order that is in some respects stronger. It also agreed that all requirements for the issuance of a preliminary injunction had been satisfied as to the White House, CDC, Surgeon General and FBI, but not as to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or Department of State. A party seeking a preliminary injunction must establish that (1) they are likely to succeed on the merits, (2) there is a substantial threat that they otherwise will suffer an irreparable injury, (3) the potential injury outweighs any harm that will result to the defendant, and (4) an injunction will not disserve the public interest. Given the urgency of the situation, instead of remanding the case to the district court to revise its injunction, the court of appeals issued a new injunction which will become effective on September 18, giving the government time to appeal. It ordered the White House, . . . […] Coverage of the ruling has been subdued and misleading. The Washington Post is typical. Instead of seeing the Biden efforts as an assault on free speech, or the appeals court as sustaining Doughty’s findings, the Post reported that the Fifth Circuit objected to the administration “improperly influencing” tech companies. 

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/biden-censorship-plans-take-major-hit/


Shuster: The Mathematics of Democrat ‘Justice’

Judge Tanya Chutkan of the D.C. Federal District Court has ruled that the trial there against Trump will begin March 4, 2024. Many have already commented on how badly that will impact candidate Trump subjectively, given the electoral calendar’s Super Tuesday primaries the next day. Attention should also be directed to how Democrat “justice” is being imposed on defendant Trump in objective terms. Let’s review the math. When March 4 rolls around, the prosecution will have had about 38 months to prepare its case since the events of January 6, 2021. The Trump defense team will have had a little over six months since indictment. That is a disparity of over six to one, advantage offense. There is more. Time alone is not the only factor affecting the opportunity for adequate trial preparation. There is also the matter of resources. Here the government enjoys a huge advantage. No matter how much in the way of resources candidate Trump is forced to divert from his campaign to the defense of defendant Trump, the government’s resources in terms of manpower and funding will still be orders of magnitude greater. Even if we consider only one order of magnitude in the calculus, that converts to a discrepancy in resource months to over sixty to one favoring Democrat “justice.” Then there is the fact of . . .

Read more at American Thinker.

Sundance: RNC Lawyer Begins Contract Work on Background Effort to Disqualify Donald Trump

A baseline is important to frame the accurate context:

Our government is controlled by corporations and financial interests who operate on an independent agenda, not in our interest. 

The RNC and DNC are private clubs inside the U.S. political system, who construct the illusion of choice as directed by their benefactors (donors). The benefactors/donors in both instances are the same entities. This reality forms the core of the Uniparty agenda that we see surface every day in government policy that runs counter to the interests of U.S citizens and voters.  The two wings of the UniParty vulture are the RNC and DNC.  Any entity that exists outside the framework of the modern political industry, is considered a threat.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/09/13/rnc-lawyer-begins-contract-work-on-background-effort-to-disqualify-donald-trump/

Pappert: Fulton County Special Prosecutor’s Law Firm Earns Nearly $550,000 in Trump Case, so Far

As a private defense attorney, The Gazette reported that Wade can bill hourly and “was hand-picked by Willis” about two years ago for her case against Trump. The outlet added that “Willis chose Wade over career prosecutors who work on salaries,” drawing skepticism from a legal expert who called it “unorthodox” and “a cash cow” for Wade.

Read more: https://thestarnewsnetwork.com/2023/09/13/fulton-county-special-prosecutors-law-firm-earns-nearly-550000-in-trump-case-so-far/


Sundance: Buzbee Does It Again – AG Asst Who Claimed Ken Paxton Took Bribe via Kitchen Remodel Admits Remodel Never Took Place

Once again, the innuendo and supposition by Ken Paxton accusers runs into reality. Previously Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s personal assistant, Drew Wicker, made an accusation that a Texas donor named Nate Paul funded a kitchen remodel for Paxton. A quid pro quo to sell influence.

However, during cross examination today, Drew Wicker admitted the kitchen remodel never took place, and the actual details of the home remodel being done by Paxton was taking place *after* the office “whistleblowers” went to the FBI with their ungrounded claims. Paxton’s attorney Tony Buzbee showed Drew Wicker pictures of the kitchen taken three years ago and also taken last month.  There was never any remodel work completed. This is the central point of the alleged bribery.

