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Civis Americanus contributor to American Thinker: The bottom line is that the Democrat Left is infested throughout with Jew-haters, race hustlers, looters, rioters, people who disrupt legislatures and speeches, men who use their fists on women with whom they disagree, and an organization (BLM) that praises terrorists, cop killers, and a dictator who murdered thousands of Cubans.

Sundance contributor to The Last Refuge: Let me be clear….  Nothing, not one single thing….  about candidates, debates, endorsements, media support, branding, imaging, leadership, effectiveness, policy, platforms or love of country matters in the 2024 election.  None of it matters.  The outcome of the 2024 presidential contest will be determined by ONLY ONE THING… ENVELOPES! That’s it. That’s the sum total of what matters. Envelopes containing ballots.

Pierre Kory, M.D.: Above all, the next public health emergency should be met with more humility and less arrogance. A once-in-a century crisis requires a spirit of open-mindedness. The same so-called experts who have been sneering about “following the science” need to take a dose of their own medicine. Public trust in medical scientists has plummeted to 29 percent according to Pew Research. These numbers must rebound before the next catastrophe strikes.

Jeffrey Ludwig contributor to American Thinker: Christopher Lasch enlarged our understanding of the “lonely crowd syndrome” in his classic, The Culture of Narcissism.  The love of pleasure and undue love of self have spun much of our culture on a path of neurosis and even psychosis.  Add in the essential element of sinthat theologians and true religionists would note, and we have a true understanding of the sixty-plus years of ever-enlarging perverse behavior in our society.

Elon Musk: Any parent or doctor who ‘sterilizes a child before they are a consenting adult should go to prison for life’

Alex Berenson Substack: If you’ve somehow been asleep the last month, Mulvaney is a trans actor who has lately become a pitch-person for various lady-focused brands, including Kate Spade, the skincare company CeraVe, and Bud Light (see what I did there?). A couple years ago, Mulvaney was just another gay guy who liked musical theater and preening. Today, after hormone replacement therapy and facial feminization surgery, including  hairline advancement; a brow bone shave; a rhinoplasty; a cheek enhancement; a lip lift; a jaw shave; a chin reduction; and a tracheal shave – Mulvaney can pass for a woman, if you squint! And have a couple Bud Lights.


Tucker Carlson: Elon Musk to Tucker Carlson: AI has the potential to destroy civilization

Watch the 21 second clip: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325033515112

War Room: The Dark Landscape of Artificial Intelligence

Watch the 5:06 minute Allen interview: https://rumble.com/v2idvuy-the-dark-landscape-of-artificial-intelligence.html

War Room: The AI Arms Race Will Transform Warfare Like the Atom Bomb

Watch the 10:38 minute Allen interview: https://rumble.com/v2idyti-the-ai-arms-race-will-transform-warfare-like-the-atom-bomb.html

War Room: Sam Altman Pushes Transhumanist Technology

Watch the 13:29 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2ie26g-sam-altman-pushes-transhumanist-technology.html

War Room: HP Lovecraft Predicted AI as Demonic Shoggoths

Artificial general intelligence versus artificial intelligence an important distinction and goal.

Read more: https://rumble.com/v2ie8e2-hp-lovecraft-predicted-ai-as-demonic-shoggoths.html

(Pandemic 2.0?) Shaheen: Bird flu is just FOUR mutations away from causing human outbreak — as experts describe virus as ‘pandemic threat that’s going to keep knocking at our door’

The virus has been given ample opportunity to spread in recent years as it rampages across the world’s bird and mammal population. Each time it begins replicating in a new host it earns another chance to mutate and potentially gain one of these deadly traits. Some mutations it could gain that cause it to pose a risk to humans includes the ability to survive in the air and optimizing itself to infect human cells. Dr Mathilde Richard, a virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, told the journal Science: ‘This is the threat that’s going to keep knocking at our door until it will indeed, I assume, cause a pandemic.

‘Because there is no way back.’ […] In a landmark 2012 study, Dutch researchers manufactured the H5N1 bird flu to spread airborne between ferrets. This type of research falls under the controversial ‘gain-of-function’ label and has been restricted in most of the world.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11969675/Bird-flu-just-FOUR-small-mutations-away-causing-human-pandemic-experts-say.html

