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EIBLegacy: Earth Day and its origins – The Secret Bloody History of Earth Day

Rush highlighted this flier years ago, now it has all but vanished.

Read more: https://eiblegacy.substack.com/p/earth-day-and-its-origins

Salgado: Happy Earth Day: ‘Green’ Energy Is Toxic, Inefficient, and Unprofitable

For all leftists, climate alarmists, and other dwellers in fantasy land, happy Earth Day! Unfortunately for “climate change” true believers, not only have climate predictions been consistently and wildly wrong for 50 years now, but “clean” or “green” energy is toxic for the environment, inefficient, and unprofitable. Unprofitable to everyone but the businessmen in charge lining their pockets while producing very little electricity, of course. Not to mention the politicians who justify increasing their control over land and lives by saying they’re “saving the planet.” And this time, after fifty years, they’re totally right about impending apocalypse. Just trust the “experts.”

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/catherinesalgado/2023/04/22/happy-earth-day-green-energy-is-toxic-inefficient-and-unprofitable-n1689261

(April 2022 ) NetZeroWarch: Earth Day At 52: None of the eco-doomsday predictions have come true

From predicting ecological collapse and the end of civilization to warnings that the world is running out of oil, all environmental doomsday predictions of the first Earth Day in 1970 have turned out to be flat out wrong. More than three decades before Greta Thunberg was born — the Swedish environmental activist on climate change — more than 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. We now look back at quotes from Earth Day, Then and Now,” by Ronald Bailey of the spectacularly wrong apocalyptic predictions from Earth Day 1970.

Considering the current doomsday predictions scaremonger activists are verbalizing about global warming that will result in the demise of civilization within the next decade, many of those unscientific 1970 predictions are being reincarnated on today’s social and news media outlets.

Many of the same are being regurgitated today, but the best prediction from the first earth day five decades ago, yes 50 years ago, was that the “the pending ice age as earth had been cooling since 1950 and that the temperature would be 11 degrees cooler by the year 2000”.



Victor Davis Hanson contributor to American Greatness: But perhaps socialism in America 2023 is even better described as something like “the doctrine of enforced ‘equity’ by government redistribution of money and power from one ‘oppressive’ group to another ‘oppressed,’ with the caveat that the elite redistributors have the right to supersede the law based on their own self-professed superior morality, and the assurance that they will never be subject to the baleful consequences of their own unnatural ideology.”

Adam Mill contributor to American greatness: Every mass killing begins as a social or economic justice movement seeking to redress a historical grievance narrative.

Ben Bartee contributor to PJMedia: None of the “climate change,” “carbon-neutral” agenda, it should be increasingly clear, has anything to do with stabilizing the climate. It’s primarily a social control tool to deindustrialize civilization and seize totalitarian political control with the ultimate goal of inverting the natural order itself. 

Jordan Boyd contributor to The Federalist: The U.S. is apparently at such a stage of degeneracy that anti-gun radicals are buying guns to shoot people and make the case for banning firearms. The man responsible for the deaths of five at Old National Bank in Lousiville, Kentucky, on April 10 reportedly admitted that the motivation for his killing spree was to further the left’s gun-control agenda.

Pacific Legal Foundation: Failure to pay property taxes has consequences, like penalties or interest and, in the most– serious cases, foreclosure. But the government should never take more than what’s owed. Every additional cent the government keeps is home equity theft, and it’s unconstitutional. Yet laws in 12 states and DC allow local governments to keep such windfalls at the expense of property owners. Between 2014 and 2021, local governments stole at least 8,950 homes and more than $860 million in life savings. These victims are often among society’s most vulnerable.

Clayton Fox contributor to Tablet Magazine: Paul Marik, the founder and chief scientific officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, and the second-most-published critical care physician in the world, told Tablet that the only substance he’s aware of as toxic as the SARS-CoV-2 spike is cyanide. “Cyanide kills you quickly, spike kills you over a prolonged period of time. It’s truly astonishing the things it does.”

Clayton Fox contributor to Tablet Magazine: In short, spike can contribute to cardiovascular damage, brain damage, blood clots, autoimmunity, cell deformation, and cell-to-cell fusion. As Walter Chesnut, an independent researcher, has previously written, “It is a Swiss Army Knife of death.”

Jennie Taer contributor to The Daily Caller: “ICE is transitioning into a more humane way of monitoring noncitizens enrolled in the ATD program after facing backlash from civil rights organizations, stating that the traditional GPS ankle monitor criminalized the noncitizens, and restricted them from ordinary every day life. In order to destigmatize ATD monitoring, ICE has announced that the use of a ‘tracking wristband or watch’ will now be considered and implemented in the near future,” an ICE agent, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak, told the DCNF.

Raw Egg nationalist: When was the last time eating a pasture-raised chicken, or any chicken, required you to slaughter a pregnant cow and remove blood from the heart of the fetus, probably while still alive?

Sundance contributor to The Last Refuge: Bullsh!t! You can see it, you are just choosing to reconcile the irreconcilable because it is more comforting to ignore the truth of it. You are scared: There seems to be a willful blindness on the part of the American people, a chosen refusal to acknowledge the implications of the unAmerican and unConstititional behaviors, actions and outcomes we are being served on a daily basis. You are scared of being labeled. You are scared of being belittled. You are scared of being Alinsky’d. You are scared of being targeted. You are scared because you have never been here before. You are scared of being right. Just be honest. Avoidance has become your survival mechanism. It’s more along the lines of “I see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if I admit that I see it, I will become responsible in a way that I am not if I keep pretending I can’t see it or hear it or maybe I don’t understand it.”

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Paying the price for freedom has long since become a cliche. Israelis do not pay the price for freedom. They pay it so that their children, their loved ones and their people are not eradicated from the earth by a brutal enemy that has no concept of mercy and worships barbarism. The Israelis have come up against a choice that we will all have to make sooner or later. They chose not to die. The day will come when we may face that choice as starkly as they do. Let us hope and pray that we choose well.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: As long as ISIS has to rely on the internet, we can keep intercepting the plots. But that’s a weak strategy. All we have to do is miss one thing or ISIS finds a channel we’re not aware of and people die. Biden’s withdrawal really paid off. For ISIS.


Zeisloft: Bill Gates Predicts AI Will Teach Reading And Writing Within 18 Months

Gates, who spends much of his fortune bankrolling education initiatives and supporting progressive social policies across the world, noted that the accessibility of AI language tools will quickly rise as hardware and software improves, potentially diminishing the effective cost of educational advancement for underprivileged students. “Having access to a tutor is too expensive for most students,” he continued, “especially having that tutor adapt and remember everything that you’ve done and look across your entire body of work.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/bill-gates-predicts-ai-will-teach-reading-and-writing-within-18-months

Why using AI to teach reading and writing is a bad idea (Feb 2023):  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-11736433/Nine-shocking-replies-highlight-woke-ChatGPTs-inherent-bias.html


Hoge: Biden Signs Expansive ‘Environmental Justice’ Executive Order in Rose Garden Ceremony

“We vowed to take action on the most ambitious climate environmental justice agenda in American history and that’s exactly what we did.” “This is about people’s health. It’s about the health of our communities,” he added. “It’s only about the future of our planet.” The order will create a new Office of Environmental Justice: . . .[…]  Once again, the president insisted on making everything, even the environment, all about race: . . . […]  Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press briefing that Biden was simply following through on his campaign promises: One way that you can look at this today is that he’s continuing to deliver on that ambitious agenda. And he’s not done yet. “And he’s not done yet.” Scarier words were never spoken.