Read more/Watch the 8:02 minute examination: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/09/13/buzbee-does-it-again-ag-asst-who-claimed-ken-paxton-took-bribe-via-kitchen-remodel-admits-remodel-never-took-place/

Alexander: Explosive Testimony from Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice at Disbarment Trial of Trump’s Attorney John Eastman

The disbarment trial of Donald Trump’s attorney John Eastman is in its fourth week, and on Thursday the State Bar of California rested its case and Eastman’s attorney began putting on witnesses, beginning with former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. Gableman was directed by the Wisconsin Legislature to conduct a minimal investigation of the 2020 election, and he revealed numerous instances where he believed the law was broken, and had election officials referred for prosecution. Shortly after Gableman began testifying as Eastman’s first witness, the judge appeared to lose her temper at him. Gableman was discussing how he’d been appointed by Wisconsin Speaker of the House Robin Vos, and approved by the Wisconsin Assembly to serve as special counsel to investigate whether there was wrongdoing in the 2020 election. Gableman said it was “widely known” that Vos didn’t want a “deep” investigation, it was “not a serious effort.” Carling objected to him stating it was “widely known” since it was hearsay. Although Roland has let in almost all hearsay favoring the California Bar so far, justifying it by stating the disciplinary court has extra exceptions for hearsay, she would not allow Gableman’s statement, and gave him a stern lecture. When Gableman inquired about the Rules of Evidence in that court, she looked upset and called for a break asking Eastman’s attorney to deal with him. Miller asked Gableman about what violations of the law he found from his investigation. Gableman discussed how Wisconsin election officials from the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) ignored the law requiring bipartisan observers present when collecting votes from nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, and so the sheriff referred the election officials for criminal charges. Gableman said those officials said during a meeting that was videotaped that they knew they were breaking the law by telling the clerks to disregard the law and just mail the ballots to nursing home residents. Other laws Gableman said he discovered were broken were related to “Zuckbucks,” money

Read more: https://thestarnewsnetwork.com/2023/09/08/explosive-testimony-from-former-wisconsin-supreme-court-justice-at-disbarment-trial-of-trumps-attorney-john-eastman/

9/13/2023 Eastman trail video: https://rumble.com/v3hemmo-live-john-eastman-trial.html

Cheney & Gerstein: Court blocks Jack Smith’s access to many of Rep. Scott Perry’s contacts about 2020 election

A top House conservative’s conversations with allies in Congress and the Trump White House about overturning the 2020 election are off-limits to special counsel Jack Smith, an appeals court ruled in a newly unsealed court opinion. A three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that prosecutors’ effort to access the cellphone communications of Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) with colleagues and executive branch officials violated his immunity under the Constitution’s Speech or Debate clause, which shields members of Congress from legal proceedings connected to their official duties.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2023/09/13/court-smith-perry-2020-election-00115682


Glenn Greenwald Threadreader: Bizarre but typical bullshit from @TheIntercept: Good reporting shows Biden’s chief of staff – oligarch Jeffrey Zients – has a family trust profiteering on Biden’s green energy policies. But editors framed it as to praise the WH for being so ethical: . . .

Read more: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1701984228731175110.html

Murphy: Biden Admin Guilty of “Misleading” the Country About Land Needed for Renewable Goals

According to a report by RealClearInvestigation, an investigatory group aligned with RealClear Media Group, which brings us the poll aggregators RealClearPolitics and several other watchdog groups, the Biden administration is vastly understating the amount of land that will be required in order to meet its unrealistic renewable energy goals. The administration assures us that land usage for their climate goals will be paltry, a mere “less than one-half of one percent” of available land in the lower 48 states. The line that the Department of Energy and some environmental activist groups are currently giving us is that the amount of land that will be needed to transition the United States into an all-renewable energy grid by 2035 is approximately 19,700 square miles. As a point of reference, railroads in the United States currently occupy approximately 18,500 square miles, active oil and gas leases occupy approximately 40,500 square miles, and the amount of land earmarked for ethanol production is a staggering 59,500 square miles. Where does that relatively small estimate of land use come from? […] Put it all together and it’s just one more falsehood that the climate cult portrays as fact. “Switching to 100 percent renewable energy is no big thing,” they claim. “It won’t even take up all that much space.” But just remember, there’s always the possibility that it’s your space they’ll be trying to take. And they won’t care how long your family’s been there or where you’ll be forced to live. If they need it to make their net-zero dream come true, they will take it.