Mac Ghlionn & Raw Egg Nationalist: Biohacked to Pieces

Biohacking” is the future of mankind, according to our overlords at the World Economic Forum (WEF). In founder Klaus Schwab’s 2017 book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, he describes a future where human beings are fully integrated, via gene editing and implantable technologies such as brain chips, into a hyper-connected global “smart” society. The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” promises to transform not just the way we live but what we actually are as biological entities. WEF-approved “thought leaders” like Yuval Noah Harari tell us, almost daily now, that “the age of cyborgs has begun” and “homo sapiens as we know them will disappear.” S. Matthew Liao, another nerdy futurist beloved of Klaus Schwab, predicts that the man of the near future may, through gene editing, be made 15 percent smaller than today, with reflective cat’s eyes and an engineered allergy to all forms of meat, as well as being administered regular doses of the prosocial hormone oxytocin, changes that will ensure we reduce our carbon emissions and save the planet from global warming. Biohacking is already happening. […] It’s interesting, but not surprising, to discover that Johnson is consuming a strictly vegan diet. Plant-based diets are hailed as the diet of the future, and Johnson, like all biohackers, considers himself very much a man of the future. The World Economic Forum’s own “Planetary Health Diet” is a more or less totally plant-based diet that will, we’re assured, not only save the health of the planet’s population, which is projected to reach 10 billion by 2050, but also save the planet itself, which is being driven to the brink of destruction by our insatiable desire for the products of industrial animal agriculture. The truth paints a rather different picture.

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/biohacked-to-pieces/


 Flanakin: Finally, the Europeans May Be Rejecting the EV Kool-Aid

You may not know it if you rely solely on American media, but there is a growing revolt across much of Europe against Net Zero mandates in general and electric vehicle mandates in particular. It seems that, led by luxury carmakers, the future may be bright for the venerable internal combustion engine if new synthetic fuels technologies can produce an affordable replacement for gasoline and diesel fuels. The revolt had been brewing ever since Europe got a wakeup call with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that upset the Net Zero applecart and led even Germany to reopen coal-fired power plants. Still, the EU last November had struck a provisional deal on a new vehicle emissions law that would have banned the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035. […]  NOTE: The concern over Chinese dominance of the EV market has reached the Colonies! Just days after Interior Secretary admitted that the Biden Administration’s push for EVs will deepen U.S. reliance on China, Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon, in his annual letter to shareholders, warned that China’s dominance of the green energy supply chain, coupled with the Biden EV policy, will imperil U.S. national security. Yet the juggernaut rolls on unimpeded.

Read more at Real Clear Energy.

Tucker Carlson Originals: Let Them Eat Bugs’ explores push to eat insects

Globalists at the World Economic Forum want you to eat bugs.

Watch the 1;47 minute trailer: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325079430112

Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Push for insect eating is a ‘compliance test’

Watch the 3:39 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325081895112

Tucker Carlson: Chef Joseph Yoon: Edible insects are just another option for humans to consider

Watch the 5:48 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6325081705112


Harsanyi: That Kaiser Gun Study The Media Love Is Garbage

It’s become virtually impossible to find reliable data or polling on gun violence these days. A new Kaiser Family Foundation report being shared by virtually every major media outlet this week offers us a good example of why. The headlines report that “1 in 5 adults” in the United States claim that a “family member” has been “killed” by a gun. And, let’s just say, that’s a highly dubious claim. There are 333 million people living in the United States, and somewhere around 259 million of them are over the age of 18. Twenty percent of those adults equals nearly 52 million people. There were more than 40,000 gun deaths in 2022, and around 20,000 of them were homicides — a slight dip from a Covid-year historic high that followed decades of lows. So, according to Kaiser’s polling, every victim of gun violence in the past few years had hundreds, if not thousands, of “family members.” […] . . . you can always spot a misleading firearms study by checking if the authors conflate suicides and murders. Kaiser does. The underlying problems leading to a homicide or a suicide are typically very different. So are the solutions. There are numerous countries with virtually no private gun ownership that have persistently high suicide rates. There isn’t any other societal problem in which Kaiser wouldn’t stress the distinction between criminality and mental health struggles.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/04/14/that-kaiser-gun-study-the-media-loves-is-garbage/


Wauck: Briefly Noted: SCOTUS Undermines Administrative State

I’d been waiting to see some commentary on this recent SCOTUS decision from some of my usual go-to legal analysts, but the decision seems to have gotten lost in the other news. Nevertheless, this appears to be an important, if incremental, decision going forward. The WSJ did pick up on it in an editorial and this is what I can copy without a subscription. Supreme Court 9, Administrative State 0   The Supreme Court on Friday dealt the administrative state another blow with a 9-0 decision holding that individuals and businesses harpooned by an independent agency don’t have to suffer a torturous government adjudication to challenge its constitutionality in federal court (Axon Enterprise v. FTC and SEC v. Cochran). The private litigants in these cases want to challenge Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission actions on grounds that the agencies are unconstitutionally structured. But the discrete question before the Court was whether they had to run through the agencies’ long and costly administrative process before they could go to federal court. This decision is . . .

