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Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR): This evil empire preys on and spies on Americans. It imprisons innocent people in concentration camps, it uses slave labor to fuel its factories and it denies the most basic freedoms to all of its 1.4 billion people. We need to beat this evil empire and consign the Chinese Communists — just like the Bolsheviks — to the ash heap of history.

Michael van der Veen President Trump’s impeachment attorney: This was not like any trial this country has ever seen. I thought it was bereft of due process. It trampled all over the Constitution of the United States. It was an abomination. It was something I would expect to see come out of a third-world country… We had them like a wounded animal in the corner, dying. Their case was dying… They were trying to breathe life into the case and they couldn’t. And their case died in the corner… The real story here is why did they doctor the evidence? If their case was so strong why was it that they manipulated the video, recreated tweets that tried to purport to be something they weren’t?

Jeremy Carl contributor to American Greatness: GOP voters understand, in a way that some GOP senators do not, that in allowing themselves to be manipulated into the impeachment circus, our Republican politicians have been played again. There is a saying in poker that if you sit down at the table for 10 minutes and can’t figure out who the sucker is, then the sucker is you. GOP “leaders” have been at the table for decades in some cases but still can’t seem to find the sucker.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine reflecting on nursing home COVID-19 deaths: I don’t know of any conservative who still has any optimism about an FBI investigation. The other problem is that Cuomo didn’t do anything that a whole bunch of other Democrat governors didn’t do.

Herschel Walker business man and former NFL player testified before Congress about reparations: Reparations, where does the money come from? Does it come from all the other races except the black taxpayers? Who is black? What percentage of black must you be to receive reparations? … Some American ancestors just came to this country 80 years ago, their ancestors wasn’t even here during slavery. Some black immigrants weren’t here during slavery, nor their ancestors. Some states didn’t even have slavery.


Widburg: It’s possible that Trump supporters fell into a trap on January 6
Dinesh D’Souza did a podcast pointing out Nancy Pelosi’s very peculiar behavior regarding events at the Capitol in the days leading up to January 6. In the five weeks since then, Pelosi has turned Washington, D.C. into an armed, walled city and is working with the White House to crack down on dissenting views – meaning, any views that run counter to the Democrat party narrative. There’s something weirdly un-American about what we’re seeing now. On February 17, D’Souza did an hour-long podcast entitled “Trump’s Next Move.” You can find the entire podcast here. Townhall published the transcript of his discussion about Nancy Pelosi’s behavior before and after the events of January 6. It makes for unnerving reasoning. D’Souza points out something we’ve all noticed, . . . […] One could say that Pelosi was Machiavellian enough to position matters in advance of January 6 to create a trap for Trump and his supporters. Equally, one could say . . .
Read more at American Thinker.

Millward: Tucker Slams ‘Unhinged’ Retired General Pelosi Picked to Review Capitol Riot
Like so many of our country’s ex-generals, this guy is an authoritarian and an unhinged one. He understands how to use force in order to achieve political objectives. And it seems like he’s being set up to use his military training against anyone who sees the world differently than he does. They’ll be reclassified as domestic terrorists. He said that and we’re quoting here: we can’t permit “Second Amendment rights at First Amendment protests.” Really? Constitutional scholar, are you? Imagine a public figure with a “general” in front of his name making that statement. This is the guy Nancy Pelosi wants in charge of security.
Watch the 4:50 minute monologue.


Husebo: Iran Deal Part Two: Blinken Tells Europeans Biden Ready to Negotiate With Tehran
The United States is ready to begin negotiating with Iran in an attempt to reestablish the 2015 nuclear deal or something like it, Secretary of State Antony Blinken relayed to counterparts Thursday in a video conference call with (E3) — France, Germany, and the U.K. According to a report by Axios, the U.S. and the E3 stressed that Iran must return to full compliance with commitments under the nuclear deal. Blinken reiterated that if Iran resumes strict compliance with its obligations, the U.S. will do the same, though the U.S. commitments were unspecified. […] More revealing is the Biden administration’s concurrence with European leaders to hold negotiations on the Iran problem with . . .
Read more at Breitbart.

Goodenough: Biden Makes 3 ‘Concessions’ to Iranian Regime As Administration Looks to Re-Engage
The Biden administration told the U.N. Security Council Thursday it was rescinding its predecessor’s determination that U.N. sanctions on Iran, terminated under the nuclear deal, had been “snapped back.” It also signaled its readiness to return to talks with Iran and the other parties to the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), for the first time since President Trump withdrew in 2018. And in a third gesture, . . .
Read more at CNS News.