Read more/Watch the three short videos: https://redstate.com/bobhoge/2023/04/21/biden-signs-expansive-environmental-justice-executive-order-in-rose-garden-ceremony-n734804

Hanchett: Kerry: Green Energy Will Be More Competitive if We Raise Prices of Oil, Gas

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry stated that wind and solar power will become “far more price competitive than oil and gas” if oil and gas companies see their costs rise because they “have to spend huge amounts of money for carbon capture and storage and utilization.” Kerry said, “I would say to you, Andrea, that, frankly, I’m surprised, pleasantly, on the positive side, by the amount of things that are just taking hold.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2023/04/22/kerry-green-energy-will-be-more-competitive-if-we-raise-prices-of-oil-gas/

Bartee: Climate Change Activists Encourage Cutting Down Trees to Save Trees

Trees are fifty percent carbon. Humans are carbon. Life itself is the carbon the social engineers want to exterminate. To that end, climate change activists, through their proxies in the corporate media, have proposed cutting down trees so as to save the trees. This is the planned postmodern demolition of logic so that any idea, no matter how absurd, can be pushed through with minimal opposition from the techno-slaves who have been stripped of all of their cognitive abilities through a devastating cocktail of chemicals in the food and water, public education, chronic use of weaponized social media, and old-fashioned propaganda campaigns. Via BBC (emphasis added): . . .

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/benbartee/2023/04/21/climate-change-activists-encourage-cutting-down-trees-to-save-trees-n1689249


Fox: The Spike

Those raising evidence-based concerns about the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines are often labeled purveyors of misinformation, and derided as anti-scientific conspiracy theorists and paranoid kooks. Or worse. Bill Kristol tweeted in late 2021 that, “there is blood on the hands in 2021 of the unvaccinated and especially their enablers and encouragers who know better.” However, there are a number of prominent scientists, doctors, and independent researchers who are wary of both COVID infection and the vaccines. Many of these figures are worried about one particular piece of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: the spike protein, which allows the virus to enter your cells, and which was chosen to be the featured element used in the Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, and AstraZeneca vaccines. The available evidence shows that COVID, especially in light of new forms of treatment, is not as acutely deadly as once feared, and while mortality attributable to the COVID vaccines has not been definitively characterized, it is likely relatively rare. But some scientists are concerned by the potential effects of repeated exposure to the spike protein, and therefore the advisability of further boosters that contain it, given that we are going to be frequently reexposed to the circulating virus. Those voicing these concerns, however, have been subjected to censorship, ostracization, and damaging attacks on their reputations.

Read more: https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/science/articles/the-spike


Raw Egg Nationalist: I’ve been reading GOOD Meat’s FDA filings for its new lab-grown chicken (so you don’t have to), and I’ve noticed a couple of interesting things.

First, the filing reveals that the immortalised cell-lines are not GMO or engineered in any way. They are “spontaneously immortalised”, meaning the cell line began replicating endlessly without any artificial inducement. They’re using OG tumours. Second, there has been some testing of the cell’s tumour-causing potential. Cells from the cell line were injected into six chickens, and they didn’t develop any tumours. Forgive me, but this doesn’t really seem like adequate safety testing for tumorigenicity, especially… since the cells won’t be injected into chickens but will be eaten by humans. How long did the chickens live afterwards? Oh well, the FDA is satisfied. The other thing that’s interesting is . . .

Read more: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1648699742090674181.html

Sundance: Dual Justice – IRS and FBI Finished Hunter Biden Investigation More Than a Year Ago…

The context for the IRS whistleblower case of political interference in the Hunter Biden investigation gains a significant amount of context with this new revelation. According to NBC reporting the FBI investigation of Hunter Biden concluded a year ago, and the IRS investigation “completed more than a year ago.” If the IRS and FBI completed their investigation, then where are the charges?   Now the ‘whistleblower claims’ start to make sense. […]  According to the prior developments in the IRS whistleblower reporting, the “senior U.S. justice department official” who is interfering and lying under oath to congress is U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. […] The whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Lytle, appeared on Fox News with Brett Baier to outline the issues at stake in the matter and why congressional approval is needed before the IRS whistleblower can give specific evidence and testimony to the committees with jurisdiction.

Read more/Watch the 7:13 minute interview: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/04/22/dual-justice-irs-and-fbi-finished-hunter-biden-investigation-more-than-a-year-ago/ 

McCotter: Branding the ‘Mark of Kaine’ On Catholics

Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who identifies as Catholic, is a kindred spirit of these persecuting English monarchs. Per CatholicVote, Kaine has taken it upon himself to have the state investigate his fellow Catholics‘Kaine said the purpose of the investigation was actually to look into violent extremists who were targeting ‘radical traditionalist Catholics’ in an effort to recruit them,’ reported ABC13, who spoke with the senator: ‘I think the key is communication,’ said Kaine. ‘If the FBI has a concern like that, then go to the church leaders and say ‘Hey look, we have a concern and we don’t want your members to get unwittingly caught up in something’,’ he suggested. Alleging that the state snooping on your parish is for your own good, Kaine also insinuated an equivalence between Islamic terrorists and “radical traditionalist Catholics” who participate in the Latin Mass, and/or support the Right-to-Life, traditional marriage, and the freedom of conscience—none of which Kaine supports. Branding this “mark of Kaine” upon Catholics is slanderous, scandalous, and dangerous. Further: According to the limited documentation the FBI released to Congress, the FBI had sought to use Catholic churches as ‘new avenues for tripwire and source development,’ including at ‘mainline Catholic parishes’ and among ‘local diocesan leadership.’