Read more: https://substack.com/notes/post/p-115073441

Whedon: SCOTUS Justice Alito halts limits on abortion pill access, blocking lower court rulings

Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito on Friday blocked lower court rulings that curtailed access to mifepristone while the court weighs a request from the Biden administration to defend the drug in court. The administration hopes to defend the drug’s approval in court in the face of a legal challenge from anti-abortion groups that had brought the initial suit, Reuters reported. Alito’s order asks both sides to submit arguments by Tuesday on whether the limits from the appeals court should take effect, pending litigation, the Associated Press reported.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/courts-law/scotus-justice-alito-halts-limits-abortion-pill-access-blocking-lower-court

Aminoff: Supreme Court says you need to pay off other people’s student loan debt

The Supreme Court just handed thousands of student loan borrowers a victory. The nation’s highest court ruled on Thursday in favor of $6 billion in student debt relief for 200,000 borrowers — a result of a settlement from a years-long lawsuit now known as Sweet v. Cardona.  The lawsuit was first filed in 2019 under former President Donald Trump on behalf of borrowers with stalled borrower-defense claims, or claims that borrowers can file if they believe they were defrauded by the school they attended.  If approved, their debt would be wiped out. President Joe Biden’s Education Department agreed to a settlement last summer, and a federal judge signed off on the relief in November.  Shortly after, three schools named in the settlement appealed the decision and requested that a lower court pause the relief as the legal process plays out.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the request, and now the Supreme Court came to the same conclusion.

Read more at American Thinker.

Hazard: Supreme Court set to hear case of Christian postal worker who refused to work on Sundays

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Tuesday in the case of a former missionary and United States Postal Service employee who refused to work Sundays, citing his Christian faith and the biblical commandment to “keep holy the Sabbath day.” In 2019, Gerald Groff resigned from the Postal Service, claiming he had been harassed and targeted for refusing to work on Sundays. He then sued USPS, alleging they violated his religious rights. His claims were denied by a U.S. district court in Pennsylvania and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court took his appeal Jan. 13. […]  Groff’s legal team hopes that Groff v. DeJoy will overturn a precedent established in Trans World Airlines v. Hardison. In that landmark 1977 case, the Supreme Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 established a “de minimis” burden test for religious accommodation in the workplace rather than a more religious-freedom-friendly “undue hardship” test, which requires that employers undertake significant difficulties or expenses to make accommodations.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/courts-law/sunchristian-postal-worker-who-refused-work-sunday-will-have-case-heard


Manhattan Contrarian: Oral Argument In CHECC v. EPA: The Issue Of Standing

This morning the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington held oral argument in the case of the Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council v. EPA. That’s the case where a hardy band of citizen petitioners (CHECC) challenges the 2009 finding of EPA that CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” constitute a “danger” to human health and welfare by reason of their potential to warm the atmosphere. That finding, known as the Endangerment Finding or EF, is the underlying basis for the all-of-government regulatory assault on the fossil fuel industry and the energy economy currently being conducted by the Biden Administration. […]  My previous posts on this case have focused on what we lawyers like to call the “merits,” which here means, has EPA articulated any valid scientific basis for its supposed “finding” of human endangerment from increased atmospheric CO2?  On that issue, EPA’s position is pathetically weak. Given the mass hysteria gripping essentially all of our major institutions with the fear that the world is about to end from “climate change,” you would think that our government overlords would at least have a well-rehearsed and coherent story as to how that is supposed to happen.  But they don’t. […]  As a starting proposition, the requirement of standing is frankly a good idea, and keeps our courts out of quite a bit of mischief.  However, the drawing of the lines between who has standing and who does not has proved to be quite difficult, most particularly in the area of challenges to the regulatory initiatives of the administrative state. 

Read more: https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2023-4-14-oral-argument-in-checc-v-epa-the-issue-of-standing


War Room: Lara Logan: Intelligence Community’s Ukraine Support Is Continued Effort From WW2 Of Saving Nazis

Ukraine is not a country. It is to Russia in the same way Puerto Rico is to the U.S. After WW2 Ukranian Nazis where placed in positions in the U.S. government.

Watch the 5:54 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2i87gg-lara-logan-intelligence-communitys-ukraine-support-is-continued-effort-from.html

Showalter: So why wasn’t Alexander Vindman arrested for his leaks on Ukraine, too?

The press is all over the news that a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guard enlisted man, Jack Teixeira, was arrested for leaking documents, all to impress his internet circle of friends. Over at 100percentfedup, a popular Michigan blog, the irony of that was noted: […]  In 2019, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman admitted while being questioned by the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday that he had leaked information to an anti-Trump whistleblower at the center of the Democrats’ partisan impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump. Vindman attempted to provide talking points to Trump prior to his “infamous” Ukraine phone call and then leaked a mischaracterization of the call afterward. . . . Vindman was accused of leaking national security information but never served jail time.. […]  Something’s wrong with this picture and far more arrests are warranted than the low-level fall guys we are seeing get the book thrown at them right now.

Read more at American Thinker.

Finnegan: FBI wants to keep fortune in cash, gold, jewels from Beverly Hills raid. Is it abuse of power?