Read more: https://thenewamerican.com/us/environment/biden-admin-guilty-of-misleading-the-country-about-land-needed-for-renewable-goals/

Ring: Precautionary Principle Extremism

Most people with any understanding of risk are familiar with the precautionary principle. It is defined as “the precept that an action should not be taken if the consequences are uncertain and potentially dangerous.” The precautionary principle is an important governing concept when applied to climate change mitigation. The possibility of human CO2 emissions causing a catastrophic climate outcome is used to justify major policy shifts designed to lower or even eliminate these emissions. The impracticality of this endeavor is considered insignificant in the face of potentially terrifying consequences of doing nothing.

A recent post on X by a prominent Englishman, Ben Goldsmith, offers an excellent example of this mentality at work. Goldsmith writes: “Climate change ‘doubters’ share one thing in common: they lack any understanding of risk. There is a not-insubstantial risk that the world’s climate scientists (and pretty much the entire scientific community) are right, and we are now facing a civilisation-ending threat. Any reasonable risk management strategy would be to do whatever it takes to mitigate that risk. Ask one of these nutters this, if they knew that there was a 10% probability of a particular aircraft crashing on its next flight, would they board it? I doubt they would, even if the risk was 1%. And how about if all the engineers responsible for that aircraft said it was *going* to crash? These people are today’s equivalent to the appeasers of the 1930s, only stupider and far more dangerous. They must be discredited and defeated.” There’s a lot to unpack here, as there is in Goldsmith’s sarcastic response to a critical reply accusing climate alarmists of being motivated by money and power. Goldsmith writes: “The climate scientists are the ones making the money. Right. Not the giant global fossil fuel companies and their executives, paid lobbyists and shareholders.” Apart from his social media remarks presenting a useful summary of “whatever it takes” alarmist thinking, something that deserves far more analysis and criticism than it gets: why Goldsmith? Why else highlight his opinions? Because Goldsmith, along with his alarmist certainty and propensity to verbally abuse his critics, was born into fabulous wealth, and his words exemplify the elitist arrogance that currently threatens the freedom of the world.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/09/13/precautionary-principle-extremism/


Phillips: Full List of Capitol Rioters Jailed So Far and the Sentences They Are Serving

Some 378 individuals have been sentenced to periods of incarceration over their involvement in the January 6, 2021, uprising at the U.S. Capitol in the 32 months since the attempted overthrow of the 2020 election certification took place, the District of Columbia’s attorney’s office said on Wednesday. More than 1,146 people hailing from all 50 states and the capital have been charged with a variety of alleged offenses in relation to their presence at the grounds of Congress that day, though the FBI noted recently that there were seven named individuals who had absconded from the law while facing charges. The Department of Justice‘s (DOJ) Washington D.C. office said in its latest update that 623 people had received sentences—though not all had been handed periods of incarceration—while around 657 individuals had pleaded guilty to federal charges, “many of whom faced or will face incarceration at sentencing.” […] Below is a full list of those who have been imprisoned over their participation in the uprising, in no particular order. There are 380 names listed, however some have not been officially listed by the DOJ in D.C. The ages given are either as of when they were charged or the date of sentencing, some of which stretch back to 2021. Where a combined dollar figure is given, this is the total cost of any fines, restitution or assessments.

Read more: https://www.newsweek.com/full-list-capitol-rioters-jailed-sentences-january-6-1826075


War Room: Kevin Freeman Discusses The Dangers Of The United States’ Push Towards Digital Currency

We will own absolutely nothing by 2030. Biden’s digital currency executive order of 18 months ago is explained in detail.

Watch the 7:44 minute video: https://rumble.com/v3hgjce-kevin-freeman-discusses-the-dangers-of-the-united-states-push-towards-digit.html

War Room: Sam Faddis On How Joe Biden Is Controlled By Other Countries

If you take the totality of joe Biden’s contacts with the CCP you would have to conclude that the his presidency was purchased.