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/04/22/branding-the-mark-of-kaine-on-catholics/

Craven: Could the man jailed for John Lennon’s murder be INNOCENT? New documentary says a SECOND gunman could have fired fatal shots and questions whether killer Mark Chapman was brainwashed by CIA

A three-year investigation into the murder of John Lennon has unearthed a series of extraordinary inconsistencies – including the suggestion that detectives may have fundamentally misunderstood how the shooting happened. […]  Crucially, says Whelan, that volte-face only came after Chapman was visited in his cell by various psychiatrists employed by his defence lawyers. Three of those doctors had been involved in hypnosis, and one of them, Dr Milton Kline, worked with the CIA on its notorious ‘MK Ultra’ mind control programme, which the Hollywood movie the Manchurian Candidate was loosely based on. In 1979, Kline boasted in a TV documentary that a man could be programmed to murder via hypnosis, via the MK Ultra programme. Why Kline, along with two other experts in hypnosis, was asked by the lawyers to meet Chapman, is not clear, though it is not impossible that the defence was already considering putting forward the notion that their client was hypnotised into carrying out his crime.Another defence psychiatrist (and law professor) Bernard Diamond, who also examined Chapman, gave expert testimony along similar lines in the case of Sirhan Sirhan, who gunned down Senator Robert Kennedy in 1969.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11995191/The-man-jailed-John-Lennons-murder-INNOCENT-claims-bombsehll-documentary.html


Calder & O’Neill: First-ever ‘smart gun’ with fingerprint and facial recognition unlocking system hits the market

The cutting-edge 9mm handgun locks out everybody except the owner and users specifically approved by the owner — technology that could improve gun safety in America, according to reps from the gun-making firm Biofire. “Right now it seems like the entire country is always processing a new tragedy involving children and guns,” the Colorado-based firm’s CEO Kai Kloepfer told The Post. “We are offering a real solution, at a time when solutions seem very hard to come by.” The $1,499 gun unlocks in less than a second, using either a fingerprint or facial recognition sensor, then quickly locks again when it’s no longer in use.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2023/04/13/first-ever-smart-gun-with-fingerprint-unlocking-system-hits-the-market/


Sherman: Supreme Court preserves access to abortion pill for now

The court’s action Friday almost certainly will leave access to mifepristone unchanged at least into next year, as appeals play out, including a potential appeal to the high court. The next stop for the case is at the New Orleans-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which has set arguments in the case for May 17. Two of the nine justices — Samuel Alito, the author of last year’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, and Clarence Thomas — voted to allow restrictions to take effect, and Alito issued a four-page dissent. No other justices commented on the court’s one-paragraph order, and the court did not release a full vote breakdown. President Joe Biden praised the high court for keeping mifepristone available while the court fight continues.

Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/supreme-court-set-decide-access-040548419.html?guccounter=1

Cacciatore: Supreme Court to Address ‘Home-Equity Theft’

The Supreme Court is deliberating a case that could address operations by local governments that confiscate land — a practice called “home-equity theft.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the method of seizing the total value of land rather than just the amount the government is owed is currently legal in 12 states and Washington, D.C. But the practice might be coming to an end soon. On Wednesday, the court heard oral arguments in Tyler v. Hennepin County, a case involving 94-year-old Geraldine Tyler and her battle with Minneapolis. […]  Hennepin County, to collect what it was owed, seized and later sold the one-bedroom condo for $40,000. Rather than settling the $15,000 debt and returning the $25,000 to Tyler, the county took all $40,000 and flipped the one-bedroom condo for the same amount. It left the woman with no profit from her former asset.

Read more: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/real-estate-supreme-court-home/2023/04/21/id/1117124/


War Room: Andy Biggs: Sec. Blinken & Biden Campaign Orchestrated Intel Letter to Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop

Watch the 12:26 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2jp6tk-andy-biggs-sec.-blinken-and-biden-campaign-orchestrated-intel-letter-to-dis.html

Fox News: House Republicans unveil debt limit bill, spending cuts

Maria Bartiromo interviewed Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Watch the 14:14 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325962508112

Singh: House Freedom Caucus Chair Won’t Commit To McCarthy’s Bill, Will Consider Higher Debt Ceiling For More Cuts

Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, the caucus chair, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the caucus is willing to entertain increasing in the nation’s borrowing ability beyond the House GOP’s proposed $1.5 trillion, provided he receives more spending cuts in exchange […]  Perry was speaking of the debt-ceiling proposal announced by McCarthy on Wednesday as a stop-gap solution to avoid a U.S. national debt default, which is projected to occur in August absent congressional action to raise the debt ceiling. The U.S. national debt is currently $31.46 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury, which is 120% the size of the economy, per the Federal Reserve.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2023/04/23/house-freedom-caucus-2-trillion-negotiations-increase/

Lifson: AOC accuses Tucker Carlson of ‘very, very clearly’ inciting violence, flaunts her stunning ignorance of government regulation

It will surprise absolutely no one who reads American Thinker to learn that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is utterly ignorant on a topic she discussed in an interview with Jen Psaki on MSNBC, and that she flung baseless serious charges at a leading conservative while offering no evidence whatsoever. Pam Key of Breitbart took on for the team and watched the entire 17-and-a-half-minute interview, so you don’t have to endure the flaming idiocy.  Here are the key words: . . .[…]  As a lawmaker, Ocasio-Cortez ought to know that Fox News is not broadcast television. It is distributed via cable, satellite, and streaming services. It has no FCC licenses the way that terrestrial broadcast stations, such as those carrying NBC programming, do. This is elementary and fundamental to understanding the video business and has been the case since the dawn of cable television. It boggles the mind that someone so frequently appearing on television screens would not grasp this basic point. And the fact that Jen Psaki, who has the experience that should have informed her of this elementary distinction, let the misinformation be spread on her program is appalling.

Read more/Watch the 17 minute interview at American Thinker.


Sundance: Sunday Talks, Mark Levin Interviews President Donald Trump – Full Video

Literally moments before Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg announced the indictment of President Donald J Trump, Fox News host Mark Levin had just wrapped up an interview with him.

Watch the 38:20 minute interview: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/04/23/sunday-talks-mark-levin-interviews-president-donald-trump-full-video/


Fox News Bartiromo: China expert Gordon Chang sounds off on U.S.-China tensions: This is going to get ‘out of control’

Watch the 8:27 minute video: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325965355112

Strivastava, Schwartz, Sevastopulo: China building cyberweapons to hijack enemy satellites, says US leak

The US assesses that China’s push to develop capabilities to “deny, exploit or hijack” enemy satellites is a core part of its goal to control information, which Beijing considers to be a key “war-fighting domain.” The CIA-marked document, which was issued this year and has been reviewed by the Financial Times, was one of dozens allegedly shared by a 21-year-old US Air Guardsman in the most significant American intelligence disclosures in more than a decade. A cyber capability of this nature would far exceed anything Russia has deployed in Ukraine, where electronic warfare teams have taken a brute-force approach with little effect. These attacks, first developed in the 1980s, attempt to drown out signals between low-orbit SpaceX satellites and their on-ground terminals by broadcasting on similar frequencies from truck-borne jamming systems such as the Tirada-2.

Read more: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/04/china-building-cyberweapons-to-hijack-enemy-satellites-says-us-leak/?ref=upstract.com


Showalter: Now Ukraine’s telling us what kind of president to elect?

Since when does a client state tell its sponsor state whom to elect? Seems we have that right now with Ukraine telling us what kind of president we need to elect in 2024. According to Newsweek: A top Ukrainian diplomat has said Kyiv is hoping for “reasonable” candidates in the 2024 United States presidential election, adding that Ukrainian leaders believe American bipartisan support is strong enough that the race will not undermine vital financial and military support for the war-torn nation. […]  The subtext is that any candidate who isn’t onboard for a full blank check to Ukraine, whatever it costs and however long it takes to expel invading Russia, is somehow “unreasonable.” And what exactly is he going to do if we don’t elect this sort of candidate?