When FBI agents asked for permission to rip hundreds of safe deposit boxes from the walls of a Beverly Hills business and haul them away, U.S. Magistrate Steve Kim set some strict limits on the raid. The business, U.S. Private Vaults, had been charged in a sealed indictment with conspiring to sell drugs and launder money. Its customers had not. So the FBI could seize the boxes themselves, Kim decided, but had to return what was inside to the owners. “This warrant does not authorize a criminal search or seizure of the contents of the safety deposit boxes,” Kim’s March 17 seizure warrant declared.

Yet the FBI is now trying to confiscate $86 million in cash and millions of dollars more in jewelry and other valuables that agents found in 369 of the boxes. Prosecutors claim the forfeiture is justified because the unnamed box holders were engaged in criminal activity. They have disclosed no evidence to support the allegation. Box holders and their lawyers denounced the ploy as a brazen abuse of forfeiture laws, saying prosecutors and the FBI were trampling on the rights of people who thought they’d found a safe place to stash confidential documents, heirlooms, gold, rare coins and cash.

Read more: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-06-09/fbi-beverly-hills-safe-deposit-boxes-forfeiture-cash-jewelry


Ballasy: McCarthy set to propose 1-year debt limit extension tied to spending reforms

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is set to propose next week a 1-year debt limit extension tied to spending concessions from President Biden and the Democrats. According to a source familiar with the ongoing negotiations, concessions extracted in exchange for a debt limit increase would yield approximately $4 trillion in savings for taxpayers over a 10-year period. The spending reforms sought by the House GOP include recovering unspent COVID stimulus funds, capping domestic spending at FY2022 levels and only allowing it to grow 1% over the next 10 years as well as enforcing a work requirement for recipients of Medicaid who are under 60 years of age and do not have children.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/congress/mccarthy-set-propose-1-year-debt-limit-extension-tied-spending-concessions

Davis: Alvin Bragg’s Worst Nightmare Just Hit Congress in the Form of the ‘ALVIN Act’

Citing the prosecution of former President Donald Trump as an exercise in the misuse of government funds, Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona has introduced two bills – one labeled the ALVIN Act — to cut off funding to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. As noted by Fox News, the bills are part of a wider war between House Republicans and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. House GOP members have attacked the indictment of Trump as pure politics by Bragg, and issued subpoenas for documents concerning the indictment. Bragg has sued House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan saying the Ohio Republicans and his supporters of an unconstitutional attack against law enforcement. […]  The No Federal Funds for Political Prosecutions Act  would bar any law enforcement agency from using funds or property acquired through federally related asset forfeiture to investigate or criminally prosecute a president, vice president, or a candidate for president.

Read more: https://www.westernjournal.com/alvin-braggs-worst-nightmare-just-hit-congress-form-alvin-act/

Solomon: Congressional probe uncovers tie between Biden campaign, security letter dismissing Hunter laptop

Aided by two Obama-era witnesses, congressional investigators led by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan have developed the first evidence that a letter from security experts that falsely dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation during the 2020 election had ties to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Jordan told Just the News he expects to release a report from the House panel on weaponization of government later this month that lays out evidence and the players behind the letter, which many Republicans now say was a consequential interference in the last presidential election.

[…]  For most of the last two years, the letter from 51 national security officials has been portrayed as an organic effort from the intelligence community to raise concerns that the emergence of Hunter Biden’s laptop in fall 2020 could be tied to a foreign power. But before the letter was debunked, it was used to

Read more: https://justthenews.com/accountability/political-ethics/moncongressional-probe-uncovers-tie-between-biden-campaign-security


War Room: President Trump NRA speech 4/14/23

Watch the 38 minute speech: https://rumble.com/v2ia60m-president-trump-nra-speech-41423.html

Sundance: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Takes a Pass on 2024

The South Carolina folks (Haley and Scott) will remain, and Asa Hutchinson is likely to hang out as the club player for Iowa, but pulling the other noise away from DeSantis will be a priority.  Also, no one will enter the contest after DeSantis.With Trump surging, Team RdS needs every part of their 20% to remain as the floor.  The Big Club handlers can’t afford the optics of Ron DeSantis polling dropping further because it will make his pre-planned entry look weak and more transparent.   As such, Youngkin taps out before he reaches the ring.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/04/15/virginia-governor-glenn-youngkin-takes-a-pass-on-2024/

McLaughlin: GOP presidential candidate calls for guns in ‘every Taiwanese household’ to prevent Chinese invasion

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is convinced that he has figured out a way to stop China from invading Taiwan: Give the Taiwanese people guns. Mr. Ramaswamy, a 37-year-old entrepreneur, outlined a governing vision at the National Rifle Association’s gathering Friday in Indianapolis that included shutting down the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the Department of Education, and ending race-based affirmative action. “You want China not to invade Taiwan? Here is something we can do: The NRA can open its branch next time in Taiwan,” Mr. Ramaswamy said. “And you want to stop [Chinese President] Xi Jinping from invading Taiwan, put a gun in every Taiwanese household, have them defend themselves, let’s see what Xi Jinping does then. That is what it means to be an actual American.”