Watch the 8:13 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v3hgiy0-sam-faddis-on-how-joe-biden-is-controlled-by-other-countries.html

VDH: Post-Postmodern America

When the progressive woke revolution took over traditional America, matters soon reached the level of the ridiculous. Take the following examples of woke craziness and hypocrisy, perhaps last best witnessed during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. The Biden administration from its outset wished to neuter immigration law. It sought to alter radically the demography of the U.S. by stopping the border wall and allowing into the United States anyone who could walk across the southern border. Over seven million did just that. Meanwhile, Biden ignored the role of the Mexican cartels in causing nearly 100,000 ANNUAL American fentanyl deaths.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/09/14/post-postmodern-america/

Garcia: REAKING: Federal judge rules against Obama DACA amnesty, will likely be decided by Supreme Court

Former President Barack Obama’s controversial DACA migrant policy has been struck down in court by a federal judge, but it will likely be ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has previously ruled against the program, but a technicality meant that he had to consider the order again. “While sympathetic to the predicament of DACA recipients and their families, this Court has expressed its concerns about the legality of the program for some time,” wrote Hanen. “The solution for these deficiencies lies with the legislature, not the executive or judicial branches,” he added. “Congress, for any number of reasons, has decided not to pass DACA-like legislation.”

Read more: https://www.theblaze.com/news/judge-daca-strike-down-scotus

Herz: Is Joe preparing to run his wife for 2024?

Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting was most interesting. After a minute of introduction, President Biden turned the meeting over to his wife Jill, who continued to run it. This allows us a glimpse into the Democrat presidential strategy for 2024: run Jill Biden. In order for Jill to win the Democrat nomination for president, she needs to do several important things: 1. Box out Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Gavin Newsom. 2. Maintain DNC support for Joe. 3. Keep Democrat contributors in line. 4. Do more and more of the president’s job now. Jill can accomplish these objectives by keeping Joe in the race in order to stop Kamala, Michelle, and Gavin from attracting sufficient Democrat party resources.

Read more at American Thinker.


(Imprimis – H/T DG) VDH: Imperialism: Lessons From History

The word “imperialism” comes from the Latin word imperium. It refers to a nation or a state implanting its rule on other states, treating them as subordinates and in an inferior fashion. Some suggest today that America is behaving imperialistically—we do, after all, have some 600 military bases around the world. So it is worth recalling some historical examples of imperialism to understand what the idea entails. Looking at empires through history, we can identify several things that most of them have in common. One is that their leaders often say or seem to believe that their imperialist policies have little to do with self-interest.

Read more: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/imperialism-lessons-from-history/


There’s a very short and very brutal poem by the Scottish poet Hollie McNish, written in 2019 and titled “Conversation with an archaeologist”:

he said they’d found a brothel
on the dig he did last night
I asked him how they know
he sighed:
a pit of babies’ bones
a pit of newborn babies’ bones was how to spot a brothel

“It’s true, you know,” said the writer and lawyer Helen Dale when we had lunch in London last year and I mentioned this poem, which I chose as one of the epigraphs to my book The Case Against the Sexual Revolution. Helen was a classicist before she was a lawyer, and as a younger woman she had taken part in archaeological excavations of ancient Roman sites. “First you find the erotic statuary,” she went on, “and then you dig a bit more and you find the male infant skeletons.” Male, of course, because the males were of no use to the keepers of Roman brothels, whereas the female infants born to prostituted women were raised into prostitution themselves. […] To mention abortion and infanticide in the same breath is a provocation. A majority of voters in Britain and America regard abortion as permissible in some circumstances, whereas very few are willing to say the same of infanticide (with some notable exceptions, as we will see). But this distinction has not been made by all peoples at all times. The anthropologist David F. Lancy describes the “far more common pattern”: . . .

Read more: https://www.firstthings.com/article/2023/10/we-are-repaganizing

Gallagher: Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg

Scientists have grown an entity that closely resembles an early human embryo, without using sperm, eggs or a womb. The Weizmann Institute team say their “embryo model”, made using stem cells, looks like a textbook example of a real 14-day-old embryo.

It even released hormones that turned a pregnancy test positive in the lab. The ambition for embryo models is to provide an ethical way of understanding the earliest moments of our lives. […] Embryo research is legally, ethically and technically fraught. But there is now a rapidly developing field mimicking natural embryo development. This research, published in the journal Nature, is described by the Israeli team as the first “complete” embryo model for mimicking all the key structures that emerge in the early embryo. “This is really a textbook image of a human day-14 embryo,” Prof Hanna says, which “hasn’t been done before”. […] The work also raises the question of whether embryo development could be mimicked past the 14-day stage. This would not be illegal, even in the UK, as embryo models are legally distinct from embryos. “Some will welcome this – but others won’t like it,” Prof Lovell-Badge says.