Read more at American Thinker.

Margolis: Biden’s Benghazi: Sudan Embassy Evacuated, One American Dead, Thousands Left Behind

President Biden announced on Saturday evening in Washington that the U.S. military had evacuated official personnel from the embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. The evacuation comes following a week of escalating violence, including the death of at least one American citizen. […]  Success? Before we go any further, there is no way we can call this mission a success. And who better to explain why than Joe Biden? “I am receiving regular reports from my team on their ongoing work to assist Americans in Sudan, to the extent possible,” Biden said, adding that his administration is “also working closely with our allies and partners in this effort.”  That’s right. Once again, Joe Biden left Americans behind. And not just a few.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2023/04/23/biden-bugs-out-again-sudan-embassy-evacuated-one-american-dead-thousands-left-behind-n1689569

Moran: Afghanistan Has Become What It Was Before 9/11: A Terrorist Haven and Staging Area

Leaks of classified Pentagon reports found on the Discord messaging platform show the disheartening analysis by U.S. intelligence that just two years after the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan, terrorists are once again using that country to plan and stage attacks against Western targets. “ISIS has been developing a cost-effective model for external operations that relies on resources from outside Afghanistan, operatives in target countries, and extensive facilitation networks,” says the assessment, which is labeled top-secret and bears the logos of several Defense Department organizations. “The model will likely enable ISIS to overcome obstacles — such as competent security services — and reduce some plot timelines, minimizing disruption opportunities.”

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2023/04/23/afghanistan-has-become-what-it-was-before-9-11-a-terrorist-haven-and-staging-area-n1689570

Glick: The Answer to Anti-Semitism is Jewish Power

In this week’s Caroline Glick Show, on Yom HaShoah, I reflected on the lessons of the Holocaust for contemporary Jews in my opening remarks. I was joined by Tony Badran from the Washington, DC-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies to discuss the Hamas missile attacks on Israel from Lebanon, Gaza and further strikes from Syria and Israel’s counterstrike against Hamas and Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Tony and I analyzed how President Joe Biden’s announcement two weeks ago that he has no intention of meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the foreseeable future informs the events in the region.

Watch the 1:23:14 hour video: https://carolineglick.com/the-answer-to-anti-semitism-is-jewish-power/


VDH: Do We Even Know We Are All Socialists Now?

Sometimes when you are in the midst of a revolution, you do not even know it. I doubt all the Germans who voted in National Socialism quite foresaw what quickly was to come. Those who overthrew the Bourbons or the Romanoffs had no real idea that they had sown the wind and were soon to reap the Jacobin and Bolshevik whirlwind. So it is with our “woke”—a euphemism for the socialist revolution we are in and do not fully appreciate or even understand.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/04/23/do-we-even-know-we-are-all-socialists-now/

Mill: Prepping America for Genocide

In recent years, again and again, public figures find themselves apologizing for saying “All lives matter.” Bizarrely, activists become outraged at the phrase. A Democratic candidate for president apologized in 2015 when he used the phrase at a symposium. Black Lives Matter activists booed and disrupted the event. In 2016, the president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling apologized for using the phrase. A Tennessee principal apologized for using the phrase in 2021. When a man shouted, “All lives matter!” during a 2020 D.C. protest, a BLM protester beat him with a baseball bat. Over and over, the mob meted out punishment and coerced apologies from anyone suggesting “All lives matter.”  Everyone knows the media reports differently on crime depending on the identity of the victims and the perpetrator.  But the selective prosecution of perpetrators is even more troublesome. Despite the lavish attention the FBI and the Justice Department spends on “hate crimes,” the Justice Department does not seem interested in protecting people victimized because of their Christian faith.

[…]  Every genocide, including Rwanda, began with a kind of “awokening.” Every genocide begins as a social or economic justice movement seeking to redress a historical grievance narrative. To test whether you have the courage to resist, we must first confront three truths common to all genocides of the 20th century. 

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/04/23/prepping-america-for-genocide/

Toplansky: Communism Is Liberty’s Mortal Enemy

In his inimitable way, Thomas Sowell has explained that “in a democracy, we have always had to worry about the ignorance of the uneducated.  Today we have to worry about the ignorance of people with college degrees.” Americans would be well served to review Communism’s 45 goals, which were read into the Congressional Record by Congressman Albert S. Herlong, Jr. (D-Fla.) in 1963. […]  Merely reviewing a few of the communist goals enumerated by Skousen confirms the incredible success of communist infiltration into America. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. Get control of the schools and teachers’ associations. Soften the curriculum. Gain control of all student newspapers. Infiltrate the press. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV and pictures. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them ‘censorship’ and a violation of free speech and press. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in the media. Infiltrate the . . . Infiltrate the . . . Discredit the. . .  Belittle . . .Discredit . . .Infiltrate . . .Transfer . . .Discredit . . .Emphasize . . .

In his book Reagan’s War, Peter Schweizer demonstrates the astonishing degree to which communists and communist sympathizers have penetrated the Democrat party. Fast-forward and mull over the following: Joe Biden continually kowtows to the CCP’s demands.

Read more at American Thinker.

Fox News: Tucker Carlson: The Biden admin is punishing Americans with high credit scores

Watch the 9:43 minute monologue:https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325545406112

Fox News: America is on the verge of a ‘deflating home bubble’: Economist Stephanie Pomboy

Watch the 3:05 minute interview:https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325545824112

Jacobs: If The Bidens Love Medicare And Social Security So Much, Why’d They Dodge Those Taxes?

The real question surrounding the Bidens’ taxes is why the IRS agreed to go along with these shenanigans. Same song, different verse. For someone who spends much of his time claiming to defend Social Security and Medicare, President Joe Biden takes a pass one day a year: Tax Day. For the sixth consecutive year, Biden and his wife avoided paying Medicare and Social Security taxes on some of their income by using a controversial loophole. The corporate press largely avoids this issue, but congressional Republicans interested in exposing the Bidens’ hypocrisy should not.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/04/24/if-the-bidens-love-medicare-and-social-security-so-much-whyd-they-dodge-those-taxes/

Kasperowicz: Illegal aliens who are LGBTQ ‘may not be detained’ under Democrats’ new bill

Dozens of Democrats in the House and Senate introduced legislation this week that would make it harder to hold illegal aliens in custody if they qualify as a “vulnerable person,” such as those who are gay, lesbian or transgender, who don’t speak English, or who meet other definitions of the term under the bill. The Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act, from Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., is aimed at setting minimum standards for detention facilities where thousands of illegal aliens are kept as they await processing. Among other things, it would bar the use of private detention facilities and make sure government-run facilities meet minimum standards as defined by the American Bar Association. Our immigration system has allowed for the unjust treatment of immigrants and stripped them of their humanity and due process,” Booker said in a Thursday statement. “We must respect and protect the basic rights of immigrants detained in the United States.”