Read more: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2023/apr/14/gop-presidential-candidate-calls-guns-every-taiwan/

Revolver.news: Vivek drops bomb on transgenderism and finally says what other politicians are afraid to say out loud…

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is a breath of fresh political air. In a swamp that’s dark, murky, and full of deadly creatures who are out to get us, someone like Vivek, who says out loud what most of us are thinking, is refreshing. Ramaswamy’s style is reminiscent of Trump’s political style, which is why he connects with so many people and started one of the most powerful politics movements this country has ever seen. There’s power in speaking the truth and stating the obvious, but most politicians refuse to do that. One situation where truth and common sense are needed most is the “transgender issue.” We’ve gone from creepy male fetish stuff that was relegated to the closet to the sawing off of young kids’ genitals in record time. During a conversation with Brian Kilmeade, Vivek talked about the very serious genital mutilation and mental health crisis this country is facing, and Vivek said out loud what nearly all of us are thinking, and what every politician is scared to say. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Period. We have the video below, but here’s the best part of the quote: . . .

Read more/Watch the 1:43 minute interview clip: https://www.revolver.news/2023/04/vivek-drops-bomb-on-transgenderism-and-finally-says-what-other-politicians-are-afraid-to-say-out-loud/

Whedon: Mike Pompeo opts against 2024 presidential run

The former Trump cabinet member announced his decision of Fox News’ “Special Report,” saying “[w]e have prayerfully come to the conclusion we are not going to join the race in 2024.” “While, we care deeply about America and the issues I’ve been talking about for the past year and half and frankly for decades matter an awful lot – this isn’t our moment,” he added.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/mike-pompeo-opts-against-2024-presidential-run


 Mittelstadt: Watchdogs fear new group hyping threats to election workers as pretext to chill monitoring efforts

Election integrity watchdogs fear a new organization of election administration experts and law enforcement officials called The Committee for Safe and Secure Elections is part of a growing effort to hype threats to election workers as a pretext to chill searching scrutiny of questionable election practices. Established in June 2022, the CSSE “aim[s] to . . . […]  CSSE lists 34 members, including current and former election and law enforcement officials  . . .  three people from the left-leaning Brennan Center for Justice, . .  . The committee is supported by the Brennan Center for Justice, R Street Institute, Protect Democracy, and The Elections Group, with people from each of the organizations serving as members. […]  In September, Klobuchar introduced the Election Worker Protection Act of 2022. The Senate bill, which never made it out of the Rules Committee, reads: “It shall be unlawful for any person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, to intimidate, threaten, coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce an election worker with intent to impede, intimidate, or interfere with that election worker while the election worker is engaged in the performance of official duties, or with intent to retaliate against the election worker on the basis of the performance of such duties.”  The bill requires the FBI to “assign a special agent to each field office … to investigate threats against election workers.”Ned Jones, deputy director of the Election Integrity Network, told Just the News on Friday that CSSE is helping to spread the largely illusory, politically motivated narrative that election workers are under threat from so-called election deniers and domestic terrorists. […] . . .  the goal is to “intimidate people to not be involved” in elections.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/behind-curtain-policies-could-intimidate-citizens-election-worker-threat


War Room: Rebekah Koffler: China and Russia Join Forces to Weaponize AI

Koffler is the author of Putin’s Playbook. She is a former DIA intelligence officer.

Watch the 5:46 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2i32fc-rebekah-koffler-china-and-russia-join-forces-to-weaponize-ai.html

Laugesen: Everything We Have Been Told About the War in Ukraine is a Lie

We have been told since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine that it is not a proxy war between the United States and Russia. We’ve been told that there are no U.S. forces deployed in the war zone, and we have been told that Ukraine is winning. That is the narrative that has been pushed by the media and our government on repeat for more than a year. But the leaked documents completely shatter that narrative. The leak revealed that there are U.S. forces deployed in Ukraine. In fact, this was confirmed on Wednesday by John Kirby in an interview with Fox News. This is not only a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia. We are quite literally in the middle of a hot war with Russia. A war which has not been approved by Congress as our laws would require. That makes it a crime. The documents also reveal that Ukrainian forces are in dire straits. According to the documents, there have been a total of 16,000-17,500 Russian casualties and as many as 71,000 Ukrainian casualties. […]  The mainstream media has focused most of their energy on making this story about the source of the leak rather than the content of the documents. However, the content in the documents has proven to be far more important than the source of the leak. In fact, we should be thanking the source for providing us with the information we now have.