And the closer these models come to an actual embryo, the more ethical questions they raise. They are not normal human embryos, they’re embryo models, but they’re very close to them.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-66715669

Hemingway: If You’re A Democrat, Having Sex For Money Is No Barrier To Getting Elected

Are we really having a conversation about how prostituting yourself on the internet isn’t disqualifying for public office? […] Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before politicians took their whoring from the realm of figurative to literal. Even 2000 years ago, when the apostle John was huddled in a cave in the prison colony of Patmos scribbling down the book of Revelation, the metaphor for political corruption wasn’t exactly subtle: “Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots.” With the recent revelation that a Virginia Democrat running for a statehouse seat has filmed sex acts online for money, you might be forgiven for seeing the total fusion of the world’s two oldest professions as a sign of the end times. I myself am not one for Left Behind-style mumbo jumbo, but let me tell you, the fact that Democrats are fundraising off of this and the media are out there defending this woman is not a harbinger of anything good.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/09/14/if-youre-a-democrat-having-sex-for-money-is-no-barrier-to-getting-elected/

Hubbard: Romney says won’t seek 2024 Senate reelection: ‘Time for a new generation of leaders’

Romney, who ran as the GOP presidential candidate in 2012, said in a video: “I’ve spent my last 25 years in public service of one kind or another. At the end of another term, I’d be in my mid-80s.”

Read more/Watch the 2:43 minute announcement: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/mitt-romney-declines-run-reelection-senate-its-time-new-generation

Le Mahieu: Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Member Arrested For Masturbating In Public

An active member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of predominantly gay men who openly mock Catholics, was arrested in California last month for indecent exposure after witnesses say he masturbated in public for an hour, according to a sheriff’s office report obtained by The Daily Wire. The man, 53-year-old Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore, was arrested by police at a beachside park after they received a report of a male “exposing himself in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle,” the Humboldt County Sheriff’s department said. […] The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence made headlines earlier this year after the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to honor the group at a “Pride” event. The group makes fun of Christianity and its members are men in traditional nun clothing that frequently use sexually suggestive names. It won the support, however, of many in the media, which defended the group from critics who said it was a perverted hate group and celebrated it for its “dedication to community service.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/sisters-of-perpetual-indulgence-member-arrested-for-masturbating-in-public


Williams; China Taking Over While Europe Sleeps

  • Europe is in “complete denial” as China proceeds to spread its influence on the continent. At least that is the urgent, unequivocal view of Ivana Karásková, a Czech foreign influence specialist and a special adviser to European Commission Vice President Věra Jourová.
  • “Asked what parts of the Continent were most in the dark about Chinese influence, she added: ‘The whole of Western Europe is not looking. And yet there are cases that are so blatant.'”
  • In July 2023, the UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament released a comprehensive report on China’s threat to the country, and how the Communist power seeks both political and economic influence.
  • The Committee found that China had “successfully penetrate[d] every sector of the UK’s economy,” and that “the Government has been so keen to take Chinese money that it has not been watching China’s sleight of hand.”
  • “China sees almost all of its global activity in the context of what it sees as the struggle between the United States and China, and therefore it sees the United Kingdom fundamentally through that optic. China aspires to split off from the United States countries which it thinks might be detachable, and they sometimes have a sunnily optimistic view about which countries might be susceptible to that treatment. I would say that that was their single biggest issue with the United Kingdom.” — Sir Julian Lewis, Chairman of the UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, July 13,2023.
  • China’s influence in the UK… reaches . . .

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19960/china-taking-over-europe

Lemieux: The Foundational Falsehood Underlying Palestinian Claims

Of all the falsehoods that have been mythologized regarding Israel and Palestine, none has been more pervasive and damaging than the claim that Israel constitutes “Occupied Palestine.” Why? Because this claim underlies all other Palestinian claims of being the legitimate and persecuted inhabitants of Israel. Take away this keystone myth, and Palestinians lose all other claims of Israeli/Jewish victimhood and justifications of decades of violence propagated against Jews, Arabs, and Europeans. These pernicious claims of Palestinian originalism have been promulgated since Israel’s founding by a range of bad actors, including radical Arab countries, the Soviets, and European and American Progressives…not to mention the Palestinians themselves. Ask your average American or European why Palestinians deserve their own country, and one is likely to be told, “because they were there first, and they were displaced by European Jews.” Wrong!

Read more at American Thinker.


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

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