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/illegal-aliens-lgbtq-non-english-speakers-may-not-detained-democrats-new-bill

Taer: EXCLUSIVE: New Wristband Monitors For Illegal Migrants Aim To ‘Destigmatize’ Enforcement With ‘Less Obtrusive’ Design

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is introducing wristband monitors to lessen the stigma associated with tracking illegal migrants released into the U.S. interior, according to an internal document and two U.S. officials who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

ICE said in the unreleased statement that the program will be tested in a “limited” capacity in Denver as part of its Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which uses ankle monitors, cellphones and phone applications to track illegal immigrants released into the country. The two officials told the DCNF that the new technology was introduced to appease organizations like the ACLU by destigmatizing GPS monitoring that’s usually conducted with ankle bracelets. “ICE is transitioning into a more humane way of monitoring noncitizens enrolled in the ATD program after facing backlash from civil rights organizations, stating that the traditional GPS ankle monitor criminalized the noncitizens, and restricted them from ordinary every day life. In order to destigmatize ATD monitoring, ICE has announced that the use of a ‘tracking wristband or watch’ will now be considered and implemented in the near future,” an ICE agent, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak, told the DCNF.

Read more: https://dailycallernewsfoundation.org/2023/04/21/exclusive-new-wristband-monitors-for-illegal-migrants-aim-to-destigmatize-enforcement-with-less-obtrusive-design/


Revolver.news: MTG reveals disturbing new details about “white slavery” ring Hunter Biden is linked to…

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene just finished reading over 2,000 pages of financial reports on the Biden family. The in depth report revealed a lot, including how the Biden’s received millions of dollars through LLC’s from Burisma and Ukraine. The ties the Biden’s have to Ukraine are strong and run very deep.  […] But one of the most curious LLC’s MTG learned about was called “Owasco.” This is the LLC that Hunter owned and what he used to pay his steady stream of prostitutes. Many of those prostitutes were actually from Russia and Ukraine, which doesn’t seem all that odd, until you discover the group Hunter booked his sex through was actually a white slavery ring. Why isn’t Hunter in prison? Marjorie says the report estimates . . .

Read more: https://www.revolver.news/2023/04/mtg-reveals-disturbing-new-details-about-white-slavery-ring-hunter-biden-is-linked-to/

Caralle: Oversight Chair James Comer says there won’t be any Bidens ‘left for a Christmas picture’ as he claims there could be as many as TWELVE family members involved in shady business deals

‘How many family members were involved?’ Fox News Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo asked Comer on Sunday. ‘Well, right now, we have nine. But I believe, in the end, that number will be at least 12,’ he alleged.’I mean, this was the Biden family influence peddling scheme,’ the chairman from Kentucky continued. ‘And when people say, well, they were involved in ventures around the world, I haven’t found a legitimate business on the Biden end.’ Hunter Biden’s lawyers have meetings this week with the Department of Justice, but it is unclear what steps might be taken against the president’s son. Comer says that the DOJ is in a ‘pickle’ over ‘what do you do with this many family members of the president?’

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12004863/James-Comer-TWELVE-Biden-family-members-involved-shady-business-deals.html

Watch the Bartiromo/Comer interview:https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325983464112

Cleveland: 6 Reasons The IRS Whistleblower Will Blow Open DOJ’s Biden Family Protection Racket

An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower hinted to congressional leaders last week that the FBI improperly blocked aspects of the Hunter Biden investigation and that Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys blocked an indictment against the president’s son on tax charges. The carefully worded letter also indicated Attorney General Merrick Garland had testified inaccurately when he told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Trump-appointed Delaware U.S. attorney had the authority to file charges against Hunter Biden in other jurisdictions.  Here are six reasons this whistleblower should terrify those behind the DOJ’s Biden family protection racket. 1. Whistleblower Has Corroborating Evidence  While Wednesday’s letter from the whistleblower’s attorney to the congressional oversight chairs spoke only in cryptic terms, as I detailed on Friday, individuals claiming to be “directly familiar with the case” revealed the whistleblower had accused two Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys of refusing “to seek a tax indictment against Hunter Biden despite career investigators’ recommendations to do so.” […] 2. IRS Agent Is Nonpartisan and Credentialed

The whistleblower’s apparent nonpartisan pedigree is another reason for participants in the Biden protection racket to be afraid. The whistleblower is “not a political person” and does not have a “political agenda,”

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/04/24/6-reasons-the-irs-whistleblower-will-blow-open-dojs-biden-family-protection-racket/

Ross: Hunter Biden Lawyer Calls IRS Whistleblower a Criminal

A lawyer for Hunter Biden says an IRS agent broke the law by telling Congress about problems with the agency’s investigation of the troubled first son, a claim the agent’s lawyer called an “unfortunate” attack on his client.

Biden lawyer Chris Clark said in a statement Thursday that “it appears this IRS agent has committed a crime” by “improperly disclos[ing] information about an ongoing tax investigation.” Clark was responding to bombshell claims from a senior IRS special agent who says the Biden Justice Department has stalled an investigation into Biden’s taxes for political reasons. The whistleblower also claims that Attorney General Merrick Garland gave misleading testimony last month when he insisted that the U.S. attorney in Delaware, who has led the Biden probe since 2018, has been allowed to proceed unencumbered.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/hunter-biden-lawyer-calls-irs-whistleblower-a-criminal/

Cohen: Former Intel Officials Who Signed The Infamous Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Landed Jobs In The Biden Admin

Bash was not the only signatory who received a role in the Biden administration. Biden also appointed Russell Travers as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor from January 2021 to October 2021 and Nicholas Rasmussen as Counterterrorism Coordinator for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in November. While not an administration position, another signatory, David Buckley, was staff director of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2023/04/23/after-bidens-campaign-motion-hunter-biden-laptop-letter-these-signatories-joined-admin/


Behrends, M.D: Heads Up, Parents, May is “Sex Ed Month For All”—The WHO Recommends “Children between 9 and 12 yrs should have their first sexual experience and learn to use online pornography”

Since 2019, May has been recognized as Sex Ed for All Month. It used to be called “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month,” but this has been deemed as “causing more harm than good-shaming young people, and, especially, young parents.” So says SIECUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States). They have been around since 1964. Their branding includes Sex Ed For Social Change. What change? Pictures sometimes can tell all… […]  Leave it to the World Health Organization (WHO) to weigh in on this. (Who put WHO in charge of world sex-ed??!!) They are starting with European children, where organized religion is much weaker than in the United States. Key points in their document are as follows: Children between 0 and 4 years must learn about masturbation and develop an interest in their own and others’ bodies. Children between 4 and 6 years must learn about . . . […]  In 2019, a former elementary school teacher from California gave an address at The Heritage Foundations summit of “Protecting Children from Sexualization.” She stated: . . .[…] Furthermore, she said: Teachers are told to teach kids about their “sexual rights” and that they should have the freedom to enjoy sexual pleasure at any age. Out-of-wedlock sex with anyone is okay. As for being bisexual or homosexual? Don’t knock it until you try it! The number one goal is to teach children how to prevent pregnancy without parental knowledge or permission from age 12 on. Teachers are told to teach children how to . . .