Read more: https://simonateba.substack.com/p/everything-we-have-been-told-about


Salgado: Defector Warns That the U.S. Is Becoming More Like North Korea

Yeonmi Park escaped the oppressed, poverty-stricken nightmare of North Korea and sex slavery in China to reach freedom and success in America. But Park is worried about what woke ideology and authoritarian enforcement of wokeness are doing to America. If radical leftism’s current progress isn’t stopped, according to Park, America will become more like North Korea all the time. […]  Park explained the main issue with North Korea’s dictatorial government. “[In] North Korea, the power is so concentrated, it’s in the hand of one man, Kim Jong-Un, and a few guys… in the Communist Party,” she said. “America is becoming more like that every day. There are a few people in America… elites. They decide what we are allowed to talk, what we are allowed to feel, what women and men [are], they are redefining all these words for us.”

Read more/Watch the 37 second clip: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/catherinesalgado/2023/04/16/defector-warns-that-the-u-s-is-becoming-more-like-north-korea-n1687655

The First tweeted: *This is Real* WATCH – Secretary Pete Buttigieg says most ‘traffic fatalities’ are caused by ‘discrimination.’

Watch the 44 second clip: https://twitter.com/TheFirstonTV/status/1647649624067305474?cxt=HHwWhMCzzc-m0N0tAAAA

War Room: Lara Logan Explains How The Mexican Cartels Have Seized Our Southern Border

Ukraine, WHO and the southern border. Most people don’t realize that we are already in the middle of a war.

Watch the 8:38 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2i85r6-lara-logan-explains-how-the-mexican-cartels-have-seized-our-southern-border.html

War Room: Ben Bergquam: “We are paying for national suicide.”

Watch the 5:32 minute video: https://rumble.com/v2iacp6-robby-starbuck-the-assault-on-parental-rights.html


Scott: UN Wants to Decriminalize Sex Between Minors and Adults

The United Nations discreetly issued a report in March encouraging members of the UN to decriminalize sex between minors and adults. The report is titled “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.” On page 22 of the report, the UN states, “With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage.”

[…]  Per Live Action: A new report from the United Nations has called for all forms of drug use and sexual activity to be decriminalized globally. […]  The report also calls for all sex work to be decriminalized.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/un-wants-to-decriminalize-sex-between-minors-and-adults/

(Satanic targeting of children) War Room: Satanic Temple Found Sponsoring Clubs In American Schools, Implementing Seven Tenets Of Satanism Part 1

Watch the 9:48 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2ieetu-satanic-temple-found-sponsoring-clubs-in-american-schools-implementing-seve.html

War Room: Christians Must Reclaim Sunday | Mary Beth Joins WarRoom To Discuss Action Plan To Combat Evil  Part 2

Watch the 7:17 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2iegn6-christians-must-reclaim-sunday-bannon-family-joins-warroom-to-discuss-actio.html

The Right Scoop: Former ‘transgender’ explains devastating consequences of transitioning during adolescence

A man in his 20s, who transitioned into a female when he was in adolescence, posted a video online explaining the devastating consequences of this. According to Andy Ngo, the detransitioner is gay. In fact the young man explains that he was pushed into transitioning because of his feminine qualities.

Read more: https://therightscoop.com/former-transgender-explains-devastating-consequences-of-transitioning-during-adolescence/

Citizen Free Press: San Fran Airport bookstore is depraved…

Propaganda and brainwashing at the airport

Watch the 50 second clip: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/san-fran-airport-bookstore-is-depraved/

Shole: Planned Parenthood communications director commits suicide – after ‘police launch child porn investigation into him’ and raid his apartment building

The former director of strategic communications at the Southern New England branch of Planned Parenthood took his own life amid a child porn investigation in Connecticut this week. Police have not named abortion advocate Tim Yergeau, 36, as the suspect in the probe but confirmed that the man who committed suicide in the apartment building was a suspect. Yergeau, 36, took his own life, five days after an apparent botched attempt by police to take him into custody. Investigators broke down the door of his neighbor in New Haven, Connecticut and handcuffed her before realizing they had raided the wrong apartment.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11977929/Former-Planned-Parenthood-staffer-commits-suicide-five-days-botched-child-pornography-raid.html


(4/16/2023) Fred T: Under old Twitter, gov’t had access to YOUR private DMs, Elon Musk reveals to Tucker Carlson

Tomorrow Fox’s Tucker Carlson will be airing his sit-down interview with billionaire tech magnate and Twitter CEO Elon Musk,  . . . I don’t actually care what people think of how Twitter is being run under Musk, because it’s infinitely superior to what WAS happening, which is that the government had arguably the biggest speech platform on earth directly under its thumb until Musk came along.