Goodman: Biden Nominee for Top State Dept Post Contributed to Book About How ‘Israel Lobby’ Controls American Politics
President Joe Biden’s nominee for a top State Department position played a key role in assembling a book on the nefarious influence of the “Israel lobby” while working for an organization that promoted claims about Jewish media control and dual loyalty to Israel. As a staffer at the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Uzra Zeya compiled research for a book that argues that “the Israel lobby has subverted the American political process to take control of U.S. Middle East policy” by establishing a secret network of “dirty money” PACs that bribe and extort congressional candidates into taking pro-Israel positions. […] Zeya was hired as director of the American Educational Trust’s speakers’ bureau in July 1989, according to the Washington Report, where she helped connect the publication’s writers with groups looking for speakers. “Ms. Zeya, a Muslim, will seek out Islamic groups seeking to work effectively within the American political system, and non-Muslim groups looking for authoritative speakers on Islam,” reported the outlet. She published several book reviews in the Washington Report and was listed as “program coordinator for the American Educational Trust specializing in Islamic affairs” in March 1990.
Read more at Free Beacon.


Ascik: He Told You So: Joe Biden’s Radical Vision for America
The political agenda laid out by Joe Biden’s website together with the 2020 Democratic Platform is lengthy, comprehensive, detailed, and unprecedented. No such agenda has ever been written down by one of the major political parties in American history. It is, in fact, not only socialism but the effective elimination of our already-much-diminished federalist system. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden mocked the accusation that he is a socialist, and in the first presidential debate, he added his authority that he is “the Democratic party.” “I beat the socialist,” referring to Bernie Sanders, Biden has also answered. And Pete Buttigieg has just been deployed to publicly profess that Biden is not a socialist. However, regardless of the historic meaning or academic definition of the word “socialist,” and there have been quaint articles in the media attempting to do so, as if that mattered, socialism, or in common American parlance, complete centralization of American government and society, is, in fact, here. […] This essay points out nine of the political and cultural changes that would put in place by a fully Democratic federal government: (1) The first is racial reparations. The Democratic Platform meekly mentions the Party’s intention “to study” reparations, and the Biden website does not even use the word. However, there may be only one way to spell the word “reparations,” but there are countless ways to do it. On his website, Biden has a long list of race-based proposals, among which are his intentions to “close the racial wealth gap,” put in place a small-business program that is “specifically designed to aid businesses owned by Black and Brown people,” and “spur more than $50 billion in additional public-private venture capital to Black and Brown entrepreneurs.” In their Platform, the Democrats emphatically stress “two and a half centuries of slavery” that has left “lasting inequities,” and assert that they “will root out structural and systemic racism” by, among other things, “clos[ing] the racial wealth gap,” and will “provide seed capital in order to access the economic security of asset ownership.” (2) Local residential zoning is a target. Biden says . . .
Read all nine of the changes at The Imaginative Conservative.

Minick: The Greatest Fear of Those Who Rule Us
Evil exists in this world, and its practitioners use fear as one of their primary weapons. In C.S. Lewis’s novel That Hideous Strength, totalitarians seek to establish their “utopia” by use of blackmail, threats, and even murder. Only those who are immune to these tactics possess the courage, strength, and conviction to fight against them. Here’s one thing we need to keep in mind. Those who utilize fear as a tactical weapon are often themselves afraid. They may make their insouciant pronouncements as if they were confident of their positions, but how else do we explain the troops and walls in our capitol? How else are we to regard the attacks on a president now out of office and banned from social media? How else should we interpret a government that operates by executive orders and fiats? If these aren’t examples of anxiety, fear of failure, unease over their positions, and terror over their illegitimacy, then I’m not sure what is.
Read more at Intellectual Takeout.

Ahle: Report: Joe Biden Plans Second Coronavirus Package with $3 Trillion More in ‘Build Back Better’ Spending
If you think Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill is too expensive wait until you see the second one he is working on. That one comes with a price tag of $3 Trillion dollars and most of the money goes to Green New Deal initiatives. On top of that, Biden met with union leaders who want him to create a $4 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. If he passes all three it will cost $8.9 trillion dollars and would mean huge tax increases to pay for it. […] You were warned but you allowed yourselves to be duped once again. You got what you asked for. The new bill has not been locked down yet and features of the bill are not yet available but I predict they will be more filled with pork than one of Joy Behar’s dresses and would be equally non-appealing.
Read more at David Harris, JR.


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