Read more: https://100percentfedup.com/heads-up-parents-may-is-sex-ed-month-for-all-the-who-recommends-children-between-9-and-12-yrs-should-have-their-first-sexual-experience-and-learn-to-use-online-pornography/

Margolis: Need Proof That Pride Events Are About Grooming Children? Here It Is

So, let’s recap the situation. Adults chose to cancel an event because they would not get to expose children to the sight of adults performing lewd acts in public. This raises the question: Are these events truly about celebrating gay pride, or are they instead intended to groom children?

The answer has been made plainly obvious. These people think if they can’t include young, impressionable children, then there’s really no point in having the event at all. Statistics show that younger generations are increasingly identifying as LGBT — particularly those who identify as transgender. A recent Gallup poll showed that fewer than 1% of Americans born before 1946 identify as LGBT, along with 2.6% of Boomers, 4.2% of Generation X, 10.5% of millennials, and 20.8% of Gen Z.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2023/04/22/need-proof-that-pride-events-are-about-grooming-children-here-it-is-n1689386

 Woodfield: EXCLUSIVE: Socialite mom, 45, is arrested in child porn sting at Virginia hotel where she allegedly planned to sexually abuse eight-year-old girl. Now federal judge ex-husband launches court battle to win full custody of their daughters – aged 10 and 12

Eleanor Hunton Hoppe, 45, a member of one of Virginia’s most prominent families, was snared in an FBI sting last month after messaging an undercover agent explicit and sickening details about what she wanted to do to the child, according to court filings. The mother-of-two – who has been charged with child porn and child sex abuse offenses – is also accused of sending the agent a 30-second video and three still images of young minor girls being horrifically sexually abused by men. Her arrest has stunned communities in Charlottesville, where she lives, and in Richmond where she grew up amid wealth and prestige as a member of a legal powerhouse family who helped found the city’s biggest law firm, now known as Hunton, Andrews, Kurth. […]  The accused mom, 45, had entered a fetish website where users discuss and trade images of child sex abuse, according to the criminal complaint filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11981565/High-society-child-sex-abuser.html

(Bravo) Allen: HUGE WIN: Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Boots Education Director Over “Woke” Teacher’s Guide

On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey gave a statement rejecting a woke pre-k educator resource book distributed to Alabama teachers which aims to teach four years olds about lgbtq+ sexual behavior and that they are inherently racist. In a press release, Ivey’s office said it “was brought to the Administration’s attention that there was concerning content in a pre-K educator resource book, content that is simply not in line with what the Ivey Administration or the people of Alabama stand for or believe.” n response, Ivey’s office ditched the head of Early Childhood Education, Barbara Cooper, and the “woke” teacher resource book. Cooper was forced out after Ivey expressed concern over the distribution of the book to state-run pre-kindergartens. In a statement, Ivey reiterated her commitment to true learning and rejected woke curriculum saying, . . .

Read more: https://100percentfedup.com/huge-win-alabama-governor-kay-ivey-boots-education-director-over-woke-teachers-guide/


Feldman: Erasing Women

I’m not sure why it’s happening — perhaps it’s a backlash from the most obnoxious of the feminists and their conduct or the widespread denigration of and discrimination against white heterosexual men, but there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a concerted attack by the culture warriors to erase women, denigrate them, and allow them only symbolic powers — like choosing the moronic Kamala Harris as vice president instead of someone with a demonstrated and earned record of competence. How long has it been since we’ve seen women we looked up to, like Golda Meier and Maggie Thatcher, wielding political power? Here’s a sample of what I mean. In 2018 when we were told “believe all women” in the context of the Kavanaugh hearings, when his accuser told a fabulous story for which there was no credible evidentiary support and nothing except political bias to believe her. Now just a few years later, an administration nominee for the Supreme Court down gets tongue-tied when asked to define “woman.” It’s confusing. How can we give someone automatic credence based on her sex when that sex defies definition?

Read more at American Thinker.


War Room: The Trans Movement’s Striking Parallels to a Dark and Forgotten Practice in the Ottoman Empire

Watch the 6 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2jtajs-the-trans-movements-striking-parallels-to-a-dark-and-forgotten-practice-in-.html

Read the Beattie article: https://www.revolver.news/2023/04/tranissaries-transgender-movement-striking-parallels-ottoman-empire/

Thorne: Study Shows Mothers of Boys With Gender Issues Are Mental

The abstract of a scientific study undertaken in 1994 has been making the rounds on social media, and it is shocking on two levels. The first wave of shock (although not surprise) comes at you from what the study discovered: the mothers of gender dysphoric boys tend to suffer from a host of mental illnesses of their own. The study (full text can be found here), “Mothers of boys with gender identity disorder: a comparison of matched controls,” was performed by researchers Sonia Marantz and Susan Coates, both of whom are Ph.D.s. The abstract details their predictable but sad nonetheless findings: This pilot study compared mothers of boys with gender identity disorder (GID) with mothers of normal boys to determine whether differences in psychopathology and child-rearing attitudes and practices could be identified. Results of the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines and the Beck Depression Inventory revealed . . .

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/culture/athena-thorne/2023/04/23/study-shows-mothers-of-boys-with-gender-issues-are-mental-n1689518

Crawford: Biological Man Pretending to Be a Woman, Issues Violent Threat to Anyone Who Tells Him He Can’t Use Women’s Restroom: “It will be the last mistake you ever make” [VIDEO]

A transgender TikTok user recently posted a threatening video warning anyone who disagrees with a biological man using a women’s restroom. A biological male who goes by ‘Tara’ warned his viewers that if he is challenged about using a female restroom, he will become a “dangerous animal.” He also called on trans people to “arm up.” In his message for “anyone who wants to protect their kids,” Tara said, “You back a wild animal into a corner, they’re gonna become a dangerous animal. So if you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go right ahead.” “I dare you to try and stop me . . .

Read more/Watch the 1:37 minute video: https://100percentfedup.com/biological-man-pretending-to-be-a-woman-issues-violent-threat-to-anyone-who-tells-him-he-cant-use-womens-restroom-it-will-be-the-last-mistake-you-ever-make-video/

Hoge: 18-Year-Old Transgender Athlete Exposes Himself to Freshman Girls in Locker Room

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) wants answers from Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) after an 18-year-old transgender athlete exposed himself to four 14-year-old girls in the shower area of the girls’ locker room following a physical education class.