Watch the 14 second clip: https://therightscoop.com/under-old-twitter-govt-had-access-to-your-private-dms-elon-musk-reveals-to-tucker-carlson/


Tilley: Revealed: Ohio woman who was first ever to receive breast cancer vaccine remains in remission five years after battle with deadly disease

Jennifer Davis, of Ohio, received the breakthrough vaccine, developed by Cleveland Clinic, in October 2021. She had previously battled triple-negative breast cancer, and went into remission in 2018. She was chosen for the trial as there was a high chance the cancer would return. The shot she received is among hundreds of experimental cancer vaccines and medicines in early trials. One cancer vaccine made by Moderna for patients recovering from advanced melanoma was given ‘breakthrough therapy’ status by health chiefs last month, paving the way for a fast-tracked approval. […]  Dr George Thomas Budd, breast medical oncologist and principal investigator for the breast cancer vaccine trial at Cleveland Clinic, said: ‘Triple-negative breast cancer is the form of the disease for which we have the least effective treatments.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11974225/Cleveland-woman-receive-breast-cancer-vaccine-jab-finally-reaches-human-trials.html

Tilley: MIT scientists discover ‘remarkable’ new way to reverse Alzheimer’s — as previous breakthrough drug found to slow disease under fire after causing death of trial participant

A new way to reverse Alzheimer’s has been discovered by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — a major breakthrough with ‘dramatic’ results. The researchers used a peptide, or string of amino acids, to interfere with an enzyme that is typically overactive in the brains of people with the disease. The chemical compound stops an enzyme, called CDK15, in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s from becoming overactivated and harming neurons — causing cognitive decline. Researchers hope their findings could serve as the center of future research into a drug that can reverse the disease’s devastating effect.

It also comes as lecanemab, a recently approved Alzheimer’s treatment deemed a game-changer for its ability to slow cognitive decline, was linked to the death of 79-year-old woman from Florida.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11973457/MIT-scientists-new-way-reverse-Alzheimers-trial-participant-dies-previous-drug.html


Spencer: California Goes Full Communist: Utilities to Base What They Charge on How Much You Make

The state of California is implementing full Marxism before our very eyes under the guise of “equity.” And so now there can be no possible doubt if there ever was for anyone: instituting Communism has been what “equity” initiatives have been about all along. Now three of its most powerful utility companies are saying that they’re going to charge based not on how much of their product was used, but on how much money the user makes. […]  That is the disastrous path that Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric are now planning to follow. ABC 7 in Los Angeles reported Friday that the three utility giants “filed a joint proposal this week for a flat-rate charge based on income.” Not a flat-rate charge, period, but one based on how much money you make.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/04/16/california-goes-full-communist-utilities-to-base-what-they-charge-on-how-much-you-make-n1687622


(H/T DG) Beaton: “The Fall of the FBI” takes James Comey to task, and more

I have only one criticism of the just-released book by long-time superstar FBI agent Thomas Baker entitled “The Fall of the FBI.” It really should be entitled “The Winter of the FBI.” That’s how bad things have gotten in the upper echelons of the Bureau. It wasn’t always that way. More than half the book is a collection of true crime stories that illustrate the competence and professionalism of the Bureau in the old days. Most end with the bad guys in jail. Baker had a first-hand view of these cases because he was involved in many of them. He was the first FBI agent on the scene at President Ronald Reagan’s shooting when he happened to hear the news report on the radio (recall that the shooting took place right in front of the press who were following the President). Baker was in the neighborhood and sped to the scene, arriving just minutes later. He became in charge of the investigation. He was the Legal Attaché to the U.S. Embassy in France when Princess Di was killed in a car crash in Paris. He was cross-examined by infamous lawyer F. Lee Bailey in the trial of a mobster (Bailey lost that case). You get the flavor. It’s a collection of real-life stories something like the stories my generation remembers from the television series “The FBI.”

The rest of the book describes the sad decline in the culture of the Bureau. Baker traces it to 9/11.

Read more: https://theaspenbeat.com/2023/04/16/the-fall-of-the-fbi-takes-james-comey-to-task/


(Sweet) Citizen Free Press: Raising that young boy right…

Nice work from the crew. The young man is so excited.

Watch the 32 second video: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/raising-that-young-boy-right/

VDH: Can We Do Anything About America’s Decline?

Twenty-first-century America was on a trajectory of gradual decline—until it began to implode. Was the accelerant the COVID-19 pandemic and unhinged lockdowns? Or was the catalyst the woke revolution fueled by the 2020 summer of exempted rioting, looting, arson, and violence? Or was it perhaps the deranged fixation on removing Donald Trump from the presidency and destroying the rule of law in the process? Or all that and more?  Now with the election of Joe Biden, what had been a fast-tracked decline has accelerated at such an astonishing rate we can scarcely recognize our country. Our largest cities are becoming uninhabitable—dilapidated, dangerous, and dysfunctional. The challenge is not just rampant crime, but the realization that if you, the citizen, are stabbed, shot, or beaten up on the street, the perpetrators may well be exempt from most punishments. And the victim either will be forgotten in his misery or, indeed, blamed for bringing such violence upon himself.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/04/16/can-we-do-anything-about-americas-decline/

Walsh: Here’s Why Gen Z Has No Clue How to Be Happy

While Gen Z and Millennials demand a better work-life balance in pursuit of happiness, their choices and behaviors prove otherwise. Instead of pursuing meaning by way of starting families and enriching hobbies, they waste their free time staring at screens all day.

Watch the 7:32 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=798UEbNC8YY

Remnant: Boomer Die-Off

If you think the boomer die-off isn’t a big deal, just wait until you see how badly the supply chain will fall apart in absence of a stable transportation system. Air travel and cargo alone is riding on the backs of industry-veteran boomers who are retiring in droves. ATC personnel, pilots, mechanics, dispatchers… All facing major staffing shortages that they won’t be able to fill with conventional hiring standards. So those standards will be lowered. It’s already happening, and we can see it in the increased delays and near-miss incidents. Even passenger jets move lots of mail and cargo. Air traffic is one of the most important moving parts of the national and international supply chain. Just that alone will have severe consequences for all other sectors. And this is before even getting to trains and trucks.

Read more: https://pingthread.com/thread/1646216112634470401

Whedon: ‘Woke Alerts’ service to warn consumers when companies engage in political activism

In the aftermath of a major marketing controversy in which Bud Light partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and triggered a substantial boycott of the product, one consumer advocacy group has launched a service to warn people of woke practices at major firms. Consumers’ Research this week announced the launch of “Woke Alerts,” a digital notification service that informs users when companies engage in political activism. Those who sign up will receive text message updates informing them of such moves. “In light of the recent direction taken by companies like Bud Light, Jack Daniels, and Bank of America, we are launching Woke Alerts to help consumers make better-informed decisions about where to spend their money,” . . .

Read more: https://justthenews.com/nation/technology/woke-alerts-service-warn-consumers-when-companies-engage-political-activism

Balevic: A team of US scientists is turning dead birds into drones to study flight techniques that may help the aviation industry

The birds aren’t real, but their bodies are. A research team in New Mexico is converting taxidermic birds into drones in order to study flight patterns, Reuters reported. Mostafa Hassanalian, a mechanical engineering professor leading the project at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, said the team started looking into deceased birds after mechanical bird drones weren’t yielding good results. […]  Scientists hope to use them to study birds’ formations and flight patterns, which can in turn be applied to the aviation industry, Hassanalian told Reuters.

Read more/Watch the 2:13 minute video: https://www.businessinsider.com/american-scientists-turning-dead-birds-into-drones-study-flight-techniques-2023-4

NPR: SpaceX prepares to launch its mammoth rocket ‘Starship’

In South Texas, the commercial spaceflight company SpaceX is preparing to test a huge, stainless-steel rocket. The machine could one day carry humans to the moon, Mars and beyond. But first, it has to fly. “It’s a very complex machine; it has so many different components,” says Paulo Lozano, director of MIT’s space propulsion laboratory. The rocket is larger than any ever built. Success will depend upon dozens of engines, firing in perfect synchrony. The stakes could not be higher, at least to hear SpaceX CEO Elon Musk speak about the mission.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2023/04/16/1169734535/spacex-prepares-to-launch-its-mammoth-rocket-starship


Sundance: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Survives Assassination Attempt – Suspect Carried Two Pipe Bombs, One Exploded

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida escaped harm earlier today after a man holding what appeared to be two pipe bombs threw one near Kishida. Remarkable video from the event showed citizens and police apprehending the suspect after one of the devices was thrown.

Read more/Watch the 1:45 minute report: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/04/15/japanese-prime-minister-fumio-kishida-survives-assassination-attempt-suspect-carried-two-pipe-bombs-one-exploded/

Ellis-Peterson: Former MP and his brother shot dead on live TV in India

A former Indian MP convicted of kidnapping and facing murder and assault charges has been murdered along with his brother in a dramatic shooting broadcast live on TV. Atiq Ahmed, a former MP who was serving a life sentence in jail, and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were in police custody outside a hospital in Prayagraj, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, when three men fired more than 20 rounds of bullets at them from close range as they took questions from reporters. The two brothers died on the spot.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/16/atiq-ahmed-former-mp-brother-shot-dead-live-tv-india

Parry: The Netherlands makes it legal to euthanise terminally-ill children aged as young as 12 at their parents’ request

The Dutch Government announced plans to expand euthanasia regulations to include doctor-assisted death for terminally ill children between one and 12 years old on Friday. The rules would apply to an estimated five to 10 children per year, who suffer unbearably from their disease, have no hope of improvement and for whom palliative care cannot bring relief, the government have said. ‘The end of life for this group is the only reasonable alternative to the child’s unbearable and hopeless suffering,’ the government said in a statement.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11974839/Parents-euthanise-terminally-ill-children-aged-12-Netherlands.html


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

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