The Institute describes what happened in a letter sent to the District: The girls entered the shower area with their swimsuits on, which was their common practice as they rinsed off. As they began to shower, the male student approached them, entered the shower area, announced “I’m trans, by the way,” and then undressed fully and showered completely naked right next to one of the girls. He was initially turned towards the wall but eventually turned and fully exposed his male genitalia to the four girls. Understandably, the girls were caught off guard and shocked, closed their eyes, and tried to hurry up and leave the showers as quickly as possible. […]  The letter details how the school failed to respond adequately to the girls’ complaints, basically ignoring the situation until they were forced to confront it by angry parents.

Read more: https://redstate.com/bobhoge/2023/04/21/18-year-old-transgender-athlete-exposes-himself-to-freshman-girls-in-locker-room-n734792

Hoge: Female Volleyball Player Injured by Transgender Athlete Speaks out, Still Experiencing Symptoms

A female high school volleyball player who was injured by a crushing spike to the face from a transgender athlete in September 2022 is speaking out, describing the severe concussion she suffered and saying succinctly, “Allowing biological males to compete against biological females is dangerous.” Payton McNabb, a senior at Hiwassee Dam High School in Murphy, N.C., detailed for the first time the effects of the injury at a press conference Wednesday: . . .[…]  “My ability to learn, retain, [and] comprehend has also been impaired,” she said, “and I require accommodations at school for testing because of this.” […]  McNabb’s tale is a sad one, and it never should have happened. When you watch the transgender athlete wind up and absolutely drill the ball toward McNabb, you know that allowing this player to compete against females is not only preposterously unfair, it’s incredibly hazardous. Anyone who has daughters can imagine the anger you’d feel if yours were forced to play against males.

Read more/Watch the short videos: https://redstate.com/bobhoge/2023/04/21/female-volleyball-player-injured-by-transgender-athlete-speaks-out-still-experiencing-symptoms-n734747


Autistic Jewish teen is attacked, has swastika carved on his back at Las Vegas high school

The teen’s distraught mother alerted authorities after her 17-year-old nonverbal son returned home from Clark High School on March 9 with the hate symbol etched on his back, NBC News reported Saturday. The mom, who said her son’s service dog equipment bag was also tampered with, has pulled her son from the school. But because the school doesn’t have surveillance cameras in classrooms, locker rooms and bathrooms, the cruel culprits remain unnamed — and unpunished.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2023/04/23/autistic-jewish-teen-has-swastika-carved-on-his-back-in-las-vegas/

Tapson: Why it Matters if a Black Actress Plays Cleopatra

The truth is not served when filmmakers “boldly re-imagine” the past to spread the lies of today. Imagine, if you will, that Netflix produced a miniseries based on the life of the 19th century Zulu warrior-king Shaka Zulu, and cast white actor Matt Damon in the lead role. Or what if the woke streaming giant made a movie based on Rosa Parks’ refusal in 1955 to give up her seat on the bus – a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement – and hired blonde actress Charlize Theron to play Parks? How about if Netflix aired a bio-pic of black abolitionist, orator, and statesman Frederick Douglass (a great idea, by the way; let’s talk, Netflix) and gave Hugh Jackman the part? Imagine the apoplexy from the hypersensitive culture scolds, the cultural appropriation police, of the Left. “You can’t cast Matt Damon as Shaka Zulu!” they would scream. “Shaka Zulu was black!” “Charlize Theron as Rosa Parks?! Are you insane, Netflix?!” “Jackman as Douglass?! Talk about white privilege!”And they would be absolutely correct to condemn these inexplicable casting choices. Why? Because as capable and world-famous as Damon, Theron, and Jackman might be, they are white and would be historically inaccurate and therefore jarringly inappropriate playing famous black figures. Similarly, it would be laughable to cast Hugh Jackman as, say, Joan of Arc – because she was a real-life historical figure who was inarguably not a middle-aged man (despite contemporary efforts to erase her femaleness and depict her as “nonbinary”).

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/why-it-matters-if-a-black-actress-plays-cleopatra/


McDonough: Seething Rage in former Institutions of Higher Learning

Their [the pro-life visitors at Yale] smug civility was infuriating; their invitations for debate [about foetal personhood and abortion ethics”] inflammatory. I could barely seethe out my opinion about the misogyny of holding such a debate at all … The discussion never should have been entertained [at all] because simply opening space for this ‘logical, respectful’ debate itself is a threat to human rights that should never be up for debate … Some arguments aren’t worth engaging with, and quite frankly are dangerous for even ex isting. — Hyerim Bianca Nam, Editorial, Yale Daily News Logical argument, especially “civil respectful debate,” is not, apparently, very welcome at Yale these days, and why should it be when the children who go there, to, so to speak, “study” already know everything?  “Seething”, as opposed to thinking, the latter of which requires free and “logical respectful” debate, is, apparently, what “educators” at Yale convey to their pupils nowadays.  On the other side of the ledger, however, it was logical and respectful debates that long ago made Yale a place people wanted to go to learn (back in the “old days” when learning, as opposed to indoctrination, was seen as desirable).

If Yale were the only educational institution teaching intolerance and hatred this might not be a major cause for concern.  However, GWU Law professor and constitutional scholar, Jonathan Turley points out that: . . .

Read more at American Thinker.

Price: APUSH Textbooks Are Covering The Trump Presidency; The Bias Is Worse Than You Think

I reviewed five of the most commonly used AP U.S. History textbooks that cover all the way through the Trump presidency. Used every day by high school students in college-level history classes, the books all contain anti-Trump editorializing, false narratives, and employ selective editing to leave out significant stories that occurred during the Trump presidency. The books all appear on the College Board’s list of textbooks that meet the AP Course Audit curricular requirements. Nearly all of the textbooks claim “Russian meddling” was responsible for the 2016 election of Donald Trump, despite that narrative being debunked through multiple studies and news reports. A New York University Center for Social Media and Politics study found that Russian Twitter accounts had no measurable impact on the 2016 election. Facebook’s internal investigation also found that 56% of the $100K worth of Facebook ads purchased by Russians in 2016 were viewed on the platform after the election was over. They also leave out all the details of how the Trump/Russia media narrative unraveled. None of them mention the phony Steele Dossier, how the FBI abused FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to spy on Trump, the illegal unmasking of Michael Flynn, how officials like John Brennan, James Clapper, and Rep. Adam Schiff lied to the public about Russian collusion, or the role Hillary Clinton’s campaign played in feeding false Trump/Russia stories to the press.

Read more: https://gregprice.substack.com/p/apush-textbooks-are-covering-the

Fonte: No To Conservative Accommodationism

Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a leading figure of the establishment Right in education, asks if Americans can find “common ground in our history wars.” He answers in the affirmative. “Happily,” Hess tells us, “there is copious common ground to be found.”

Unfortunately, he is wrong. […] Under current circumstances, what type of “common ground” and “national consensus” is possible? Let us examine the results of an ongoing “common ground-national consensus” project that AEI’s Hess has advocated, Educating for American Democracy (EAD). This initiative represents a coalition of educators from Harvard, Tufts, Arizona State, local and state government education officials, and a major civic education organization, iCivics, which promotes “action civics” or training K-12 students in how to become leftist protestors.

EAD receives ample funding from the federal government and major foundations such as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The executive committee of 10 consists of seven progressives and three conservatives (most prominently, professors Paul Carrese of Arizona State University and James Stoner of Louisiana State University). EAD has established a “large network of participants [300 people]—including teachers, scholars, students, and leaders from private and public sectors . . . [that are] professionally, demographically, and ideologically diverse.” The latter claim is false—of the 300 participants perhaps 10 were non-progressives. EAD purports to be “bi-partisan” and “trans-partisan,” however, an examination of the content reveals the project to be decidedly Left.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/04/22/no-to-conservative-accommodationism/

Kredo: ‘Addicted to Funding From China’: Stanford Rakes in Chinese Cash

Stanford University has raked in more than $27 million from Chinese entities since the start of 2021, underscoring the Communist Party’s influence-peddling operations at major American colleges. The funding came through 42 donations throughout 2021 and into early 2022, according to the latest figures publicly available through the Education Department’s reporting database. The database does not specify the exact source of the funding, beyond the country of origin, but details the total amount of every gift and contract from the CCP as part of federal reporting requirements. Stanford did not respond to a Washington Free Beacon request for further information about the donations or its partnerships with China.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/campus/addicted-to-funding-from-china-stanford-rakes-in-chinese-cash/


100% FedUp: Ohio Senate Candidate Calls For Reparations For White People…But Here’s the Catch…

Bernie Moreno, an owner of a chain of car dealerships across the Midwest, advocated for giving reparations to the descendants of Union soldiers who died during the Civil War. Moreno noted that something like white soldiers dying to free black slaves has only happened in the United States. He is the second Republican to throw his name in the hat for the Republican nomination for the 2024 Senate race, with Ohio State Senator Matt Dolan also running for the nomination.

Read more/Watch the 1:11 minute video: https://100percentfedup.com/ohio-senate-candidate-calls-for-reparations-for-white-people-but-heres-the-catch/

(4/22/2023) The Heritage Foundation: Tucker Carlson Keynote Address | Heritage 50th Anniversary Celebration

Watch the 26:14 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebG2POkoHgU

The Columbia Bugle Tweet: Tucker Carlson’s Team Tried To Get Recordings Of Any 911 Calls Made From The Jail In NY The Day Epstein Died The Recordings Have Been Deleted Tucker Carlson: “So it looks like the NYPD deleted the recordings of 911 calls from the jail. So we thought well how about about…

Watch the 1:38 minute Carlson video: https://politicalsignal.com/huge-deleted-911-recordings-from-epstein-on-day-he-killed-himself/

Unruh: Lawmakers approve plan to have schools display 10 Commandments

State senators in Texas have adopted, 17-12, a plan to have the Ten Commandments displayed in school classrooms. The plan, Senate Bill 1515, explains, “a public elementary or secondary school shall display in a conspicuous place in each classroom of the school a durable poster or framed copy of the Ten Commandments.” Sponsor state Sen. Phil King, a Republican, set up the plan to have the document at least 16 inches by 20 inches. The plan now goes to the state House, and if the Republican-majority body adopts it, it would go to Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, for his signature.

Read more: https://www.wnd.com/2023/04/lawmakers-approve-plan-schools-display-10-commandments/

 Moynihan: Kyrsten Sinema spent more than $100K in campaign cash on jets, limos, luxury hotels and wine

An even bigger drain on campaign coffers: more than $45,000 on chauffeurs since 2019. On a trip to New York in December, Sinema paid a luxury car service more than $4,000 for a single day, according to filings. Last month, On The Money reported Sinema’s campaign is being hounded by angry Democratic donors who want their money back. Neither the senator nor her staff are even bothering to respond anymore, a source added. Meanwhile, the lavish spending looks egregious even by the standards of Capitol Hill, Thomas Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation, told On The Money. […]  While Sinema has more than $8 million in her war chest, she will need more as she gears up for a 2024 re-election campaign. “Sinema hasn’t held a town hall in years, her constituents can’t get a hold of her, and she spends all of her time meeting with lobbyists,” Hacha adds. “So it’s no wonder she’s polling in last place in a three-way race.”

Read more: https://nypost.com/2023/04/20/kyrsten-sinema-spent-more-than-100k-on-jets-limos-luxury-hotels-and-wine/

Fox: Controversial Bud Light VP Is Out: ‘Alissa Heinerscheid is Off the Brand’

So much for the “it’ll blow over” philosophy the executives at Bud Light seemed to believe after stupidly sending offensive woman-appropriator Dylan Mulvaney a bunch of Bud Light cans with his face on them. After aligning themselves with the far-left gender hysteria leading thousands of girls to destroy their bodies through surgeries and cross-sex hormones, Anheuser-Busch seems to be suffering the natural consequences of angering everyone. Bud Light has reportedly lost billions in plunging stock prices since the stupid marketing stunt pulled by woke frat-girl Alissa Heinersheid, who believed putting Dylan Mulvaney, a man who equates being a woman to being highly emotional and buying things they can’t afford, on a can of beer. Brilliant move, Alissa.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2023/04/22/controversial-bud-light-vp-is-out-alissa-heinerscheid-is-off-the-brand-n1689361


Greenfield: Israel is Fighting the World’s War

None of the 18 people murdered in Israel by Islamic terrorists so far this year were soldiers. The dead included a 6-year-old boy and his 8-year-old brother killed in a car ramming attack in Jerusalem, a British mother and daughters gunned down on the road, a 27-year-old from Connecticut traveling to a wedding, and an Italian tourist run over on the beach. In some countries, the soldiers fight wars, in Israel, they fight to stop a genocide.Islamic massacres are often defended with some variation of “the occupied have the right to resist”. The Muslim occupiers keep resisting the indigenous Jewish population by killing women and children, and random foreigners whose only crime is being non-Muslim in a land that the terrorists want to reclaim for Islam.

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Ibrahim: Without Firing a Shot: How Islam Overcame the West

Today, of course, not only is the “revelation of Muhammad” being taught and honored at Oxford, but Christianity is increasingly being canceled for its sake.  Most recently,  [a] decision by an Oxford university college not to celebrate St George’s Day with a formal dinner has been branded ‘barking mad.’ Magdalen College has decided against continuing an annual pre-pandemic banquet celebrating the English saint that drew together Oxford students, dons and fellows. Instead, the only occasion the college will observe on the day is Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic festival marking the end of Ramadan. The college will hold a formal dinner marking Eid on April 23, honouring a request made by its Muslim students. An email from college vice president Professor Nick Stargardt … outlines plans for a ‘festive dinner’ celebrating the occasion. The invitation, sent to hundreds of students and their lecturers, adds the meal will ‘follow Muslim customs.’ Cooks will prepare a halal meat dish with no alcohol served to diners. Oxford had for years celebrated Saint George’s Day.

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The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

Please click the following link to learn more.

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